Wachowskis Planning Sci-Fi 'Jupiter Ascending', May Shoot Next Year

October 20, 2011
Source: Deadline

Andy & Lana Wachowski / Arianna Huffington

The Wachowskis are back. They've given themselves some time since Speed Racer, they're already deep into production on the ambitious adaptation of Cloud Atlas with Tom Tykwer, now they've got another big sci-fi in the works. Deadline reports that a secret new project called Jupiter Ascending has started showing up on internal info sheets for Warner Bros, where it's in development. It's said to be an original creation by the two, Andy & Lana Wachowski, and will indeed be their next movie, their "first major science fiction action franchise play since The Matrix." Alas, that's all we know, since this is also the first anyone's heard about it.

The report only states that the project is already on track to "start production by the spring" of next year. They're now looking at casting the lead star in the movie, which is why this is now hitting the news, as this is where the project name seemingly first popped up. I've heard rumors that it might be about Earth colonies at war, but that's similar to Earth vs. Moon or other projects in development. The name, Jupiter Ascending, refers to a time of year when Jupiter can be seen rising in the sky, but it could also be referring to a colony or something related to Jupiter's moons. Either way, they got me already, I definitely want to know more.

Following Speed Racer, the filmmaking duo has tried to setup a few other projects. They were rumored to be in the mix for the new Superman at one point, as well as the futuristic Robin Hood story just titled Hood. They were also developing a hard-R futuristic Iraq war project called Cobalt Neural 9, about a Gay soldier falling in love with an Iraqi, but Deadline now says "they had trouble setting it up." Go figure. Beyond that, they're currently working on Cloud Atlas, which is shooting as we speak, and that already has some unique sci-fi elements. I wish we knew more about this, the concept or plot or anything, but at least now we have a new project to keep a close watch on as it develops over these next few years. Bring on the sci-fi! Stay tuned!

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I thought it was Andy and "Larry" Wachowski... did I miss something? Still, looking forward to their next Sci-Fi bit.

Anonymous on Oct 20, 2011


Yea, what @2ce9730aa709098d324cc528a1de1387:disqus said just below... Larry changed over to Lana back in 2007 or 2008 or so. It wasn't big news (not many places wrote about it), but you can see by the pictures of Andy/Lana now that it definitely is true. That's a fairly newish photo of Andy (L) and Lana (R) above with Arianna Huffington from an early shoot for that CN9 project. But that's way old news, now it's all about their next feature projects.

Alex Billington on Oct 20, 2011


Thanks. Didn't know that he changed over. Matrix 1 may be my all time favorite movie and, male or female, those two brought me into the cinephilia fold.

Anonymous on Oct 20, 2011


How could you guys NOT know about that? Every time something has come up about them in the past two of three years or so that same picture is the one used...

Anonymous on Oct 20, 2011


Jesus Christ I didn't know OK? Damn. Let's get started on the stuff YOU didn't know...

Anonymous on Oct 20, 2011


Don't get your panties in a twist. That was more a comment on how many times sites have used that same picture, not the fact that you didn't know about it...

Anonymous on Oct 20, 2011


Yes, if you are a movie lover, I would say you have been living in caves. Larry became Lana (most probably a sex change as well)  long time back, didn't you notice the article never references them as Wachowski brothers as they used to during the Matrix series? 

bluefish on Oct 20, 2011


I do consider myself a movie lover and my house is hardly a cave (it does have a mancave though). I just don't bother to follow the minutia of reclusive directors' sexual lives like some online denizens...

Anonymous on Oct 20, 2011


It has got nothing to do with sexual lives nor it is a minutia change, it is identity change for one of the directing duo and that is big. Well, not saying that everybody needs to know, given how big the matrix trilogy was, it was quite big news when it came out. I was thinking that the directing duo would go on to become movie legends, alas, nothing worthwhile has come from them post matrix, direction wise as well as from their production.

bluefish on Oct 20, 2011


After Speed Racer?! No thanks!

JohnnyG on Oct 20, 2011


My get them back in the saddle film wise,Matrix is a classic.

tir na nog on Oct 20, 2011

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