Want Ryan Gosling's Scorpion Jacket He Wore in 'Drive'? Buy One Here

October 5, 2011

Ryan Gosling in Drive

Wear the jacket. Be the driver. When I first saw Nicolas Winding Refn's Drive in Cannes back in May, one of the first thoughts in my mind was that I hope this movie becomes a cult sensation, and goes so far as to break into mainstream pop culture. In addition to his leather gloves, I instantly knew there was one item that could transcend the film - that kick ass scorpion jacket that Ryan Gosling wears. It's a vital part of his character's identity. While I expect some to make their own for Halloween, a clothing shop is making an official version (as far as we can tell) of the jacket, and pre-orders have already started for the first batch.

I was sent a link this morning directly to vintage clothing shop Steady Clothing Inc's new web page for the scorpion Drive jacket, which looks to be a complete and accurate recreation of the jacket from the film. The only downside is that it costs $160, even to pre-order, but if you're a die-hard Drive fan or wannabe getaway driver who has been planning to dress up and drive around Los Angeles looking like Gosling, cost shouldn't be a concern. For more info, a few photos, and to pre-order one of these, click anywhere below:

Drive Scorpion Jacket - Steady ClothingDrive Scorpion Jacket - Steady Clothing

Looks pretty good, I'm actually considering getting one, though I don't think I can drive as well as Gosling (in the movie). Here are additional details: Even at $160, the jacket won't be shipping until mid-November, so you won't get it in time for your Halloween costume (this year). The scorpion is embroidered directly on the jacket and is not available for sale separately as a patch. Other than that, there's not much more, but this looks about as accurate as you'll get without paying even more for a prop replica (or a costume department original). We suggest just visiting Steady Clothing and contacting them if you have any more questions.

I'm just such a big fan of Drive that I'm happy to support any/everything that might help it break out into the mainstream even further. I've been waiting for the day when we'd see these scorpion jackets for sale, and I'm ecstatic they're finally being made, even at a rather high price. Whether just a collector's item or fashion statement, this is a must have for fans of Drive! And if you want to get the leather gloves too - here you go.

Ryan Gosling in Drive

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you had me so pumped for a min, i wanted this for my vegas trip on halloween.

Angelfigueroa81 on Oct 5, 2011



Nuno Lopes on Oct 5, 2011


I'm just sad thinking of all the overweight slobs who are going to buy and wear this jacket thinking that it will somehow make them look cool when all it will do will tarnish the image of Driver...

Mayor McCheese on Oct 5, 2011


Kind of like the guys who wear Ed Hardy shirts? Or those button up long sleeve shirts with the patterns on the back. Living in Glendale, CA I see plenty of that. Yes, those guys are so cool.

The Douche on Oct 5, 2011


Go Glendale! Just saying.

Johnny Neat on Oct 6, 2011


Correction!!!! The gloves were made by Gaspar Gloves in the color London Tan and you can buy them at, the real thing.

Tibor on Oct 5, 2011


The tag on the collar reads -  "GARMENT INSTRUCTIONS: Owners of this jacket should either be a flawlessly beautiful man, like Ryan Gosling, or fucking forget wearing it. Because you will NOT be able to pull this off. Do not dry clean" 

Lebowski on Oct 5, 2011


Ha! Ha!... I'm still looking to get one though. Hopefully they'll release an official version.

Tyler Danger on Oct 6, 2011


Well - I'm a pretty hot chick and I'm plannin to buy one...not for my Hubby - but for me. Tell me this won't look killer on a good looking girl in skin tight black jeans?? I know it will...and I will be buying it...

Guest on Jan 8, 2012


Yeah, well, that's just like, your opinion, man.

TheBigLebowski on Dec 5, 2012


LOL. not really.

ELLA on Oct 5, 2011


I was mad at the fact that I didn't like this movie as much as I wanted to. I was really mad at the fact that the trailer for it is very deceiving.

Chris Amaya on Oct 5, 2011


you must have misunderstood the film... if u were expecting fast and furious 6 (clearly) then u have no right to comment on the film considering it is just above you as a human being. it is without doubt the best film this year and will stand up against all movie greats

Digby, C. Caesar on Oct 11, 2011


Wasn't expecting FF6. Was just expecting a little something more exciting.

Chris Amaya on Oct 11, 2011


Expect FF6, I'm working on it. Based in Europe (Germany). Each film makes $200+ Millions. The franchise is in the Billions. Why did u not watch FF5?>

Meathead on Oct 26, 2011


Lol, FF6 is not based in Germany. Nice try.

DS on May 16, 2013


lol, try begging the question more. also try more ad hominem. frankly, the movie was slow at the beginning (after the opening scene) and rather anti-climactic at the end. There were too many shots that were simply Ryan Gosling's face either driving and/or not participating in conversation. I mean, how many words did he say that whole movie? eleven, twelve???

wishmaster on Oct 14, 2011


Its whats not said thats important. People like you don't understand good films, so ill let you off... Now Fuck off and watch Transformers.

Hg Algieri on Jan 9, 2012


The year after reply comes here.. If the quality of a movie is determinate by the words said, then don't watch "City Lights" or "Modern Times" ..

Francisque Sanchez on Feb 8, 2012


 You are an idiot

Egorfulton on Mar 8, 2012


totally agree

Norma on Apr 9, 2012


For anyone wanting to complete the look... here's were you can find the boots he wore in the movie. Of course, his were worn in and weathered.

Mr. Orange on Oct 6, 2011


Awesome! Thanks man!

Tyler Danger on Oct 6, 2011


...with another dude's face remnants as accents

Edward Maddog on Feb 4, 2012


I would get this for Halloween but it ships Nov. 11th... 🙁

BigRed42 on Oct 6, 2011


Sorry, no sale. I only wear black.

David Banner on Oct 6, 2011


douche chills!

Lebowski on Oct 6, 2011


Bought one, only issue is that they didn't have a size chart, so I guessed I was a small, but I might be able to do XS if the arms are too long.

Gill on Oct 6, 2011


Where did you buy it from?

Andrew on Oct 8, 2011


How was the quality of the jacket? Thinking about getting one but i don't want to pay 160 dollar to find out it's crap quality. 

mc on Jan 5, 2012


I had already checked ebay hoping to find one before i saw this post..

Quick_Movies on Oct 6, 2011


Love the movie, but I thought the jacket was kind of ugly.

Craig on Oct 6, 2011


Ummm, where is the link for the web site to purchase a Ryan Gosling? Seriously need me one of those...

Junebug on Oct 6, 2011


What about a blood-splattered version that no one notices, like in the movie (which was very disappointing, despite a brilliant opening scene).

Anonymous on Oct 10, 2011

35  SKU: 2204Mens driving gloves with knuckle holes and vent holes on top, metal snap on wrist.Every order received before October 20th for the "London Tan" colored gloves as seen in the hit movie "Drive" will ship before Halloween

Tibor on Oct 12, 2011


drive-inspired costume.

Driver on Oct 30, 2011


people are so fuckin opinionated . . . . . .oiiiiiiiiii Mayor McCheese and Lebowski got to be honest i am a bit over weight but i would roll this jacket trust. . .  and Lebowski got to be honest mate ya comin across a bit bent bruv . . . .hey ho think someone likes ryan goswhatever bit to much

Kevgarland on Nov 14, 2011


The music was the best part. Someone went to a lot of trouble with that music. The jacket was a mere statement of what the other characters were dealing with: a prop. Once you know that's what he's wearing Driver is no mystery. The real surprise was that Bernie Rose (Albert Brooks) was an equally competent killer. Drivers equal. Didn't see that coming. Beware of kind people, I guess

cur on Jan 26, 2012


Angeljackets are also selling Drive jacket

Celebs on Jul 20, 2013

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