Warner Bros Sets a June 2013 Release for Zack Snyder's 'Man of Steel'

July 21, 2011


Briefly: Warner Bros just dropped some surprising news today that perhaps they hope will quickly be lost in the mix of Comic-Con. ComingSoon is reporting that WB announced a June 14th, 2013 release date, 23 months away, officially for Zack Snyder's Man of Steel, his new Superman movie starring Henry Cavill as Superman/Clark Kent. It was originally mentioned that the film would be ready by December 2012 next year, but it looks as if WB wants to hold it until the following summer. The Man of Steel cast also includes Amy Adams, Diane Lane, Kevin Costner, Michael Shannon and Russell Crowe. We'll keep everyone updated.

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GOOD! I was getting worried. I'd rather have it be delayed and be AWESOME than have it be rushed and suck balls. Also I have Batman to hold me over next year.

DaftBot on Jul 21, 2011


How is releasing the film on Dec 21st next year rushing the film? The film started shooting yesterday giving them a year and a half to release the film. Considering The Dark Knight Rises only started shooting a couple of months ago and is being released in a year from now that really only gives Nolan just over a year to release the film. I can't believe that they just started shooting "The Man Of Steel" and we have to wait 2 years before it's released.

Last Son on Jul 23, 2011


You can't compare shooting the third Batman film in a series with shooting the FIRST Superman film in a series. There's an established language, universe, tone, and short hand between the director and the crew and cast. Speed comes when you get good at something. Superman hasn't been done well in 30 years. I want as much time as possible to get every aspect right. by the very nature of the two characters Superman and Batman you have MASSIVE differences when it comes to how you shoot them, how they act and what you'll need to do to make them real to their universes. Batman relies on stuff that's just more futuristic versions of stuff we have now. His biggest feat was what? Sky diving in the last film? The sky hook shot? Maybe flipping that truck? This is all practical stuff and minor CGI. Well done, but not hard. Superman is by the very nature of the character going to be an incredibly special fx driven film. He flies, he can punch through anything, he has x-ray vision, heat vision, cold breath, he's from another planet, he has his space ship... I mean do I need to go on? These are things they have to figure out how they're going to shoot and how to develop them.  And yeah they might have started shooting yesterday, but they're also rewriting stuff... I want time to get all that re-writing down perfect. More time has NEVER hurt a special effects driven film, and a year and a half for Superman, a new Superman that the entire franchise is hinging on, needs that extra half year. It didn't hurt Star Trek 2 years ago.

DaftBot on Jul 23, 2011


Time is money. More time costs more money. Ballooning budgets make for bigger bombs. It will set the needed box office return too high for the film to ever reach.  Superman Returns was required to clear $500 million to cover all studio costs and interest. When it didn't, a sequel was shelved, and it forever became known as a failure. Now we get to repeat that failure again.

Roundagain on Jul 23, 2011


Oh cool so you're from the future? I mean you must be since you clearly know EXACTLY how this movie will perform in 2 years time. It's amazing! Do you have A Tardis or do you slingshot around the sun in a Klingon bird of prey? OR do you keep it old school withe a delorean? Maybe it's a golden seat with a big spinny wheel behind it... right? Jules Verne style?  We have a big budget superhero film based on the greatest super hero of all time, from the guy that did 300, and Watchmen and it comes out in the summer.  We haven't seen a single frame of footage and you're already calling it a failure. I'm sick of cynical jerks who doen't work in film, don't even work in the industry of talking about film, writing on message boards and comment threads with pessimistic comments that don't do anything but further perpetrate their own attitude.  Why don't you try SUPPORTING SOMETHING! I know it's so hard right? Having faith in a bunch of talented people and hope that they get your beloved character right. How about we all try that for once? Anyone with me? Or are we all going to call things failures 1 day into their production cycle. FUCK

DaftBot on Jul 23, 2011


i totally agree Superman is a lot more technical than Batman but and there is a but here, The Man Of Steel has been in pre-production for months now and they have started shooting now. I honestly believe that Xmas 2012 is achieveable. That gives them 3-4 months of shooting which will take them til around the end of November which gives them just over a year on editing, music, visual effects and reshoots. If they can't do all that in a whole year than they should walk away from this project right now because the cost of this picture will just keep going up and up if they don't complete it within a year after filming it.

Last Son on Jul 23, 2011


They are giving it Green Lantern's slot. They couldn't give them Dark Knight's instead?! 

Rs on Jul 22, 2011


If the world ends before I get to see this movie I will be SO pissed off.

Buttass on Jul 22, 2011


I can wait if it means total awesomeness

Anonymous on Jul 22, 2011


This makes me happy. That gives it enough time for re shoots, editing, input and enough time to get over next year's batch of super hero ness. Also, to make sure the score is KICK ASS

ZODSOUL on Jul 22, 2011


This is a good thing since this is a summer blockbuster type picture in the same way as The Hobbit part 1 is a Christmas blockbuster type picture.

Jez on Jul 22, 2011


A Superman Movie That I Won't Fall Asleep can only hope.

............... on Jul 22, 2011


I fell aseep in mine too.  Hadn't seen it since!

Anonymous on Jul 22, 2011


Everything about this movie sounds dull and awful, from the cast to the origin to the lame villain. 

Yuck on Jul 22, 2011

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