Warren Beatty is Apparently Still Developing a Sequel to 'Dick Tracy'

June 10, 2011
Source: SlashFilm

Dick Tracy

Last night, the LA Times opened the Hero Complex Film Festival with a special screening of the 1990 comic strip adaptation Dick Tracy complete with a special Q&A with the film's star, director and all-around Hollywood legend Warren Beatty. The film was quite an innovation over two decades ago, and while influences from Tim Burton's Batman can certainly be seen in the film, it really is a fun comic-inspired film all on its own. Well, for years a sequel has been rumored, and the big news from last night (via SlashFilm) was that Beatty is still planning on making a sequel. However, it's not clear how soon that might happen.

Talks of a sequel were reinvigorated recently with Beatty winning a lawsuit against the Tribune company for the rights of the character, and Beatty confirmed his desire for doing a sequel at last night's screening. The director and actor said, "I'm gonna make another one." However, throughout the night he kind of tapdanced around more questions about the sequel, but also teased that some early work may already have been started on it. Beatty says:

"I always think of making a movie like vomiting. I don't like to vomit. But I get to a point sometimes where I think, 'Okay, I better go ahead and do this and I'll feel better.' When I finally get around to making a movie, that's why. I think I'll feel better if I make this movie. I think it's dumb to talk about movie before you make them. I just don't do it. It gives you a perfect excuse to avoid making them. The more you talk about it, the longer it's hidden."

Personally, I would love if the movie ended up getting made and Beatty didn't vomit, but it's not clear exactly just how far into development this sequel might be. Here's what Beatty said when asked if work on the film had actually started:

"You'd have to define 'start.' I take so long to get around to making a movie that I don't know when it starts. And I'm a very strong believer in the fact that when you're really doing good work is when you don't know you're working and something just occurs to you. And you say 'Oh, of course.' My problem is I don't know when I finish because I want to get it to what I think is right."

However, AICN also notes that Beatty mentioned talking with matte painting master Harrison Ellenshaw and director of photography Vittorio Storaro about the look of the sequel and the use of digital effects versus practical set pieces and such. It sounds like Beatty would love to stay mostly practical as he says, "I can tell you that the matte paintings [done for the original film]… they move me."

Honestly, I would love to see Beatty throw on the yellow coat and fedora again, but I think the actor's age is a concern and who knows how much longer it will take to get this project off the ground. In addition, are today's audiences still interested in the classic comic strip heading back to the big screen after over 20 years of silence? If Tron Legacy can pull it off, then maybe Dick Tracy can too. What do you think?

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30 seconds no more Dick. The last one was a beautiful piece of work (those mattes were awesome) & I would like to see a new movie, but Beatty seems too old and out of place for a congressman posing as a rapper. I would like to see another actor fill the (gum)shoes, although thats not likely with a Beatty-flick. This is the part where everyone says "Jon Hamm" would rule as Dick Tracy....

Voice of Reason on Jun 10, 2011


What an ego maniac. No thanks. 

Amy Pascual on Jun 10, 2011


Only if they revive the breathless mahoney character... LOL!!! madonna & beatty together again! Ok, Ok, I Know -- you don't know if you want to hit me or kiss me... I get a lot of that!

TyTy on Jun 10, 2011


Part of me feels like this would actually be a good property to reboot as the character could be extremely fun.  Unfortunately I'm afraid another director would take it in a different direction than the 1990 movie - and thats not why it would need to be rebooted.  Heck instead of a reboot - how about just recasting it and keep going. Unfortunately I'm afraid that Beaty won't let go of the rights after fighting so long to regain/retain them. 

Harm on Jun 11, 2011


I think a new Dick Tracy movie in general could be great. A DIRECT sequel that stars an aged Warren Beatty though? No thanks.

DRM on Jun 11, 2011


You gotta love Warren Beatty's cohones don't you? Guy hasn't been in a successful movie for literally decades, and he still acts like it is the night after the bonnie and clyde premier.

Lebowski on Jun 11, 2011


spot on dude! No studio will fund it as long as Beatty is in it.

SowYau on Jun 12, 2011


DICK TRACY was so freakn boring. Plodding, badly paced and indulgent. I remember seeing it opening night and being bored stupid. I tried to watch it a couple of years ago on dvd and had to keep hitting fast forward.  The nice visuals do not help the script.  A reboot from someone else? Sure. A sequel with Beatty?  A joke. Will never happen.

SV7 on Jun 12, 2011


Warren Beatty has always 'paused' for years to make his next legendary film. This law suit was a barrier he obviously doesn't consider anymore a block in his creativity with his character Dick Tracy.

Andriafsmith on Jun 12, 2011


There's an old saying, if you're going to start, you better change after you start and know how to apply yourself to stop. Otherwise it's all procrastination. That can last forever.

Gettymuse on Jul 22, 2011


Warren Beatty is the most handsome actor in the world. He is ageless, and is so cool. He is smart, and so stylish and frankly, perfect imho. He is the dream lover come true of a lot of women, yes, however, he's always impressed Hollywood with his very serious and professional business ideas. They have all made huge profits and are produced with class and utter perfection- from the set decoration to the cast and crew and stars he decied to work with. I am so glad he won the fight against The Chicago Tribune. I think they must owe him a lot of copywrite infringement money from the merchandise collected from Toys and Dick Tracy memorabilia that The Chicago Tribune supposedly perhaps felt was theirs. I also think Warren had to stop production for years until he won. I also think Disney should if he makes another and he will, you know he will, -I hope DIsney recreated the city Dick Tracy was filmed so the set can stay in place for future movies. Who else could be Dick Tracy besides Warren? If Jeff Bridges can play a young Tron, Warren Beatty will be Dick Tracy forever. I hope they don't change the actor the way they change Batman. Like Batman is a pair of socks. I know Paramount just signed Beatty to direct and star in his long awaited movie about one of the first American Billionaire's Howard Hughes. This is very exciting since he will be using the same studio that he won an Oscar for his writing on the movie Heaven Can Wait. This is the most wonderful news for those of us who've known Warren for over 30 years. It has always been his secret passion, and I am so thrilled to know he will be in front of the camera's once more, and directing and writing his next movie. The only problem is I can't wait now, and yet I know when he was making Dick Tracy, he would say "Not yet" when everyone wanted him to finish up sooner than his other porjects. I hope this Howard Hughes movie is ready to film soon and I know the distributors of Orion who distributed another film about Howard Hughes, Melvin and Howard, from my friend's work, who won an Oscar for co -producing it will be there for him. If you are reading this Warren call Don Phillips. He can secure distribution. Also, your wife's friend, Michael Douglas, also got distribution from Phillips when he produced him in The Game with Sean Penn. Good Luck. Not that you ever need it Warren. You are a living legend, a movie star, a man of perfection in so many ways it's almost unbelievable. Didn't Al Pacino say something similar about you in your lifetime Achievement Award for the AFI ( American Film Institute)? Now you are going to get your wish, another chance for a new lifetime acievement award maybe in another 40 years from the same lifetime of a career millions of people have enjoyed from your past and now anticipate from your present time creative goals. I am so thrilled for Warren Beatty. I am so glad he is still in show business, as hot and as cool as before. Knowing him, he is the best and intends to show us how he is better than before. I could go on, but some of you might think I am obsessive. I know I am not the only woman in the world madly in love with Warren Beatty. I am sure I won't be the last. In my heart though, there will never be anyone in my heart that makes my love more complete, more meaningful.

Ann on Jul 22, 2011


"Public Enemies" with Johnny Depp reminded me of Dick Tracy. Melvin Pervice reminded me of Dick Tracy because he was hired by Hoover to take on well known criminals of the day such as John Dillinger. In the 1920's and 1930's, there were many well known, liked and hated enemies of the law, and I think that's where Chester Ghould got the idea to make the comic strip of Dick Tracy. The 1920's and 30's were colorful times in history because there were so many gangsters that were loved by the public and hated by the police. They had different nicknames, something about them that stuck out whether it was a scar on their face, or the fact that they had a pretty face, and some who were crippled by earlier pursuits of criminal activities got their nicknames because of their scars. Chester Ghould picked up on that and used thoses discrepencies in his comic strip. I think if there is going to be a sequel it should more accurately portray the age in which Chester Ghould lived. I personally believe there should be a prequel that portrays Dick Tracy in the 1920's instead of sequels that continue to progress into an age when gangsters were no longer being pursued.. A prequel would be more exciting, and would generate more revenue than a sequel. Plus with a prequel you can bring back the old characters who were portrayed in the original 1990 film Dick Tracy.

Clint on Jul 26, 2011

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