Watch: A Tribe Called Quest Doc 'Beats Rhymes & Life' Official Trailer

June 2, 2011
Source: Yahoo

Beats Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest

"Q-Tip just picks the best loops, man. Myself, Kanye, we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for that Tribe album." Sony Pictures Classics has debuted the official theatrical trailer on Yahoo for Michael Rapaport's new documentary about the legendary 80's hip hop group A Tribe Called Quest, made up of Q-Tip, Phife Dawg, Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Jarobi White. The film is titled Beats Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest and first premiered at Sundance to mostly positive reviews. This looks like a very entertaining and honest look at A Tribe Called Quest, so if you're a fan, make sure to watch this right away.

Watch the full trailer for Rapaport's Beats Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest:

You can also watch the Beats Rhymes & Life doc official trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

Beats Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest was directed by New York native actor Michael Rapaport, who you know from True Romance, Deep Blue Sea, Special, Big Fan, Boston Public, making his feature directing debut with this doc. Rapaport documents the inner workings and behind the scenes drama that follows the Queens, New York hip hop band A Tribe Called Quest. He explores what's next for, what many claim, are the pioneers of alternative rap. This premiered at the Sundance Film Fest this year. Sony Pictures Classics is bringing Beats Rhymes & Life to limited theaters on July 8th. Visit the official website.

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I'm glad Michael Rapaport is finally going to let us see this! 

LMA on Jun 2, 2011


Awesome!My favorite group outside of the WuTang Clan...

jah p on Jun 2, 2011


Of all the hip-hop groups, I'm so glad this one is getting a doc. Too righteous.

Cracky on Jun 2, 2011


Heard this was great, cant wait

joshp on Jun 2, 2011


Funny how they left Jarobi out of that I never really thought he had any relevance anyway.

Anonymous on Jun 2, 2011


yo... on the real...  this doc will be on point phife... all the the time tip.... One of my fave groups when Hip Hop was Hip Hop.  If no one has ever heard of this group, you owe it to yourself to check out their music. Tight. Let 'em know Alex......

Duane on Jun 2, 2011


Tribe and DelaSoul, that was where it was at in the 90's. I once saw Tribe in about 1997, but I was so drunk I can't remember much of it. Tribe aren't really relevant now though, on their records they talked about bettering yourself through education, unity and an escape from a criminal mindset. Realistically these days, who wants to her that? Most top 20 music talks about gun violence, drug dealing/investment banking and treating women like an object to have sex with. People lap that shit up though. The idiots have won. A bit fat man from Brooklyn once said "Motherfucker this ain't back in the days, things done change'. This will be a great nostalgia trip to when things seemed a lot more naive and innocent, but only on the surface.

Crapola on Jun 2, 2011


Don't forget Jungle Brothers, Leaders of the New School, Black Sheep, Monie Love and even queen Latifah. The

Johnny Neat on Jun 2, 2011


Yeah! The Flavor Unit!!Jersey stand up!!

jah p on Jun 3, 2011


Yeah man, I saw Jungle Brothers in 96 in Copenhagen, it was one of the best gigs I've been too, maybe because the night before I'd saw Prince Ken Swift on his comeback tour just crushing folk in the circles. That week I also saw Mobb Deep, it was a weird one. That period was mad, KRS too, I saw Bambaataa twice, even painted a backdrop for one of his shows with a group of friends, he was mad, he didn't even know what country he was in because he was travelling so much. I didn't mean that their style of music wasn't relevant to me today, it still is 100%.

Crapola on Jun 3, 2011


legendary 80's hip hop group ... correction = legendary 90's hip hop group ... 90's not 80's ROC

Gary Almeida Ramos on Jun 2, 2011


I was about to write the same thing. 

Swipethemagnets on Jun 2, 2011


The started in the mid 80's, even if they were huge in the early 90s, they can claim 80s status. I first heard them in 88.

Johnny Neat on Jun 2, 2011


They didn't form until '88. Their first recorded material was featured on a Jive Records comp in '89, with their first EP released April of '90 (if I remember correct). You must've been really "in the know" with them then. 

Swipethemagnets on Jun 3, 2011


I co-sign Swipethemagnets. They dropped their first album in 1990 even though they started way before that. So they are really a 90's group. ROC

Gary Almeida Ramos on Jun 4, 2011


As an 80's baby and an ALL-OUT Hip-Hop head, this will be seen no doubt.

Big Boss on Jun 2, 2011


watching this.....reminds how far today's MC's, groups etc etc have fallen.  This doc will remind us that the true era is dead and gone.  As Nas said, Hip Hop is Dead

Clark Kentt on Jun 3, 2011


C'MON SON !!!!!! ROC

Gary Almeida Ramos on Jun 4, 2011


Oh I'm fucking seeing this. No question!

Johnny Neat on Jun 2, 2011


Before the Tribe there was the Jungle Brothers.....the jungle the jungle...the brothers the brothers! U feel me!

D-Nice on Jun 3, 2011


D-Nice is that you: The True Hip Hop stories have been a great insight into some of the hiphop greats, loved the Masta Ace one.

Crapola on Jun 3, 2011

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