Watch: Main Official Trailer for 'In Time' with Timberlake & Seyfried

August 3, 2011
Source: Apple

In Time Trailer

"If he can buy loyalty, he can buy betrayal." Back at Comic-Con, Fox posted the a 4-minute "sizzle reel" for Andrew Niccol's sci-fi action-thriller In Time online following its debut at the Con, but that wasn't the first trailer at all. Now we have an actual official trailer for the movie via Apple in high def, following the initial debut last week, and it finally looks like it might be good. Justin Timberlake stars, along with Amanda Seyfried as his hot girlfriend, along with Olivia Wilde, Alex Pettyfer, Matthew Bomer, and Cillian Murphy as "Timekeeper Raymond Leon". Give this new trailer a watch, it actually makes it look like it has potential.

Watch the official trailer for Andrew Niccol's In Time, in high def via Apple:

You can also download the In Time trailer in High Defintion on Apple

In the future people stop aging at 25 and must work to buy themselves more time, but when a young man finds himself with more time than he can imagine he must run from the corrupt police force to save his life.

In Time, originally titled Now and also I'm.mortal at one point, is both written and directed by New Zealand-born screenwriter-director Andrew Niccol, of only Gattaca, S1m0ne and Lord of War previously. He's also credited for writing The Truman Show and The Terminal, and is attached to direct Stephanie Meyer's The Host adaptation. Fox is finally bringing In Time to theaters starting on October 28th this fall.

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What the hell! So the trailer's no longer available?

Fuck You on Jul 30, 2011


Shawnlancekeim on Jul 30, 2011


That's not the new one, that's the original sizzle reel from Comic-Con.

Alex Billington on Jul 30, 2011


I saw this trailer with cowboys & aliens and it looks really awesome.

Moviekid on Jul 30, 2011


I don't get the premise, "people must buy more time" ? Does that mean they die at age 25? 

dim2thesum on Jul 30, 2011


No everyone doesn't age so instead of money people pay with there life time. People work to be payed in more (life) time.

Nexus_loki on Jul 30, 2011


uh, yea.....most WOULD die at age 25. look at the real world and apply this movies idea to that. there isn't enough good work for the majority of people to do in order to earn enough time to stay alive. of course, this film may take HUGE leaps of faith in that department  - it is a  movie, after all........but, i find the premise (while interesting) to be full of holes in how it could realistically work.

Anonymous on Jul 30, 2011


Could you elaborate more on those holes? Maybe I'm just not getting it and clearly overlooking some of those plotholes but I just can't really see holes in the premise and any other plotholes will become clear while seeing the movie, I guess. To me it seems just like it is today, except currency is time and after 25, everyone has to start working to increase their last year of life. So yes, perhaps many would die compared to the real world where you have many unemployed people. But I can't fathom the mentality of the people being the same. I assume there is no welfare where people can get free minutes from the government and "time-taxpayers". Also, many people dying might be one of the main reasons time is the currency in this dystopian world, as a means of population control. Or did you not mean this? Maybe I'm just too thickheaded 😀

Neuromancer on Jul 30, 2011


you're not "thick-headed" at all. your post seems very intelligent.  however, even if people buy time - why don't they age?.....i mean, JT calling OW "mom" seemed comical to me. having elders look the same age of kids would change the whole dynamic of how people relate to each other.  and yea, the rulers of the world could invoke a harsh pop. control policy.....but how are all of the complications of selling/buying  or working for time all balanced out and kept track of......even down to buying cups of coffee!? and don't say computers - they can't even handle what happens in todays world without glitches. and this deal with the glow clock counting on a persons arm seems really ludicicrous to me too - are these inserted into people when they're born? what about people born into "out-of-the-way" places? what if they DON'T have the clocks put in? i could go on but my point is that it's simply such a fantastical, overly complicated idea that there can be holes in the story everywhere. i love a good sci-fi movie and have no problems taking leaps of faith if the worlds are far into the future. but movies like this - that try to parrallel the world of today; except with alterations in how it functions seem to fail for me. another example of this is "minority report"...... i found it preposterous as well. of course, i could be overly harsh because i don't think much of the trailer.......but those are my thoughts. thanks for the interesting reply - i enjoy the discussion.

Anonymous on Jul 30, 2011


I understand your argument and I understand this as a valid point but also I dont understand the thought process as to how your approaching this...For one it is a movie like you stated. The thought of reality can be tossed out the window with a few keystrokes so why try and wrap your head around a premise as "unrealistic" when everytime you turn on the television unrealistic things are at your fingertips. The premise alone is interesting enough for a watch without you trying to apply it to the real world is an unrealistic thought in itself . But if you would like a breakdown of how it can work and how it would apply to the real world think of the government has actually come up with the idea of ID tags implanted in people at can actually tag a living thing with GPS tracker as a method of "helping" in a time of crisis so  in this society that idea may have turned into something along the lines of population control. Only those who work for it will be afforded the luxury of time. Those who cant will cease to function. Maybe the clock is connected to your central nervous system or maybe it pumps nanites into your blood stream to combat the signs of aging and help your body stay healthy. Technology like that has to be expensive so the population as a whole works to maintain it with the incentive of more time! Lol there are so many ways that you can apply a realistic plot scheme to an unrealistic movie. Im sure that this will all be explained in the ACTUAL put away all your doubts about how this would apply in the "real" world and just enjoy the experience. Just saying...

Kaosupreme on Jul 30, 2011


Agreed. As with ANY movie, several large assumptions must be made in order for the premise to make since. Great discussion though.

Grichmer on Jul 30, 2011


Im just saying...think of "Logan's Run" (which was a classic btw) and just think of this as the modernized version with less capable actors and a bigger budget...

Kaosupreme on Jul 30, 2011


thanks for the reply and i do understand your sentiments.  that being said - i was responding to neuromancers question on what possible holes i saw in the plotline. and i never said every premise in a movie or tv show has to be realistic......i just find this one to be outlandishly uninteresting/ridiculous to me. kaosupreme - if it is a case of pop. control - why not just have a lottery as to who is to be's less cost effective with no need for the high-end technology.....less hassles all around. anyways, isn't it ok for me to just not like what i watched on the trailer? except for cillian murphy, i really dislike this cast - i don't think they can act. i don't have the time to see all of the movies i want to watch...........i have to weed out some i think won't be any good and this is one of them.

Anonymous on Jul 30, 2011


Idk.....  I'm kinda interested.  Kinda.

Chazzy on Jul 30, 2011


That looks crazy, something interestingly fresh like The Adjustment Bureau or The Box (I know they are adapted PK. Dick stories), but when do we get good sci-fi movies like those these days through all the explosions and gigantic robots and alien invasions.

Tyler_S on Jul 30, 2011


 Moon (2009)!

Laurent on Jul 30, 2011


Yes, Moon is also very great!

Tyler_S on Jul 30, 2011


Dude the adjustment bureau was not original, go check out Dark City. 

Donk on Aug 3, 2011


DUDE! I know they aren't original, thus stating that they are Phillip K. Dick stories. #Facepalm. They are just more original than the vampire and alien crap coming out lately.

Tyler_S on Aug 3, 2011


I'm intrigued!

Ryderup on Jul 30, 2011


looks like over-stylized nonsense.....and  JT calling OW "mom"?.......too ridiculous for me. i pass.

Anonymous on Jul 30, 2011


Yes, and the world is better for it ... your passing, I mean (rofl)

EasyRider on Aug 3, 2011


I've heard a lot of negative comments about the title change (I'm not/wasn't a huge fan myself), but maybe the title is more clever than it seems. "In time." As in, do you want to pay in cash or with credit? Just an idea.

Timothy on Jul 31, 2011


I don't get it.

Anonymous on Jul 31, 2011


I don't know...maybe. That kind of maybe you have when looking at a woman from across the bar after 4 drinks and she MIGHT be good looking, but you need a closer look. Yeah. That kind of maybe.

Quanah on Jul 31, 2011


Looks interesting,I like Niccols work so I'm going to check this out.I would have preferred to see Murphy as the lead though or someone else.

tir na nog on Jul 31, 2011


first reaction was tht this was gattaca esque without knowin who was directing..... looks grt 🙂

craig on Jul 31, 2011


Seyfred looks hot. not to mention mom Olive

CookieMonster on Jul 31, 2011


The trailer works for me. Now I want to see that movie 🙂

Manuel on Aug 1, 2011


olivia wilde. that is all.

extra medium on Aug 1, 2011


Thumbs way the fuck up.

JL on Aug 1, 2011


I enjoyed the trailer. Certainly and interesting concept, if only used in such as way that the entire cast can be hip, young people.

Evan Baranowski on Aug 3, 2011


What the heezy?! Matt Bomer dies? Not going to watch this anymore. :[

Mr. Foe on Aug 3, 2011


So no more banks?

Davide Coppola on Aug 3, 2011


thankyou!....i feel the same way. this seems like stylized nonsense to me. and in a split second, JT goes from being a " working - man" to a gun-toting, martial arts expert?......i pass on this.

Anonymous on Aug 3, 2011


I'm kind of with some of the commentators here; this looks absolutely ridiculous.  I mean why do they stop aging at 25 before they die?  Hell, humanity has proven to be useful well past that age so that aspect of the plot doesn't really make sense--other than appealing to a younger demographic of course. Also seeing Timberlake call Olivia Wilde "mom" is beyond stupid.

SkaOreo on Aug 3, 2011


i'm with you on all points!

Anonymous on Aug 3, 2011


Well, either it's trying to be appealing to a younger demographic, OR making a statement about how incredibly vain our society is becoming. Cosmetic surgery and other ways to "turn back the clock" are a massive industry the world over, so a movie where its made so that everyone gets to 25 then stops aging (but for a price) sounds quite relevant to me. Especially when you consider that in this ageless world, the people who are rich could pretty much live forever.Compare this premise to that of Gattaca (which was brilliant), and it looks a lot less outlandish.

Chocolate Supra on Aug 3, 2011


Low budget direct to dvd crap. 

ComicCon on Aug 3, 2011


damn is there a movie olivia wilde isn't in??

Croniccris on Aug 3, 2011


No offense to all you people posting here, but it seems many of the people posting must know a lot about the movie's plot. Have you watched the movie already? Or do you know everything about it from this trailer?

Reality Check on Aug 4, 2011


It looked awesome... until the stealing more time and robin hood subplots. Should've kept it a much narrower (i know) scope like Gattaca, which is a great movie. Unfortunately it looks like it'll end up like Simone and Lord of War and peeter out halfway.

Anonymous on Aug 4, 2011

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