Watch: Another Amusing Red Band Trailer for 'Your Highness' Arrives

March 23, 2011
Source: MSN

Your Highness Trailer

"We aim to kill the magical c**ksucker." Ohhh this looks like it's going to be good! There's only a few more weeks left until Your Highness hits theaters and I still can't wait to see it, just looks hilarious. MSN has debuted another new red band trailer for the medieval comedy starring Danny McBride, James Franco, Natalie Portman, Zooey Deschanel and Justin Theroux as the evil wizard Leezar. The first red band trailer for this was debuted late last year, so it's great to see another one before release, but it's a lot of the same jokes again. I just want to finally go out and see this damn movie! Anyone else excited for it? Enjoy!

Watch the second red band trailer for David Gordon Green's Your Highness from YouTube:

Your Highness is a hilarious new fantasy movie about an arrogant, lazy prince (Danny McBride) and his more heroic brother (James Franco) who must complete a quest in order to save their father's kingdom.

Your Highness was directed by filmmaker David Gordon Green, who started indie with George Washington, All the Real Girls and Snow Angels, then went comedic with Pineapple Express and hasn't turned back (he's also currently shooting The Sitter). The screenplay was written by Danny McBride and "Eastbound & Down" creator Ben Best. Universal will be bringing Your Highness to theaters everywhere on April 8th this spring.

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Ahh... the accents are the best and worst part of this trailer. Its like they were told, "Hey. Try and do a British accent, but its okay if you cannot/forget to."

david on Mar 23, 2011


first one was better

Philipp Burkhardt on Mar 23, 2011


This looks awful.

codswallop on Mar 23, 2011


couldn't enter the date on the embedded player, and the one on that piss MSN site played like a jittery old cripple, just get Youchub on the case. MSN and Yahoo suck cabbage.

Crapola on Mar 23, 2011


The film looks funny though.

Crapola on Mar 23, 2011


I liked this movie better the first time when it was called Star Wars. Ok, I'm drunk.

Nic Cage's Hairline on Mar 23, 2011



Nick S. on Mar 24, 2011


every movie is Starwars

Anonymous on Mar 24, 2011


This looks wonderful. And I'm not positive, but I think the crappy accents are intentional and/or the funny part. Because fuck. Get over it.

Cracky on Mar 23, 2011


I think the accents are supposed to be terrible.

Anonymous on Mar 23, 2011


At least they cut out the awful 'suck out the poison' gag, a bit so musty Benny Hill would reject it. This looks like "Paul 2.0" - let's trot out the curse words, they're always funny, right? Right? No. Not really. Judd Apatow knows how to make them funny because he's smart and concentrates on character, not just the F word.

Christian Toto on Mar 23, 2011


except there is no Alien.

Anonymous on Mar 23, 2011


yeah that and it looks NOTHING like Paul

Anonymous on Mar 24, 2011


This trailer looks like a B grade movie. I feel sad for Natalie (her Oscar curse?). You Mr. Franco deserve this after how you made a fool of yourself at the Oscars.

Skay on Mar 23, 2011


I think you give actors too much credit, they dress up and pretend to be other people for money, they don't cure cancer. It's 'entertainment' after all.

Crapola on Mar 23, 2011


some people refuse to accept that actors are human capable of making mistakes.

Anonymous on Mar 23, 2011


Yeah I know, it's like sometimes actors play a part where they are a doctor/soldier/jesusthing/astronaut, win an award and people actually think they really walked on water or went into space.

Crapola on Mar 23, 2011


I feel sorry for those people.

Anonymous on Mar 23, 2011


Some hate here, oh well...I'm not uptight and I can laugh at stupidity, so I'm in. Oh and the accents are supposed to be bad, its part of the humor.

Anonymous on Mar 23, 2011


Yikes, thought the first trailer was way funnier -- now I'm worried the movie won't be funny at all. Sigh. If the gag is getting annoying in a minute and 17 seconds, how's it going to sustain itself for two hours?

CisforCinema on Mar 23, 2011


Well the trailers for Pineapple Express did the same thing, and if I'm not mistaken that movie was received fairly well. Most trailers eventually annoy people, and Your Highness as finally gotten annoying, better now than earlier I say, it would have sucked if they got obnoxious six weeks before release.

Anonymous on Mar 23, 2011


I just don't think this crowd has done enough bongs or hotknives, they need to get melted and watch it, then it'll be funny, just before they puke up and get onto the mushies and really start tripping.

Crapola on Mar 23, 2011


I not involved with that crowd yet I laugh at pot related movies.

Anonymous on Mar 23, 2011


Yeah me neither, I love booze, it's way better, but I found Pineapple Express hilarious and this will be funny too. This is more a 'period stoner adventure' film anyway.

Crapola on Mar 23, 2011


No, booze is not better, in any way. If you believe that you haven't actually had good weed. No hangover, no addiction, no puking. Booze better than weed, don't make me laugh. All that aside, movie looks like a good stoner comedy just like PE. Fuck all the haters.

Don't Knock Until You Tried It on Mar 23, 2011


@ "Don't Knock Until You Tried It" Booze rules man, I love black outs, kicking wing mirrors off cars running wildy into traffic, waking up in hedges, phoning people at random, urinating through letterboxes, bad dancing, random vandalism, passive aggressive violence, over the top sexual encounters, insane headaches, explosive diarrhea, vomitting, dehydration, bouts of depression, agoraphobia and tonnes of other cool stuff. Without booze I'd just be at home smoking weed with my mates on the couch instead of making a fool of myself with people I don't even know. Weeds fair enough though if that's what your into, I just like the oblivion of alcohol, even heroin can't make you black out like alcohol can. H eh,eee

Crapola on Mar 24, 2011


Crapola: Well stated man. Perhaps I'm too into one type of vice. I now understand your love and commitment to booze, and I respect that.

Don't Knock Until You Tried It on Mar 25, 2011


This is more a 'period stoner adventure' that alone sells me!

Anonymous on Mar 23, 2011


Do you know what I like about this? Absolutely nothing. Each one of these trailers gets dumber, and that's saying something!

Eric81375 on Mar 23, 2011


Then why click on this article?

Anonymous on Mar 23, 2011


Just to spew more vitriol onto this otherwise friendly site. Just a bunch of killjoy cocksuckers coming in and being dicks. Just going to have to get used it. Anonymity brings out the fucktards. God bless the internet eh?

Frank on Mar 23, 2011


"Anonymity brings out the fucktards." I would have put it more gracefully but yeah that's pretty much correct.

Anonymous on Mar 23, 2011


or just people who offer a different opinion than yours

Tard Fuckington on Mar 24, 2011


@tard, but why are they so uptight?

Anonymous on Mar 24, 2011


I'm really surprised at all the hate. I am just loving these trailers. Everything about them just does it for me. This is so much better than another rom-com, another friends with benefits, another road-trippy college venture and DEFINITELY better than "it's The Hangover for chicks". It is truly just my opinion but I think people should be more grateful for fuck's sake.

Cracky on Mar 23, 2011


Looks really funny ...cant wait!

McWilly on Mar 23, 2011


"It's a trap, a booby trap!" - I'm sold 🙂

Michael Kingscott on Mar 23, 2011



thatswhatshesaid on Mar 24, 2011


R.I.P small, intimate, brilliant david gordon green films. you will be sorely missed.

Joshjacoby666 on Mar 24, 2011


Looks great, will definitely watch this.

Ryan on Mar 24, 2011


if this movie were released in medieval Europe the king would probably call who ever played it a wizard!... and burn all of you nay sayers at the stake!

Anonymous on Mar 24, 2011


This looks more comedy worthy than anything I've seen lately.

Anonymous on Mar 25, 2011


I saw a preview screening of this back in October, and it's well worth the entry price. The original red band trailer had a few too many of the better jokes in it, but

Luc Pestille on Mar 25, 2011


needs...more... Damian Lewis

silver on Mar 26, 2011


hahaha awesome!

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


hahaha awesome!

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


Ha ha ha. Still good.

Ells on Apr 1, 2011

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