Watch: Yet Another Stunning 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' Trailer

July 10, 2011
Source: Vlicious

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Intelligence. Compassion. Humanity. Yep, it keeps looking better and better. Another full-length trailer for Rise of the Planet of the Apes, directed by Rupert Wyatt, starring James Franco and Andy Serkis as Caesar, has hit the web via Vlicious. Obviously as WETA finally finishes rendering the apes, everything looks more lifelike, but it's the emotions and expressions of Caesar that are starting to truly blow me away. It started with the first teaser trailer, got even better with the theatrical trailer, then came the amazing UK trailer and that TV trailer. Now we have one final fantastic theatrical trailer and it's a definite must watch.

Watch the third official trailer for Rupert Wyatt's Rise of the Planet of the Apes:

You can download this latest Rise of the Apes trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

Rise of the Planet of the Apes is set in a contemporary San Francisco and follows a young scientist who becomes a crucial figure in the war between humans and apes. Franco has been testing his Alzheimer cure on apes, but one of them, named Caesar, starts to evolve rapidly, so he takes him home to live with him and protect him from the cruel doctors, thus starting the inevitable ape revolution. James Franco stars, along with Andy Serkis providing motion capture for Caesar and Weta doing CGI; Freida Pinto, John Lithgow, Brian Cox, with Tom Felton. Rise of the Planet of the Apes arrives in theaters on August 5th this summer.

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I take it thats poo on his face at 1:30 lol no matter how start Caesar becomes it isn't beneath him to throw his own poop!

The Laughing Man :) on Jul 10, 2011


Im not going to lie...I love the idea, the actors, but why is the C.G. so bad? Michael Bay's robots in transformers look flawless, almost real life. These apes look off. Mainly the shades but, I'm still going to watch this. I just hope that C.G. now days looks better.   I have no hate for this. Just that in these days it should look more life like. 

Bassam El-azzeh on Jul 10, 2011


I am sorry but you can't compare rendering metal or other materials with creating a life form. This is the best nowadays technology has to offer. I think it looks great and I agree with Alex, the facial expressions are exceptional. I personally find "the fork" sequence very moving. When something created in CGI makes me cry, well for me that is a great achievement. T3 was visually great, but those robots were as cold as the metal they are made of. 

Gianni Persello on Jul 10, 2011


Well what about curious case of Benjamin button? The matrix? That C.G. shades made the people blend in. These C.G. ape's fur stand out like a flashlight in the dark. Their facial expressions are spot on don't get me wrong. Its their body that stand out most. 

Bassam El-azzeh on Jul 10, 2011


Really the matrix? you wanna talk about bad, laughable cgi watch the matrix reloaded fighting 50 agend smiths. Video games today look better...

Anonymous on Jul 10, 2011


Yeah Bassam take a look back on the Matrix and you'll see just how silly you sound now thinking their graphics / CGI were amazing. lol. You have the case of common nostalgia misinformation bias. 

Daniel Vu Tran on Jul 14, 2011


I have to agree. The CG monkeys do have a pasted in look. That being said, it looks good enough to not be distracting.

Jace on Jul 10, 2011


Did you watch this trailer in 1080P high def? Because if not, you're not truly seeing the rendered CGI apes as you should. If you're watching this in crappy YouTube quality, of course it's not going to look good, but that's not how the movie is going to look. It's going to look pristine and perfect up on the big screen, but you can't make quality complaints by watching trailers in YouTube. Watch it in 1080 high def then let us know if you still think the same.

Alex Billington on Jul 10, 2011


Actually it was the opposite for me Alex. Watching this in High Def 1080p only made the CG even more noticeably off. While the low resolution version helped mask the issues. That being said, I think this movie looks fantastic, and I really could care less if every hair is rendered perfectly.

Jace on Jul 10, 2011


That makes sense, I understand, but at the same time I don't feel you can really critique a trailer, because the finished CGI in the film will look much different and, well, finished. I thought the same with Avatar (which was also Weta) where some parts of the trailers didn't look that good, but when I saw the movie, all of the CGI just blew me away completely. I'm expecting the same for this.

Alex Billington on Jul 10, 2011


This is very true. I think it is a shame they don't put a disclaimer in front of these trailers that are using unfinished animations. Then again, there is nothing wrong with promising small, but delivering big.

Jace on Jul 11, 2011


Monkey see monkey do... also, what's Malfoy doing in this?

Jace on Jul 10, 2011


That trailer managed to tell the entire story.

Nohomework on Jul 10, 2011


And that is very very bad of them! Before this trailer nobody knew what was going to happen, who could have know that this movie was going to show us the rise of the planet of the apes? O, no wait.....

Hidde on Jul 10, 2011


True, but I hate when they give away their beat scenes.

Anonymous on Jul 10, 2011


Well smartarse, I would argue that not everybody knows the story and not everybody has seen the original films. From a sales point of view it would seem prudent of the producers to hold something back, oh for example... like not showing the entire storyline in sequence AND how the movie ends. That way you can generate and maintain some curiosity with the paying public. If all you are left with is another CGi fest and no story interest then I would call fail. And replying to posts in a sarcastic tone is a fail for you too.

Nohomework on Jul 11, 2011


I'm sorry, you are right in saying that a sarcastic reply is a fail, and after reading your reply it seems we both failed.  But that is not the issue here, just as Alex says below us in reply to Erman; "I feel like almost every other trailer we post, I hear this (trailer shows entire movie) complaint.". This is only 2 minutes, there's over 90 minutes more.  If you think you just saw the entire movie then I am sorry for you because then this trailer stole from you the excitment of watching it on a big screen in the cinema. I hope that in the future you'll learn to live with these kind of trailer because I am afraid there are not going to change any time soon.

Hidde on Jul 11, 2011


I just saw the whole f-cking movie

Erman Haskan on Jul 10, 2011


How do you know that? How do you know there aren't more hidden scenes they haven't showed? Did you see any more of the relationship between Caesar and his girlfriend chimp? How does the movie end? How do the big battles at the end go down? Where do the chimps take over and attack first? Just because a two minute trailer shows you the larger story does not mean you have seen the entire movie.

Alex Billington on Jul 10, 2011


There is a very simple solution to this, and the best part is that you have full control. Don't... watch...trailers....

Jace on Jul 10, 2011


Exactly! I feel like almost every other trailer we post, I hear this complaint. There are some indies that give away too much, but it's still everyone's own choice to watch them and even after that, realize that they still have 90+ minutes of a movie to watch.

Alex Billington on Jul 10, 2011


I disagree. To say just dont watch it is the easy way out. What they need to do is cut these trailers better, to just give enough to get your attention but without giving away the ENTIRE story. Look at the girl with the dragon tattoo. Many scenes but if you never seen the original, you would have no idea whats going on yet you are intrigued. And that is the key word. Trailer are supposed to intrigue and not run down the movie in 2 mins. 

Anonymous on Jul 10, 2011


It honestly looks great. Really good. Showed too much, but with super8 nor delievering this might be the gem of this summer.

Ryderup on Jul 10, 2011


that trailer wasn't new. it was the same trailer as the UK trailer that was posted not long ago. movie still looks great!

Jwb3 on Jul 10, 2011


Not every movie has the benefit of the budget of Transformers, the CGI is not the best you can get these days it's got a much smaller budget to work with.

Ryan Clemens on Jul 10, 2011


Then don't use CGI.  Many films use puppets that are x10s more realistic looking than any humanoid CGI attempt

Haz on Jul 10, 2011


Yeah, I agree.  It has to be very hard to properly light and shade and texture computer generated creatures.  I am firmly on the side of practical effects, as they don't just LOOK tangible, they ARE tangible, and I would take bad practical effects over bad CG effects any day.  Besides, practical effects have gotten so much better, as well as robotics.  Also, there have always been a few special effects wizards in the industry who have been able to do unreal things with low budget stuff that you would think would end up looking like crap.

JL on Jul 10, 2011


That said, there are a lot of bits in movies that have a lot of CGI where it would be easier and better looking to just shoot a puppet or something. Quite often you'll get a shot of a character's arm or head or a long shot where you don't see the character as much and they'll use a guy in a suit or a practical arm or leg or whatever. A lot of people will say "oh that CGI arm looked SO fake" when in reality it was an actual prop used in that shot. That sort of thing has been happening since Jurassic Park, and people have been calling out real props as fake and fake CGI bits as real. Micheal Bay gets slack a lot of times for having all this CGI mayhem in his movies, and while there's a lot of CGI in Transformers, there's a LOT of practical effects going on as well. More than a lot of directors would probably use. That's partly due to the budgets he's getting - it's cheaper to use CGI in most cases, which is why they use it - but it's mostly due to the fact that it looks better when you blow up a real car and have real sparks and all that. In this film people will call out the apes in most of the shots, but never even notice the fact that a lot of the shots in this are probably 100% special effects with layered plates, multiple takes, multiple shots blended into one longer shot, etc. Calling it all out is fine if you're studying how effects get made and interested in how films get put together, but in reality it makes about as much sense as calling out a stage play for having fake sets that look like painted plywood. They ARE painted plywood, of course, but you're missing the point if that's something that would detract from your experience too much. I think the CG thing is something that a lot of directors are starting to lay off of lately. You see a lot of practical effects being done now that would have been done with CG a decade ago. There are just certain things that you can't do with practical effects, and subtle movement and acting is one of them. There have been some really well done puppets and guys-in-suits in earlier films, but achieving that is really really hard in a film. It often costs a lot less time, effort and money to use CGI, and the results are often better than they would have been with a puppet, even if it still looks kinda fake. Just so you know, I'm not disagreeing or anything. I think CGI is over-used and I prefer practical stuff myself. I think a lot of people don't realize how often they use practical effects in more recent films, nor how much stuff they actually fake in films that most people never realize is fake. Plus, I like to write really long posts that only a few people will ever read.

Anonymous on Jul 10, 2011


Well said.  By the way, Michael Bay likes to reuse footage from his other films.  Just take a look at the link here: Also, cool story bro.

JL on Jul 11, 2011


wasn`t the reused phootage because of the accident and a last minute resort?

Loser on Jul 11, 2011


Well, then they must have had an accident on the second one, too, because they reused footage on Revenge of the Fallen from the first Transformers.

JL on Jul 11, 2011


He used Pearl Harbour footage for Transformers before part 3.

Ryderup on Jul 11, 2011


I don't think you know what you're talking about... The CGI in Rise of the Planet of the Apes is being done by WETA, and they create work that rivals anything from ILM, like Transformers 3. Plus, you cannot critique the CGI in this until you are watching the FINISHED version in theaters, just like you're referring regarding Transformers.

Alex Billington on Jul 10, 2011


movie is not spoiled by the trailer because everybody already knows how it ends. what remains interesting is how the apes relationship to each other develop. There are clues to this. Caesers dad as the bad influence at 12s and mother at 2:19? 

Decompose on Jul 10, 2011


Poor Malfor he will forever be the villain. I want him to have the leading role in a remake of Ghandi.

Asdadasd on Jul 10, 2011


Those are the same exact images that we've already seen in the other trailers, coupled with a different music.

Laurent on Jul 10, 2011


look at 2:07. thats a new shot and it shows ceasers inside crew apparently. 

christian on Jul 10, 2011


Actually we've already seen that shot. I remember someone commenting that the other ones looked like his generals.

Laurent on Jul 10, 2011


This trailer is more appealing than the previous. I feel a better connection with the story line. I also can't judge the CGI yet. It can't be judged until theatrical release. I remember when there wasn't CGI, and everything was done cosmetically. When I compare what we're seeing now to just 10 years ago, I'm careful to judge harshly. No matter what, it's still far superior, and I don't believe in the illusion that it's going to look absolutely perfect. Gollum in LOTR was flawed, and it still added to the film and was not distracting at all. I'm sure this will be similar.

Quanah on Jul 10, 2011


2:07 those apes look ready to win

christian on Jul 10, 2011


This actually looks great, seems to have a good story, great acting and some badass apes that finally are gonna get revenge on those/us evil humans. Damn us to hell. I am there. 

Loser on Jul 10, 2011


I can't watch "Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes" trailers anymore since they seem to give away the whole plot. The first full trailer seemed to give much of it away and the second one even more.

Drew Kerr on Jul 10, 2011


this looks incredible. this is the best trailer yet.

Lucas Rios on Jul 10, 2011


Looks alright, I just dunno why they can't shoot them all though. There wasn't that many of them and a human uprising of the same kind would be easy dealt with.

Crapola on Jul 10, 2011


Maybe they love monkeys? Errr...Apes? I dunno.

Quanah on Jul 10, 2011


What is the public reception of this film going to be like? I mean the humans lose in the end!  Do you think that regular movie goer is going to enjoy a film where monkeys take over the world?

DaftBot on Jul 10, 2011


Avatar worked the humans lost.  And every evil event in the history of mankind has been human made human caused.

Loser on Jul 10, 2011


In Avatar it wasn't the destruction and slavery of all man kind that was the end result. It was a group of people getting their own land back. As to your second point: NO DUH! THat's why it's the HISTORY OF MAN KIND! Who else would do it?! 

DaftBot on Jul 10, 2011


I meant everyone knows most Humans are Evil and some are good and animals are treated badly so I think most people can connect with animals fighting for freedom, and the underdog thing too

Loser on Jul 10, 2011


to the point of the slavery of mankind where they give people lobotomies? 

DaftBot on Jul 10, 2011


Monkey see monkey do Daftbot they must have learned it from someone. 

Loser on Jul 10, 2011


again entirely missing the point... I'm talking about audience reception to a film. I don't even know why you're rambling on about what the apes learned.  In the original film the apes were the villains... They enslaved people and treated them poorly... I question whether or not audiences are open to seeing the bad guys win essentially... 

DaftBot on Jul 10, 2011


the bad guys being human scientists and the kid from Potter. Moral of the story is that its wrong to play god

Decompose on Jul 10, 2011


Interesting thought... but I would say that since the Planet of the Apes franchise is established enough (there was even that Tim Burton remake that we all saw, but also all hated!) that I think everyone knows the story and expects it to go there. I doubt there will be anyone shocked or disgusted by that, that's just what Planet of the Apes is about.

Alex Billington on Jul 10, 2011


I think Planet of the Apes is actually unknown to a lot of kids, teenagers and such. You'd be surprised how many might know about the franchise, but still haven't seen it. You and I are movie guys, of course we know the series... and yea we did see that Tim Burton film, but that was 10 years ago. I wonder how many 10-18 year olds are really aware of what the series is about and what their reaction will be when we all lose. It's not quite like the Titanic sinking where it's a part of our historical consciousness and we all know it's coming.

DaftBot on Jul 10, 2011


Yea sure, but come on, do you really think 10-18 year olds are going to flip out that apes conquer Earth? I don't think so. They, more than anyone, have a sense of imagination. Plus I still think most people know Planet of the Apes, even if thy haven't seen it. Just including Planet of the Apes in the title signifies that, everyone knows what it is even if they haven't seen a single movie.

Alex Billington on Jul 10, 2011


think you re missing the point! this (if succesfull at the boxoffice) is going to be part of a trilogy as is custom with these type of films. part 1 rise of the planet of the apes part 2 the empire (haha) strikes back part 3 return of the planet of man

Decompose on Jul 10, 2011


except that it's a prequel to an already established set of films... 

DaftBot on Jul 10, 2011


same universe, different storyline. think reboot, not prequal

Decompose on Jul 10, 2011


I agree. They can go anywhere with the story line now. This first film will establish direction and intent, but it needs a success run first. We'll see. 

Quanah on Jul 10, 2011


I think it is easier for the studios making it on a global scale making the good guy or the bad guy a none human. Avoiding the race issue and working on the global market you don`t alienate a certain race.  Once there was the russian bad guy the chinese bad guy or the black bad guy. making the bad guy animal alien or the intelligentia, snobs you know. and using those in power as bad guys makes it easier for the common guy to think stick it to the man. I don`t know. Sorry my english is not that great. Apes are great that way you can show human behavior without the audience feeling attacked and making the audience feel bad for the animals when they are treated badly who can`t feel empaty for an animal

Loser on Jul 10, 2011


I swear, if they kill Cesar I'm going to be pissed. And yell "NOOOOOOO! Ceeeeesssaaaarrrrr!" Tragically in the theater.

JoeyGonzales on Jul 10, 2011


Well, in Planet of the Apes mythology, doesn't Caesar go on to become the first leader of the ape revolution? So why would he die in this? 😉 Then again, I haven't seen it, so you never know!

Alex Billington on Jul 10, 2011


In the original the apes basically represented human history.

Loser on Jul 10, 2011



A5J4DX on Jul 10, 2011


nothing about the trailers make it look that great.  they will really need to nail the emotion between the humans and monkey, and monkeys themselves for this to stand out.  the action looks standard

lane on Jul 10, 2011


Still think it looks absolutely terrible, with each trailer my lack of interest increases more and more. They are going to have to be pretty damn convincing  with the way they portray the apes somehow managing to take over human civilization, given the technological and population differences. The back-story of the original was better off left ambiguous.

DukeD on Jul 11, 2011


JL: Haha, I sat watching Dark of The moon thinking that scene reminded me alot of The Island, but it was the sound I linked it to and not the picture.

David Banner on Jul 11, 2011


so, moral of the story: don't try to cure alzheimer's or chimps will take over the world. noted.

ThatPedroGuy on Jul 11, 2011


Am I the only one who thinks this looks incredibly cheesy? Like a made-for-tv movie, with better actors and better CGI (although, like everyone else said, the monkey's don't look real at all...) but the same laughably bad writing and poor direction. Definite pass for me. 

Traveler on Jul 11, 2011


It does have a "made for Tv" feel for it but with some grander shots.

Ryderup on Jul 11, 2011


Yes you are the only one!

Himani3012 on Jul 16, 2011


Ooooooooo. This looks pretty sweet. Draco's going to get it!

Chris Amaya on Jul 11, 2011


The cgi is not that good, knowing weta's work on LOTR gollum and other creatures this looks a bit laughable actualy, and the ones thinking it will look any better on the movie are kidding themselfs, its funny how everyone always says that it will be MUCH better on a movie, Alex mentioned avatar, i cannot find a single shot on the trailers that arent exactly the same on the movie, all round the same. As for the movie itself, kinda of cliche, but it may surprise us..

Anonymous on Jul 11, 2011


To me, as this is just another remake. makes me laugh these days, so many new movies coming out that are actually remakes of old ones, and no I'm not a stupid old fart, I'm quite young. saying that I cant wait to see this movie looks very interesting, new story same context. wonder if the other 'Planet of the apes' movies are in line to get a make over?

freddie on Jul 11, 2011


 Interestingly enough, I feel that Planet of the Apes is one of the few movies that a remake could actually do big. Especially if they storyline keeps true to the originals. I feel the graphics will do wonders for the story. And, I think that it will linger longer because of the simple fact that we have to remember that our distant cousins are capable of obtaining this same level of intelligence. Far-fetched at best and impossible at the worst, it really gives you something to think about.

Amumra on Jul 14, 2011


Really nice build up in the trailer.

Lauren Intong on Jul 16, 2011


Terrible and obtuse.

gammajam on Aug 3, 2011

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