Watch: Awesome, But Fairly Short, New Red Band 'The Thing' Trailer

September 19, 2011
Source: IGN

The Thing Red Band Trailer

"Not all of us are human." A new red band trailer has just been unveiled on IGN for Universal's The Thing prequel, directed by Matthijs van Heijningen, starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Joel Edgerton. Similar to the TV spot we just posted last week, this features a glimpse at some of the creature effects and crazy human takeovers, including some gory stuff they haven't shown before. Alas, it's such a short trailer, only clocking in at just over a minute, so I guess that means they're still saving the good stuff for the actual film. Or so we can only hope. Despite some rather rough CG work, I still think this looks pretty damn good.

Watch the new red band trailer for Matthijs van Heijningen Jr.'s The Thing, via IGN:

The Thing is directed by Dutch filmmaker Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. It's set at another Antarctica research site that's invaded by an "alien life form" (the same one from John Carpenter's 1978 film, as this is a direct prequel). The discovery of an alien craft brings in graduate student Kate Lloyd (Winstead) who partners with Sam Carter (Edgerton), a helicopter pilot, to hunt down this alien. "[They've made a film] that takes place in the same reality as Carpenter's: a place where the people on screen are real and the way they react to an alien entity is the same way you'd react if you were there in their situation." In theaters Oct. 14.

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I like it! not sure i would but that looks pretty spot on! cant wait to see some hardcore body mutations..CGI is not that bad either.

Ian Eastoe on Sep 19, 2011


I can't wait for this! I like the glimpse of the thing mid-transformation, looking like two people melded together, the remains of which are found charred in Carpenter's. When I first heard about this, I thought about finally getting to see that thing.

grimjob on Sep 19, 2011


Yo Alex, John Carpenter's The Thing was released in 1982 not 1978.

Godstrike on Sep 19, 2011


Huh, I thought that it had been said they would be using practical effects, rather than CGI...

Anonymous on Sep 19, 2011


Looks good, and I have faith in it...but I really don't like the CG that's used...I mean what made the The Thing '82 so good was the pratical effects...we'll see though. I wonder if the Head Crab will make a cameo? Ew, evil little bastard.

Xerxexx on Sep 19, 2011


Hey Xerxexx, I hear you.  The '82 had amazing practical effects--thank you Rob Bottin!!--but granted, this is 2011, and there will have to be some CG in there.  If it makes you feel any better, the CG is being done by the same VFX house that did DISTRICT 9. And I gotta say....some of what I saw in the trailer looked sharp, especially the [CENSORED]!!

Anonymous on Sep 19, 2011


That gives me some hope, the effects in D9 were pretty awesome.

Xerxexx on Sep 19, 2011


The Thing's magic was the darkness and the grittiness coupled with practical effects the likes of which we will probably never see again, which is unbelievably sad. The CGI ruins this, the pallet is way too bright, looks like a complete rehash that will ultimately prove to be inferior, in short, everything that is wrong with Hollywood's remake culture, as opposed to True Grit, which really proved the exception to the steadily setting rule of remake inferiority in my opinion.  I think this period we're in now will go down as a red letter date, where cinema, at least in America, came to a crossroads and will most likely be taking the wrong path... 

Anonymous on Sep 19, 2011


 oh, relax.

junk on Sep 19, 2011


he he.

Crapola on Sep 19, 2011


Off topic here, but I just finally got a chance to see True Grit last night and although I think Jeff is awesome and was awesome in this movie, I didnt think that this movie was actually better than the original.  Yes, better in some ways, but not enough ways to actually say it was better than the original.  Good movie nonetheless. Also, I dont think there is anyone here that can expect for this prequel to be better than the masterpiece of horror that was the 82 version.. Just something that stays true to the story told in the 82 and is enjoyable.. I guess all we want is for them not to fuk it up like Lucas did with his prequels. There, I said it !!

Tester on Sep 19, 2011


"Also, I dont think there is anyone here that can expect for this prequel to be better than the masterpiece of horror that was the 82 version.. Just something that stays true to the story told in the 82 and is enjoyable..." Agreed, Tester.  I do have a lot of sympathy for the cast and crew, because they have a nearly impossible task to do.  It does look like they've put in a lot of effort, and if it stays true to the '82 classic, then I'll be satisfied. And let's not forget...the '82 film was not a hit with the critics or moviegoers.  If this film puts the spotlight back on Carpenter's film and gets critics to look at that film in a new and positive light, then THAT will be worth it.

Anonymous on Sep 19, 2011

13 ain't a remake, see?  It's a prequel.  And you only saw a minute's worth of shots, not the whole bloody film.  Why not check it out first before flinging it under the freaking bus? Oh, and the "Hollywood's only making remakes and that means America's cinema culture is going down the tubes" is nothing new.  People have been saying that for years.

Anonymous on Sep 19, 2011


Didn't say the remake of True Grit was better, implied that it wasn't inferior. The trailer is going to be predictive of the effects of a movie opening in less than a month. Also if it's a prequel then it SHOULDN'T be a rehash, which it looks like it will be, how can it not be with that trailer, except this one has two jump scares in the trailer, it's not exactly hard to infer from this trailer what the movie is going to be,as a studio horror film. How about you try not to talk down to somebody who made their point perfectly clear. I knew that someone was going to pull out the prequel BS which is exactly what you did.  

Anonymous on Sep 21, 2011


Also, I plan on seeing this film and the main prequel proof vs loose remake that I will be looking for is whether the helicopter pilot can speak English or not at the end of the film. Also didn't claim to be original with my remake thought and you didn't prove me wrong.

Anonymous on Sep 21, 2011


totally sold me. TOTALLY SOLD ME! This is gonna be sick.

DaftBot on Sep 19, 2011


How are you gonna make a girl the protagonist in a movie which originally was strictly an all male cast? I mean come on fellas we all know women have smaller brains and are inferior when it comes to flame thrower maneuverability. In my opinion no Carpenter movies should be remade. Most of them are perfect already. The day they redo They Live I will spit out my bubble gum and start kicking ass. 

Shaka Films on Sep 19, 2011


wtf huh ?  There are no women scientists ?  Have U not watched discovery channel ? So what if the American expedition didnt have any women, maybe the Swedes.. err, sorry, maybe the Norwegians did.. even an American one. Seriously, this is your biggest issue with this prequel ?

Tester on Sep 19, 2011


Sorry Shaka, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Tester on Sep 19, 2011


Yeah, and check out the sexism to boot. Honestly, I guess he never checked out the original 1951 film or read Bill Nolan's 1978 treatment for a remake to that film.  The '51 film had a woman, and Nolan's treatment had three women characters.

Anonymous on Sep 19, 2011


When I heard about this I almost watched the original, but I resisted. It took me ages to admit there were aspects of Let me "in" that were better than the original. People be sentimental!  I know this isn't a remake, but when I get home from the cinema and watch Carpenter's film I know I'll have an honest opinion. Don't know how everyone else can hope to enjoy it

Richie G on Sep 19, 2011


It's not a remake though.

AA on Sep 19, 2011


LET ME IN was a solid remake, and hell, even Stephen King gave it high marks. It would be cool to watch this prequel and then see how it syncs up with Carpenter's film.  And besides...maybe this will get the critics to take another look at Carpenter's film and admit that they were wrong for blasting the s**t out of it back in '82.

Anonymous on Sep 19, 2011


Yeah, Let Me In was a good remake.. But seriously, that movie was almost shot for shot the same film with different actors speaking a different language..  Having said that, thats been done before and fukked up just the same.. so I guess I dont have a point

Tester on Sep 19, 2011


Heh heh...don't sweat it, Tester.  If anything, LMI showed the right way to do it--and even the writer of the original novel (and the screenplay of the original) loved LMI and praised Matt Reeves' work. Oh, and in regards to THE THING....the site Outpost #31 has scans of the 1982 CINEFANTASTIQUE issue that had the film as its cover story.  Link is here: Have at it....

Anonymous on Sep 20, 2011


I'm pretty excited for this, I was scared to death by the original, I saw it when I was pretty young.

Crapola on Sep 19, 2011


Did the Head Crab haunt your dreams?

Xerxexx on Sep 19, 2011


The hands in the chest bit and all the shaking people and just the general freakiness of it all really. The crab head was defo a proper head meddler though.

Crapola on Sep 20, 2011


i was pretty skeptical after the first trailer, but this has boosted my optimism a lot. Lots of creature effects like the first,  with emphasis less on jumps but suspense. This make it look a lot more like the original film than the first trailer depicted.

Anonymous on Sep 19, 2011



Anonymous on Sep 19, 2011


I'm glad I watched this 'cause I've been thinking "Swamp Thing" all this time...

Anonymous on Sep 19, 2011


I still enjoy that movie

Ocp on Sep 19, 2011


Not enough slime, guts and blood during the transformations and they're too clean when compared to Carpenters version.

Jim on Sep 19, 2011


huh, you could tell all that from a one minute trailer? dang

Leo Fleming on Sep 19, 2011


You beat me to it.  I was going to say this is a glimpse of what Dead Space might look like if there was a live action movie.  They were probably somewhat inspired by John Carpenter's version in making that game.

JL on Sep 19, 2011


I think I remember reading that the creators of DS were fans of, and were inspired by, Carpenter's 1982 film. ....which makes sense.

Anonymous on Sep 19, 2011


I usually despise CGI in horror movies but these were actually kinda nasty and pretty realistic. 

Shige on Sep 19, 2011


Egads! Too much CGI for me. Shame they did not use more puppets. Also, older brother from Warrior is in it. Yay!

DAVIDPD on Sep 19, 2011


This looks good and I'm excited to watch it but I think this is a remake in the guise of a prequel. What doesn't make sense to me is how is there a female heroine when in the beginning of Carpenter's "The Thing" there were two male survivors and a dog running for it's life? I guess I'd have to watch the movie to find out how it flows into Carpenter's version. How come the helicopter used in the film looks more modern than the one used from Carpenter's version? I'm no historian when it comes to helicopters but it just looks a bit weird to me. Overall it looks good and seems to carry the same tone as Carpenter's I'm definitely seeing it.

Anonymous on Sep 19, 2011


"What doesn't make sense to me is how is there a female heroine when in the beginning of Carpenter's "The Thing" there were two male survivors and a dog running for it's life? I guess I'd have to watch the movie to find out how it flows into Carpenter's version." That's what you have do to--watch it! "How come the helicopter used in the film looks more modern than the one used from Carpenter's version?" Because it's NOT that helicopter.  The one you saw is the one used by the character Carter to ferry MEW's character to the Norwegian base. If it will make you feel better, the set reports all make the point that the filmmakers have made every effort to show that the film is set in 1982....and three days before the events of Carpenter's film. Best way to know whether this film is good or not is to see it.  That's all.

Anonymous on Sep 19, 2011


I think Dead Space was inspired by 1982 The Thing but This one was inspired by Dead Space.  But who cares this looks really good!!!

TTumMM on Sep 19, 2011


i hope The Thing the reveal it self too much, cause my favorite thing about the old movie was that you had NO IDEA who it was imitating

Said Samayoa on Sep 19, 2011


True, and hopefully they will do that. But to be fair....if you've seen the trailer for the 1982 film, they show at least three characters "thinging" out--Norris, Palmer, and Bennings.  Talk about spoilers!

Anonymous on Sep 20, 2011


I like the trailer. The Blu ray is 100% mine!

Razor on Sep 20, 2011


What would have really sold me(and all die-hard fans) would have been if Rob Bottin was in charge of the practical effects.   I wonder if there is even 1 alien/thing shot of "old school" practical effects; I fear this prquel/reboot/remake its just another CGI mess we've seen last decade. I'm not dis'ing Alec Gillis or Paul Jones or anyone else who worked in the makeupdept./the special effects side of this new The Thing movie; its just Rob Bottin is the master.....and according to IMdb, he's "not worked" since 2002, could just be this IMdb page needs updating? They should have brought Rob Bottin back in; but maybe they asked him, I don't have all the details(like 99% of all who post on forums).   Check out: "THE THING film analysis "Was Childs infected?" " on youtube, its one of the free video analysis' this youtuber has put out. Might have some clues you didnt see in Carpenter's film 🙂    

David Banner on Sep 20, 2011


Rob Bottin got out of the effects business years ago and is now Ive heard doing very well selling real estate in California. He hasnt done a movie since Mr. Deeds in 2002 .

Willie Beamon on Sep 26, 2011


Spoiler tag at least! Still Looks awesome though

Armeetapus16 on Sep 20, 2011


I'm so stoked for this. Looks competent, which makes me super happy. I just hope it blends in well with the original masterpiece.

Johnny Neat on Sep 21, 2011


As long as it does its best to sync up with the Carpenter film, I'm pretty sure I'm going to love this.  At first I didn't get why they wouldn't just make it a sequel, but doing it this way completely protects Carpenter's brilliant vague ending, and allows any upcoming sequels to spin from this film and continue to protect that ending if they choose. I like it when smart people make movies.  I really hope this is one of them.

Outlaw on Sep 24, 2011


I like the look of this film. There will be plenty of real practical effects in the film. Dont mind the trolls who are claiming the film is cgi heavy, based on whats shown in the trailer. ITS NOT!! It DOESNT rely on cgi. Sure, it may not live up to the Carpenter remake but it will be enjoyable nonetheless. Something to look forward to in October.

Dimensional on Sep 28, 2011

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