Watch: Awesome Featurette for 'Source Code' with Dr. Michio Kaku

March 10, 2011
Source: Apple

Source Code Featurette

Summit has debuted a new featurette on Apple for Duncan Jones' Source Code, the upcoming time-travely sci-fi thriller starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan (trailer) that's premiering at the SXSW Film Festival this weekend. Not only is great to explore the concept of Source Code with the writer, producer and cast, but this video includes an appearance by the awesome theoretical physicist Dr. Michio Kaku (his website) talking about the kinds of cool stuff physicists talk about. This video is pretty much straightforward explanation as to the plot and dynamics, so if you don't want any of it ruined, stay away. Otherwise - enjoy!

Watch the new "What is the Source Code?" featurette for Duncan Jones' Source Code:

[flv: 580 326]

You can also watch this Source Code featurette in High Definition on Apple

A sci-fi story centered on a soldier who wakes up in the body of a person who witnesses a train explosion.

Source Code is directed by one of our very favorite up-and-coming British filmmakers, Duncan Jones, son of David Bowie whose feature debut was the brilliant sci-fi film Moon. The screenplay was written by TV writer Ben Ripley, making his feature debut, and was featured on the Black List a few years ago. Vendome Pictures and Mark Gordon produced. Summit Entertainment is bringing Source Code to theaters everywhere starting April 15th this spring. I've seen it and I definitely suggest catching this in theaters! Intrigued by the story?

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To bad Source Code still seems unappealing. Hopefully I am wrong and turns out like Moon, but seems doubtful.

Zzz on Mar 10, 2011


It is a ghetto looking version of Inception and a million other movies we have seen time and time again.

Kaim on Mar 10, 2011


Might as well be called Deju Vu 2

Flacid on Mar 10, 2011


yes, because it only has a vague time travel and terrorism plot in common

hurm on Mar 10, 2011


Guy falls in love with girl in past who gets killed. Guy decides to risk his life to save her after his mission is accomplished. Which movie am I describing? Both.

hurrdurr on Mar 11, 2011


you do know that there were sci fi movies before source code right? Seriously, what the hell besides the genre of science fiction does Inception have in common with this movie?

hurm on Mar 10, 2011


* i mean before Inception

hurm on Mar 10, 2011


I just hope this is a stepping stone to bigger gigs and money for Jones as Moon was underrated in my opinion. The guy's got skills and so far has shown good taste.

Johnny Neat on Mar 11, 2011


Everyone experiences 'time' in a different way. Without conciousness one cannot measure time. Cellular life is inherent to its evolution, and matter degrades and decades radio-actively, everything and everyone (d)evolves in the same direction at the same measured pace (though this pace gradually slows down). The only difference that cellular life has is the intensity of the experiencing that might slightly affect its decading, be it through predestined genetical advantage (or disadvantage), or through its intensity of experiencing (or lack of it). Someone can speed up his 'growing old' through misery (e.g.). If you want to live long, than do nothing but waiting. The mind occupation redefines time, time and time again. Though a lot of it is dictated by hope, at a young age. The only parallel universe that exists, exists in the imagination. Materialising the parallel imaginative is only possible at quantum level. At quantum level the rules are half-conciously defined. But the initial base is the same as in the current reality. The unknown result that comes out of imaginative travelling (coming back to what has already been established in the existing reality), is, at that level, STILL halfway a result of a further potential of the imaginative. That's why, wherever or whenever you are, you are constantly half-way. Eg., you don't know where or when you are going to arrive, but you know you are in the process of a transition. Without reference, you constantly have to consider yourself half-way. This, of course, is reinforced by our projectively enhanced conditioning of the illusion of being bisymmetrical. Everything is bisymmetrically made, except out of its necessity of being pragmatic. The more intricate our technology comes the more exceptions come to that rule. Look at anything that surrounds you, and you'll notice that omnipresent prison of duality. My car is a perfectly bisymmetrical model, but has a steering wheel on the left side, because I drive on the right side. Every exception to this bisymmetry is pure out of pragmatical need. I am 39 yo, so I might be right in the middle of my life (because I don't know how old I am going to get). If I were to be 65 yo, than I wouldn't think that anymore because of the improbability of becoming 130. My grandmother is 85 yo, and has subconsciously taught herself to live day by day, and see her time left as being half-way between (maybe) last week or month and next week (or month). 'Hope' has joined 'current reality' in her mind, as opposed to young people's minds. Imagine yourself falling in coma at 25, and waking up as a 80 yo, you probably would be devistated. I know I would. Just 'knowing' that fact would have such an intense psychological effect, that it would tear you apart. Anyway, I think it will need slightly more than 'a few decades' until we actually can do as is projected in the movies. There are a lot of unknown variables, that we are not capable of grasping in this stadium of our evolution, so far.

Johan on Mar 11, 2011


wtf are you going on about. Oh and cells can measure time. It's actually pretty cool. Plants can also measure time. Hell even genes can measure time. This sounds like a whole bunch of pseudoscience. Our bodies naturally measure time, so long as you maintain your sleep schedule. You may have your physics right (I have no idea I'm not a physicist) but you definitely have your biology wrong. Also things don't devolve. All evolution, even if it seems it may be a step back, is evolution. In a biological sense of course.

hurrdurr on Mar 12, 2011


love it thnx!

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


love it thnx!

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018

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