Watch: Badass Red Band Trailer for Medieval Action Movie 'Ironclad'

May 3, 2011
Source: Deadline

Ironclad Trailer

"Only the weak believe that what they do in battle is who they are as men." Deadline has debuted a bloody new red band trailer for Jonathan English's medieval action movie Ironclad, starring James Purefoy as one of the Knights Templar who must defend the Rochester Castle against the tyrannical King John, played by Paul Giamatti. We featured an early trailer for this back in February, but this trailer is so much better. With HBO's Game of Thrones now part of my Sunday evenings, I've got to say, I'm so much more excited to see more brutal, badass medieval action like this. Seriously, check this out, it looks badass! Noo surrender!!

Watch the new red band trailer for Jonathan English's Ironclad via Deadline:

In addition to Purefoy, Ironclad also stars Paul Giamatti, Brian Cox, Robert Carlyle, William Moseley, Jason Flemyng, Bob Hoskins, Pete Postlethwaite and Kate Mara. Apparently in the film Giamatti is "in pure Shoot 'Em Up snarling-villain mode, facing off against the noble and true James Purefoy." And although this has a low budget, Empire promises that it's "a gritty and compelling British action flick." This was directed by Jonathan English, of Minotaur and Nailing Vienna, from a script by English and Erick Kastel. Ironclad has already hit theaters in the UK, and ARC Ent. will release in US theaters on July 8th, plus VOD on June 1st.

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Looking pretty Bad Ass... but so did Centurion and that really was piss-poor. With this kind of cast, this really looks like it could be awesome. I hope so, and would look forward to seeing it on a big screen.

Christopher Buttner on May 3, 2011


great cast,just dont think its gonna hit the spot

Anonymous on May 8, 2011


Wow - I'm impressed we got something before the US! I saw this about a month or so ago and I loved it. My other half wasn't so keen, but she's a girl so she doesn't count 😉 Some great performances and it *seems* historically fairly accurate as far as film-making goes.

Mosh on May 3, 2011


James Purefoy? Enough said. I'm SOLD!

Josiahguile on May 3, 2011


He was great in Solomon Kane

Anonymous on May 3, 2011


James Purefoy Brian Cox, Robert Carlyle, William Moseley, Jason Flemyng, Bob Hoskins, Pete Postlethwaite (RIP) and Kate Mara All in a medieval castle siege film? SOLD. Will there opening night.

Xerxexx on May 3, 2011


How did I miss Carlyle, damn.

Cody W. on May 3, 2011


I find your lack of Carlyle noticing disturbing, Cody.

Xerxexx on May 3, 2011


you can catch him in stargate universe that's playing now..(season 2) the most boring sci-fi show ever.

Redguy on May 4, 2011


Hold a lot of these actors in high regard, but the action quality looks Syfy original at best. Different director and this could really be something. As is, the style feels too much like Centurion/In the Name of the King. Probably wait to netflix this one.

Quazzimotto on May 3, 2011


Ahhhhh.....Charlie Sheen at 1:00? Winning

Valyrian Steel on May 3, 2011


Bloody hell, this cast is awesome! I'm so in.

DwainIBe on May 3, 2011


Reaction to trailer: "Wow! Paul Giamatti?! WTF?!" Looks good! 🙂

IceFilm on May 4, 2011


Blood, guts, history, chivalry, swords, armor.... I'm in.

Brandon on May 4, 2011


still, even though i visit FS everyday, i didn't see you guys mention Game of Thrones. Amazing show.

Redguy on May 4, 2011


Indeed the show is awesome.

Xerxexx on May 4, 2011


It's okay so far, but I have feeling it will get much better. Beautiful women in that TV series, I must say.

Brandon on May 4, 2011


The cast is excellent, Peter Dinklage is great as the Dwarf, and Sean Bean is awesome.

Xerxexx on May 4, 2011


I can't really be the only person who thinks this looks awful........ can I?

Chazzy on May 4, 2011


Nope. This looks honestly quite bad. The music, the script, etc. Paul Giamatti is totally not meant for this kind of role. I laughed out loud when I saw him. Will probably be entertaining if you are in a dumbed down kind of mood.

Kaim on May 4, 2011


This looks choice! I've yet to Game of Thrones, but have heard good things so will have to check that out too.

ek on May 4, 2011


I absolutely hate the music and the super quick cuts in parts. It's like they're trying to sell it to the MTV audience. Well, maybe they are. The trailer didn't do anything for me, and I really wanted to like it. =/

Anonymous on May 4, 2011


trailers today kinda suck.

Xerxexx on May 4, 2011


That looks pretty crappy, got to say. The style and music is all off (trying hard to appeal to the 300 crowd -- and I liked 300). Game of Thrones already makes this look like a movie of the week. James Purefoy was good in his brief role on Camelot (bad show though). And Paul Giamatti is pure ham in this trailer. What was so Red Band about this anyway?

Anonymous on May 5, 2011

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