Must Watch: Chilling Full-Length Trailer for James Wan's 'Insidious'

February 17, 2011
Source: Blastr, YouTube

Insidious Trailer

"It's not the house that's haunted…" Even though we just saw the first teaser a few weeks ago, FilmDistrict has debuted a full-length trailer via Blastr for James Wan's scary new horror-thriller Insidious, which I saw in Toronto and have been raving about ever since. Insidious is a part haunted house flick, part demon possession thriller, part Poltergeist, and even part Sam Raimi-throwback, but it's such a damn good horror flick. Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne star as parents of a few kids, one of which gets trapped in a coma, but it might be more than that. We highly suggest watching this trailer for Insidious, it will creep you out!

Watch the official theatrical trailer for James Wan's Insidious:

A family tries prevent evil spirits from trapping their comatose son in a realm called The Further forever.

Insidious is directed by acclaimed horror filmmaker James Wan, who previously directed the original Saw film (both the short and feature) from 2004, and followed that up with Dead Silence and Death Sentence. The screenplay was written by Wan's filmmaking friend Leigh Whannell, who wrote the original Saw (and also starred in it) and also wrote Dead Silence. It first premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last year and was picked up by FilmDistrict for distribution. Insidious hits theaters everywhere on April 1st this spring.

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Remember "The Orphan"? I hope that this wont be that.

esophus on Feb 17, 2011


It's not, definitely not, it's about a demon that is after this kid and haunting this family. Insidious is damn good, Orphan is not!

Alex Billington on Feb 17, 2011


where can i watch this movie online?

sam on Jul 15, 2011


Orphan is a fantastic flick. DON'T HATE

timbuel on Feb 17, 2011



John Doe on Feb 19, 2011


So... Insidious is Insidious?

Mattias Nielsen on Feb 17, 2011


No. It's: Insidious is Insidious is... is Insidious is :)) That sucks.

Anonymous on Feb 17, 2011


Big improvement over the first teaser. I like that Paranormal Activity feel that it has. It seems that it's quite a good film judging by the reviews so I'll see it. If i won't like, I'll blame you, Alex. ;))

Anonymous on Feb 17, 2011


What is Darth Maul doing in tjis film?

Frysucks on Feb 17, 2011


*cough* that's the awesome part when it gets all Sam Raimi-esque... it's fun

Alex Billington on Feb 17, 2011


hells yea! that is exactly what i've been hearing for the last few months on bloody disgusting......when it goes Raimi-esque, that's when the crazy fun starts!!

Anonymous on Feb 17, 2011



John Doe on Feb 19, 2011


Haha, that does look like a jacked up Darth Maul.

Todayiamsorry on Feb 17, 2011


Not normally a liker of horror films... Think I'll check this out though.

RFabry on Feb 17, 2011


is it any good i like horror films but not EXTREME horrors?

Kevin McC on Apr 28, 2011


is it any good because i like horrors but not EXTREME horrors and am not sure if i want to check it out? is it an EXTREME horror film? :-/

Kevin McC on Apr 28, 2011


and should it be a 15 or an 18???

Kevin McC on Apr 28, 2011


Looks good,whats that at 1.25?.....personally I thought Orphan was a good film with a brilliant twist.

tir na nog on Feb 17, 2011


Phew! Not only me who wondered why Darth Maul was in this trailer 🙂

David Banner on Feb 17, 2011


You're all wrong. Nite Owl was in this film 🙂

Daniel Vu Tran on Feb 17, 2011


I wanna see it just because of the red demon. It gave me the willies. I hope it's in there more than just a blip from the clip.

April80085 on Feb 17, 2011


Okay...this looks like a lot of fun. Bring on the 'jump scares'!

DwainIBe on Feb 18, 2011


Orphan is a fantastic chiller, underrated. And Vera Fargamia is hot. This however is a muddled mess. In 2 minutes the audience is supposed to know : is this a psycho killer movie? a remake of poltergeist? a ghost story? monster in the closet movie? what? Watching the trailer I couldn't determine the genre of this film. Bad trailer. Movie? I will see this solely because of Rose Byrne.

Hythr556 on Feb 18, 2011


"Orphan is a fantastic chiller, underrated."? Now your done.

John Doe on Feb 19, 2011


Ugh yeah that scared me 😐 Especially Darth Maul ;~;

fem!anon on Feb 18, 2011


1:25 wtf that was creepy.

i have no name on Feb 18, 2011


Is it my imagination or is Rose Byrne suddenly everywhere? It seems like 2011 is her breakout year..

Alfredo on Feb 18, 2011


I feel like her breakout year was either 2009 or 2010 due to Get Him to the Greek, Knowing, Damages, Adam, etc. lol

doodeedoowappaw on Feb 24, 2011



David 123 on Feb 18, 2011


The screenshot at the top made me watch the trailer. I haven't gotten "What the f*** is that?" out loud to a picture in a while. The trailer's damn good. I like the metronome-o-tension.

serke on Feb 18, 2011


darth maullllllll

janky on Feb 19, 2011


insidious is...everywhere april 1st

S Page123 on Feb 19, 2011


This Family will be all dead for they are no match for a Sith!!!

TumMMM on Feb 21, 2011


Dear God that creeped me out. Trailers don't normally do that to me, but I think I pooped a little.

Modern American Man on Feb 22, 2011


That demon isn't scary looking at all?it looks like a normal guy with face paint, lame sauce. Everything else looks intense though. Hopefully this isnt just an april fools joke, cuz this looks legit.

Yoshi on Feb 22, 2011


is this Ray Parks' new film?

Anonymous on Feb 23, 2011


Looks pretty creepy...not sure about from the makers of PA and Saw though. Definitely wait for reviews.

Quazzimotto on Feb 26, 2011


Yes it's a shocker, good reviews coming thorugh. Some of the guys mention a return of Darth's not. The demon in this movies is a demonic alter-ego of Darth Maul called......Darth Maude, yes, that's Darth Maude. Take note as you will need it when you watch this film to really experience the terror adapted in this film based on some true events.

Siree on Feb 26, 2011


I guess Lucas is going to sue them

Dd on Mar 1, 2011


love it

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


love it

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


This movie looks cool -- a good followup for SAW. If you want to see some scary movies, produced on a song, watch renegade video. These guys are crazy and out there on the edge. Some of their previews have been posted on youtube. Here's one: What do you think?

Ogclown15 on Mar 24, 2011


is it any good because i like horrors but not EXTREME horrors and am not sure if i want to check it out? is it an EXTREME horror film? :-/ Should it be age 15 or should it be an 18??? How creepy is it? :O

Kevin McC on Apr 28, 2011


You say Darth Maul. I say Dremora from Oblivion 

Mr.Bubbles on May 20, 2011

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