Must Watch: Fantastic New UK 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' Trailer

June 22, 2011
Source: The Sun

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Even though I proclaimed that recent short trailer late last week for Rise of the Planet of the Apes was the "best damn trailer yet", this one steals that crown from it no question, as it's a full-on two-and-a-half minute theatrical trailer from the UK, courtesy of The Sun, and it's great. They also debuted that awesome poster which you can see below, too. This trailer gives a very clear picture of the story of Caesar in the movie, from start to finish, growing up, where he goes to eventually end up at revolution. I also feel like each new trailer we get they keep slightly extending CG scenes we've seen, but they still look fantastic. Can't wait.

Watch the new international trailer for Rupert Wyatt's Rise of the Planet of the Apes via The Sun:

Rise of the Planet of the Apes is set in a contemporary San Francisco and follows a young scientist who becomes a crucial figure in the war between humans and apes. Franco has been testing his Alzheimer cure on apes, but one of them, named Caesar, starts to evolve rapidly, so he takes him home to live with him and protect him from the cruel doctors, thus starting the inevitable ape revolution. James Franco stars, along with Andy Serkis providing motion capture for Caesar and Weta doing CGI; Freida Pinto, John Lithgow, Brian Cox, with Tom Felton. Rise of the Planet of the Apes arrives in theaters on August 5th late summer.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes Poster

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ūüôā chimp SPARTAAA or Van Damme the monkey, i'm just not into this movie. i liked the Wahlberg's Planet of the apes, less CGI, great looking chimps, but i'm not digging this one. wish i was, but i can't.

redguy on Jun 22, 2011


You lost most of us at "I liked the Wahlberg's Planet of the Apes..."

Anonymous on Jun 28, 2011


Maybe a good movie but a bad 'Planet of the Apes'

Tidjay on Jun 22, 2011


If it's a good movie, it will be the best Planet of the Apes ever.

JL on Jun 22, 2011


im not trying to be an ass, but why do you say that?

Said on Jun 26, 2011


I think this loooks great, don't know why u guys don't like it, the only problem i can't understand is how the chimps will take over the planet, 20-30 chimps are no match for us military forces.

Qweqwu on Jun 22, 2011


Not even for a police, how the chips would deal with a tank? or a fighter jet or even with automatic fire from a machine gun? I can't get it but i'm in...

Nuno Lopes on Jun 23, 2011


if you try to cure Alzheimer's you get  A. Super Smart Sharks B. Super Smart Monkeys C. Guaranteed Death in my professional opinion scientists might wanna stop trying to cure Alzheimer's  

Anonymous on Jun 22, 2011


this actually looks like it could be great. but seriously though this premise bothers me a bit..... how many apes exists in the san fransisco area for them to decimate the modern police force?

Anonymous on Jun 22, 2011


Simple, the apes burn all the Donut more cops.

Yermama on Jun 22, 2011


Have you ever seen the police force in San Francisco? 

The Dude on Jun 22, 2011


This looks great, best trailer yet.. Obviously 30 chimps arent a match for the military, but it looks to be just one city, I wanna see how they do end up taking over, if they showed that in the trailer you would all be complaining that they showed too much.. Im watching this for sure.... 

MiKa on Jun 22, 2011


hmm, you sir make a good point.

Anonymous on Jun 22, 2011


Disappointingly, none of the visual effects shots look anything other than fake CGI apes.

casting couch on Jun 22, 2011


Looks incredibly real but it's okay to act too cool sometimes. Lol

Adam on Jun 22, 2011


btw, music = Epic Score Vol--4: "I Still Have a Soul"

Anonymous on Jun 22, 2011


thank you was just about to ask about that

joshp on Jun 22, 2011


Now I simply must see this film. This trailer makes you empathize with Caesar, and you see why he chooses to revolt. He wasn't just some monkey that got too smart.

Lamar on Jun 22, 2011


dammit Draco Malfoy! you pissed 'em off!

Bayou on Jun 22, 2011


Is that really him? Hahaha I couldn't believe it but I guess the chimps will smash his head in and make it more proportional to his body hahahaha

Chris A. on Jun 22, 2011


I think the trailer is great and all, but I don't really buy into the premise. in the original "Ape" films, the apes inherited the Earth after humanity wiped itself off through Nuclear war. The apes didn't just revolt and take over the planet. Even in the time-travel sequels, (which were of questionable quality themselves) humanity didn't just roll over. I really can't see this movie ending with the apes actually winning anything and still being believable. ---

DRM on Jun 22, 2011


Clearly you didn't watch the original series because if you had, you'd have seen CONQUEST and would know that it starts with a revolt of enslaved apes.

Anonymous on Jun 28, 2011


I'm certainly intrigued by these trailers they've been showing.  And this was not a movie that would have been on my must-see list otherwise, which means their marketing team is definitely earning its paychecks.  I have the same plot-related questions for the movie as other posters, but I'm definitely curious enough to find out for myself.

Outlaw on Jun 22, 2011


i like the retro 70s feel of the poster, i loved the original Ape movies and saw them as a kid  with my Sister in our local 1 screen theatre

Yermama on Jun 22, 2011


The scene with Ceaser standing all bad ass with what I can only assume are his ape generals backing him bad ass, so freakin bad ass.

Scott of the Antarctic on Jun 22, 2011


I'm really curious as to how it will end. This trailer looks really good!

fem!anon on Jun 22, 2011


Me 2 but i really want to know if  Ceasar will live or die thats wat i wanna know and if they really do take over with 30 apes against San francisco and if they do beat them how r they going to beat the rest of the united states??

Moviemaster on Jun 27, 2011


If anybody wants the script here it its. I think its one of the early ones but it gives you a good idea about the premise on how the apes revolt. I for one think after reading the script and see this trailer think it could be very good, way better than Burton's.

Coviekiller on Jun 22, 2011



M.K. Nielsen on Jun 22, 2011


Now that is what I call a trailer! Marketing execs take notice -- this is how you do it!

Jbond676 on Jun 22, 2011


This movie keeps looking better and better. Didn't really have an interest when I first heard about it, but after seeing the trailers it's one of my most anticipated movies this summer. Looks like we'll actually have the chance to see and feel from the ape side and not make the apes a one dimensional villain who just wants to take over the world.

Nate on Jun 22, 2011


I think this looks great!

Eric Frasch on Jun 22, 2011


The beginning made me so sad for Ceasar. I feel bad when I leave my cat in the morning when I go to work, and I'm pretty sure he doesn't give a shit if I'm home or not, but that chimp is super smart and was basically raised as a human. *heart breaks* The CGI is pretty sweet, imo. The mini monkey in the box looks a little sketchy, but that one shot of Ceasar with the shifty eyes looks so incredibly sinister, it totally makes up for it.

Anonymous on Jun 22, 2011


I see this as a film not where apes take over but simply declare independence for themselves, the take over will naturally occur as it did in the classic films with humanity wiping itself out.

Dolivares03 on Jun 22, 2011



Rp1n on Jun 23, 2011


Wow, better and better.

Johnny Neat on Jun 22, 2011


They called their new super intelligent monkey Ceaser? Wasn't that asking for trouble?

Blargh. on Jun 23, 2011


Man i really wish i could move past the CGI...its still distracting me!! its almost as distracting as young Jeff Bridges face in Tron Legacy... But i feel like the apes looked a little better and more real in the sunlight then inside in the shadows. dont know why. Also, i dont wanna be a snob but the city in the background of the poster at the bottom loooks...really bad... I hope its a good movie though! it looks fun! I hope the ending is cool even though we know the big outcome i hope they wrap it up well.

Jack on Jun 23, 2011


Hmmm..."cure alzheimer's", in the first teaser didnt they say it was the cure for 'everything' ? No biggie, just seem to recall that's what the cure was for ūüôā CGI looks good enough, if the movie is good, 10mins in you'll forget it. Looking forward for this first part of the new 'Apes' movies

David Banner on Jun 26, 2011


saw this in front of transformers last night and it was genuinely amazing. it explains a lot more about the justification of Ceasers anger towards the humans that tested on him and makes the revolt of the rest of them (lead by him) seem completely normal (due actually to some harsh  treatment by other humans towards humans he cared for as well as himself, bloody Draco *tut tut*) whereas every other trailer has just suggested they tested on them then they went mental for no known reason. love this trailer. Cannot wait.

alex moore on Jun 29, 2011


Apes are not monkeys ding dongs.

Logabeast on Jul 3, 2011

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