Watch: First Full Trailer for David Cronenberg's 'A Dangerous Method'

June 21, 2011
Source: Official Website

A Dangerous Method Trailer

"Sometimes you have to do something unforgivable just to be able to go on living." An official trailer for the latest film from David Cronenberg has hit the web on the film's official website (via Awards Daily). This time, Cronenberg presents a very intimate and intriguing story about neurologists Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud and their relationship. Playing the two are Michael Fassbender as Jung, and Viggo Mortensen as Freud. Keira Knightley also starts, and so does Vincent Cassel with quite a gnarly beard. This looks like it could be very good, but I'm hesitant about Keira Knightley's involvement. You can check it out below.

Watch the first official trailer for David Cronenberg's A Dangerous Method from YouTube:

Explores how the intense relationship between Carl Jung & Sigmund Freud gave birth to psychoanalysis.

A Dangerous Method is directed by legendary Canadian filmmaker David Cronenberg, of many great films like Scanners, Videodrome, The Fly, Naked Lunch, Crash, eXistenZ, A History of Violence and Eastern Promises. The screenplay was written by Oscar winning Portuguese writer Christopher Hampton (The Quiet American, Chéri, Atonement) based on his own play, which was originally adapted from John Kerr's book on the subject, A Most Dangerous Method. This will hit the festivals in the fall before arriving in theaters, but we're not sure when the release date will be, as Sony Pictures Classics just picked it up. Look any good?

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One of the films I'm most excited about this year. Cronenberg is an amazing director and this trailer looks great. Im not so much worried about knightley, I'm sure she'll hold her own. But viggo, fassbender, and cassel!!! Three of the most underated actors.

Cmo on Jun 21, 2011


Fassbender, of course, sells it completely. 

Anonymous on Jun 21, 2011


Cast, Director, and Screenwriter are all amazing...I'm in.

Xerxexx on Jun 21, 2011


Hmm, is that Viggo Mortensen...or "The Most Interesting Man In the World"?? Stay thirsty my friends:)

Anonymous on Jun 21, 2011


I thought Keira Knightley looked pretty good her body was quiet contorted into awkward poses throughout. She probably ends up getting lobotomised to save the marriage in the end though, it was looking that way.

Crapola on Jun 21, 2011


Not sure why all the negativity heaped on Knightley. What has she done to deserve these caveats? It certainly can't be based on this snippet of trailer.

97point6 on Jun 21, 2011


Pirates 2 and 3, king arthur, love actually, and star wars episode 1.

Astroboy3000 on Jun 22, 2011


You just listed movies that were horrible all around. That's not Knightley's fault. 

Traveler on Jun 22, 2011


Episode 1? Wow she had very little screen time and terrible lines.

Xerxexx on Jun 22, 2011


On IMDB there are a couple reviews from people that have seen a screening of the film, and they all say that Keira Knightley gives an amazing performance (early oscar talk), and apparently has a really fascinating opening scene in full hysteria.

Troy on Jun 21, 2011


Nice to see Vienna in that movie. We Austrians surely have a rather strange and sometimes melancholic way to look back at our past, but it saddens me to see that we had so much intelectual potential in the beginning of the past century and destryoed it all through nationalsocialism. Freud, Frankl, Lazarsfeld and many other scientists, artists and politicians with jewish heritage, were the elite of this country. All gone in a blink of an eye. Damn you AH.

Exile on Jun 21, 2011


Cronenberg is one of the greatest of all time. Naked Lunch, Dead Ringers and Videodrome the list goes on. This looks like another masterpiece. 

Loser on Jun 21, 2011


Wow - got me all emotional there - great score!

Dom on Jun 21, 2011


I agree with Mark Kermode, Knightly has really developed into an amazing actress!

Dominic_alderson on Jun 21, 2011


So we have a portuguese born Oscar Winner and nobody on portugal media told us?

Nuno Lopes on Jun 21, 2011


i think everything about this looks amazing I came in excited to see Viggo and Fassbender, i left excited for Knightly

Anonymous on Jun 21, 2011


Cronenberg, Mortensen, Fassbender, and Cassel more than fill the massive trench of talent that Knightley forges into the movie, in my opinion. It's still on my "must see" list. 

MegaMan3k on Jun 22, 2011


Wow, too many good actors to miss. Minus Knightley who has something but not enough of it for my standards.

Johnny Neat on Jun 21, 2011


Awwww yeah! Mortensen and Fassbender = A+

fem!anon on Jun 22, 2011


'When Nietzsche Wept'. Having said that, this movie does look intriguing.

Eric_beerock on Jun 22, 2011


Dang, that booty slap.

Mr. Foe on Jun 22, 2011


I'm in! 

Justin Kinley Atkins on Jun 22, 2011


Keira Knightley...nope! She can't get even the russian accent right! Another wonderful film spoiled by her With all the women out there, why her? btw where is Alice Eve when you need her? I love the way Cassell plays with the boobs. That guy is lucky!

Gh on Jun 22, 2011


She even kisses Fassbender...she thinks maybe he will use his magneto power to bend her a$$...

Gh on Jun 22, 2011


Looks great.

M.K. Nielsen on Jun 22, 2011


This movie seems great. And if it comes from the sadirector of "A history Of Violence" and "Eastern Promesses". This has to be damn good!!!

Box on Jun 26, 2011


who composed the score ans what is that piece called?

Zade on Jul 4, 2011


Years ago there was talk that the novel "The White Hotel", which is also based on the Freud/Jung friendship, would be directed by David Lynch. That never happened, and possibly never will. I wonder how much these two films will overlap?

Ted Mills on Sep 19, 2011

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