Watch: First New Trailer for 'Catfish' Directors' 'Paranormal Activity 3'

July 21, 2011
Source: YouTube

Paranormal Activity 3 Trailer

Discover the Secret Behind the Activity. Out of nowhere today comes the first trailer for the next iteration in Paramount's incredibly successful found-footage horror-thriller series Paranormal Activity. This originally popped up on YouTube via The Film Stage this morning. As many remember, they hired Catfish directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman to helm this new sequel, and it looks like they've decided to focus on two young girls this time, not a new family with a baby. It looks pretty much like more of the same, but gets very interesting/creepy when the "Bloody Mary" game comes into play near the end. Remember the rules?

Watch the first trailer for Henry Joost & Ariel Schulman's Paranormal Activity 3 via YouTube:

Paranormal Activity 3 continues the found footage horror franchise started by director Oren Peli and producer Jason Blum back in 2009 with their first thriller Paranormal Activity. This time, New York City based directors of the Sundance hit documentary Catfish, Henry Joost & Ariel Schulman, are taking over, picking up presumably where the last one left off. As always, the story and any other details about this sequel are being kept a big secret, but I'll gladly say they've been doing everything to keep me hooked even though I'm trying to break free from this micro-budget franchise. Paramount Pictures, who acquired the first one, will be releasing Paranormal Activity 3 in theaters everywhere starting on October 21st this fall.

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It's actually the two girls from the first film, and how the problem started it seems.

Dieselblues on Jul 21, 2011


Story is obviously about the girl from the first one and her sister as kids. Like when she talked about that "thing at the foot of her bed" when she was a kid. This is that.

Craig S. List on Jul 21, 2011


Yeah alex, how did you missed this?! Are you seeing too many films? 😛 I've only seen the first one, worst film I've seen in years. I wouldn't call it a movie anyways. So so overrated...

Anonymous on Jul 21, 2011


While PA2 was nowhere near as good as the first one, I might check this one out. Problem, of course, is we know the girls live and the house burns down in the end (as mentioned in one & two), so they have a limited amount of scare there. 

Christopher Goudos on Jul 21, 2011


well if the house burns down then this was probably their most expensive installment of the franchise 😉

Danimal on Jul 21, 2011


Say what!?! The first one, save for the last 10mins or so was one of the worse films ever! Slow, boring, monotonous to a degree I can't describe! While the second was so00o0o much better. Still nothing great but was an actual movie.

Nate Carroll on Jul 21, 2011


Oh ma gawd, ahm scared noo.

Crapola on Jul 21, 2011


As cheesy as the first 2 were the bloody Mary thing actually has me intrigued, i actually watched the second the other day and must say the first was better.

Luke Hanna on Jul 21, 2011


I thought I'd give up after the 2nd...but this actually looks pretty well done. Loved Catfish, so I'm startin to have hopes for this one

Danimal on Jul 21, 2011


Other than the next door neighbor look of the stars and sets, I have no logical reason as to why I like this series.   There’s just something  'haunting' about them I guess. Anyway, as with the first two I look forward to seeing number three when it’s released on Blu Ray.

Hattori Hanzo on Jul 21, 2011


i don't think this whole movie is going to be about their lives as children. from what i've found out, i thought it was supposed to have a little bit of what happened after the first two; where the girl from the first went disappeared to, where she took her sister's baby when the second one ended, etc...

Rusty Shackelford on Jul 21, 2011


Holy shit I was fucking scared at :56 LOL

Daniel Vu Tran on Jul 21, 2011


As much as I hate to say it, I am looking forward to seeing the film now.

Sean Kelly on Jul 21, 2011


you might as well just play these movies backwards......

Jericho on Jul 21, 2011


Why are they still making sequels to this? I guess for anyone dumb enough to watch a 3rd rehash of the first.

Vinnie Cipollone on Jul 21, 2011


Candyman, Candyman, Candyman...

Hans on Jul 21, 2011


the bloody marry saying has been around for over a few hundred years so....

Jericho on Jul 21, 2011


yeah lol.......

Daniel Vu Tran on Jul 22, 2011



ZODSOUL on Jul 22, 2011


That didn't take long at all.

Voice of Reason on Jul 21, 2011


i was REALLY hoping that would freak me didnt. ugh i wanted io be scared, too

Ictimerlsf on Jul 21, 2011


so we're really just going to watch a house burn down... awesome. I don't like prequels that aren't necessary. We won't learn anything here that affects the future of the franchise or the characters. We know the girls live, lose their house and that's it. I did like the choice to not actually have any ghosts or spirits do anything in the trailer though.

DaftBot on Jul 21, 2011


but Daftbot...its bloody marry that causes it.... -we need a sarcasm font-

Jericho on Jul 21, 2011


to be honest I'll have an easier time buying into this than I will into Catfish.

DaftBot on Jul 21, 2011


Catfish was such a letdown.  I was so psyched when I first saw the trailer.  It looked so scary.  What a disappointment it turned out to be.

Brian Ricci Movie Review on Jul 22, 2011


that's a very good point.

Brian Ricci Movie Review on Jul 22, 2011



Anonymous on Jul 21, 2011


With an overall plot finally revealed, I must sadly admit to looking forward to this unlike the last two.

Nate Carroll on Jul 21, 2011


I read the November 17, 2010 article by Ethan Anderton the other day. He did mention that he would rather see the third movie about the mother and not the girls. I agree. The mothers back story would have been better. Not really looking forward to it but I can't lie. I'll see the movie -__- 

Chanel on Jul 22, 2011


It looks too high def for an 80's camera. It just need some more grit. Still awesome though.

ZODSOUL on Jul 22, 2011


I looked at again. I take it back. It does have that retrieved 80's video tape look. Awesome...

ZODSOUL on Jul 22, 2011


Have you seen the way the trailer has been relased? This is the start of a new viral

soloparolesparse on Jul 22, 2011


I really liked the first 2 movies a lot so I'm trying to get into this but there's a few things I don't get.  The point about the tape is exactly right.  Everything was supposed to be destroyed in the fire.  They ran back in to grab some vhs tapes?  Also, this is obviously what started it all so why is Bloody Mary involved?  They established in the other movies that it was some kind of demon with hooves and shit.  I'm guessing that's who the woman is?  Unless it's someone the demon possessed?  I don't know.  I don't know if I even care.  I also agree about the mom.  I want to know what she did to cause this all.

Brian Ricci Movie Review on Jul 22, 2011


i can wait to laughing so hard at all the stupid people who will go see this and believe it is real hahahaa

Anonymous on Jul 26, 2011

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