Watch: First Official Teaser Trailer for 'The Hunger Games' Adaptation

August 28, 2011
Source: MTV

The Hunger Games Teaser Trailer

"You're stronger than they are… you are." Lionsgate has finally unveiled a first glimpse at The Hunger Games, Gary Ross' anticipated adaptation of Suzanne Collins' series of books, in the form of a 60-second teaser trailer shown during MTV's VMAs last night. Of course, MTV now has an online version of it, which includes a brief intro from Jennifer Lawrence, who plays Katniss Everdeen, as well as the all-forest-set Hunger Games footage. This is only just a tease, but shows some bow-and-arrow action that we'll see plenty of as Katniss goes up against the other Panem tributes. It looks fine, but is it enough to get anyone excited?

Watch the first teaser trailer for Gary Ross' The Hunger Games, via MTV [see the Full Trailer Here]:

Jennifer Lawrence stars as Katniss, a 16-year-old living in the post-apocalyptic country of Panem. Every year, one boy and one girl are chosen from each of Panem's 12 districts to fight each other to their death.

The Hunger Games is both written and directed by Oscar nominated filmmaker Gary Ross, director of Seabiscuit and Pleasantville previously, but also writer of Big, Mr. Baseball, Dave, Lassie, Pleasantville and Seabiscuit. It's adapted from Suzanne Collins' popular series of novels, first published in 2008. Lionsgate is bringing The Hunger Games to theaters everywhere starting March 23rd, 2012 next spring. Look good?

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Not available in your region? wtf?

docsis on Aug 29, 2011


Aww crap, that's an MTV thing... I'll switch this over to a YouTube version as soon as I can!

Alex Billington on Aug 29, 2011


The main thing i notice here is atmosphere. They're really capturing the foreboding nature of the book especially with that score. The narration was pretty good, and the camerawork is gritty yet controlled. So far so good 

Moviekidmike on Aug 29, 2011


I'm happy to see someone who understands the book commetnt on it rather than all these people who know nothing about it and complain for no good reason.

Greg on Aug 29, 2011


Do you know each person on here, who have commented on this post, to make such a statement you've just made? No? Thought not...

Tyler Danger on Aug 29, 2011


I agree. Gary Ross is a classy director and the combo of T-Bone Burnett/Danny Elfman doing the score gives me confidence we're in for something less generic than your average YA adaptation.

equustel on Aug 29, 2011


meh...wish there was more, but I know its only a teaser.

Anonymous on Aug 29, 2011


Teen angst in the woods....guess they won't beat around the bush in going straight for the Twilight crowd Please don't suck.... I can't take another few years of teenage girl psychofandemonium

Daren on Aug 29, 2011


Sorry Daren, the psychofandemonium never goes away, it just gets redirected to the next Twilight/Beiber/thing

Anonymous on Aug 29, 2011


The only similarities between Twilight and this series is that they both are based on teenagers. You're's exactly like Twilight. *rolls eyes*

... on Aug 29, 2011


I thought the same thing. Fans are denying the similarities but this teaser sure doesn't help their case. Know what else doesn't? The book has an endorsement from Stephenie Meyer right on the jacket. lawl...

Anonymous on Aug 29, 2011


have you read the books?!?!? how can you think this was anything like twighlight if you read the books? i read both series and hunger games was amazing while teilight was horrible. BIG difference.

Christian on Aug 29, 2011


Just because you like one and not the other doesn't mean they aren't similiar. You probably just hate Twilight because every other dude your age does...

Anonymous on Aug 29, 2011


Are you actually that fucking stupid?! Twilight is about a girl who thinks she can't survive without a strong man in her life and watches helplessly as werewolves and vampires fight for her and themselves. The hunger games is about a strong determined woman fighting for her life in a brutal massacre, hunting, foraging and fighting off countless threats so she can see her family again. There is ZERO similarity between the two.

EvetscipE on Sep 8, 2011


OMG!!! I MISSED THE VMA'S!!! Seriously though, this teaser showed nothing. Consider that I am one of 5 people alive who've never read The Hunger Games. Understand I know nothing of the story or characters. Now re-watch the teaser and realize I've been intentionally kept in the dark. Oh and for the, record; there was no "bow and arrow action". She drew her arrow and fired into nothingness. -5 difficulty, half damage, roll 2D4 for how much I give a $*().

Anonymous on Aug 29, 2011


She isnt shooting into pure nothingness she is shooting at "something" I have read the books and plus what she made what the hunger games symbol which is a mockingjay carrying and arrow

Tomaslopez33 on Oct 30, 2011


This just doesn't appeal to me.

.. on Aug 29, 2011


I waited for THAT?!

POVwriter on Aug 29, 2011


That trailer was as lame as MTV itself. 

Brandon on Aug 29, 2011


looks dumb and sounds dumb

Andrew Fischer on Aug 29, 2011


hunger games is NOT twilight, children get slaughtered, blown up unfortunately they will probably play it down for pg rating and not stick to the books, heres hoping they actually do!

Frances243 on Aug 29, 2011


...There will always be "Battle Royale"

JennyB on Aug 29, 2011


Battle Royale was grrrrreat....

Ceazar_s on Aug 29, 2011


Exactly what I thought when I first heard of this series. "Oh so it's American Battle Royale."

serke on Aug 31, 2011


...There will always be "Battle Royale"

JennyB on Aug 29, 2011


I'm sure it's not the exact same thing, but it is somewhat similiar. There's a teenage girl main character, that's like it. Isn't there some love triangle? I heard there was.. that's like it. It looks like it was filmed in the same woods as Twilight. Hell, I half expected Edward to show up. It's no doubt targeting the tween / teenage female crowd by advertising it on MTV. Face it, folks.. The Hunger Games is the new Twilight...

Anonymous on Aug 29, 2011


1. Twilight didn't invent the love triangle; it's been used in storytelling for ages (and far more effectively, I might add).  2. Twilight also didn't invent teenage female protagonists. (Frankly, we need more of the ass-kicking brand a la Katniss, and less of the doormat brand like Bella. Girls deserve better role models.) 3. Unlike Twilight, the "love story" is not the point of the narrative. The Hunger Games' primary themes are the dehumanizing effect of violence and the power of the media. The books contain some very thoughtful and very unsettling social and political commentary. This is not fodder for fangirls. It's intelligent young adult dystopian fiction.

equustel on Aug 29, 2011


Nobody said anything about Twilight inventing anything. I also don't care that the love triangle isn't the focal point of the story. It's there and it's enough like Twilight to make the comparison. It's also obvious, after watching this trailer, that the target audience is teenage girls. Did you not head that angsty voice in the background? That could have easily been Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner supporting the object of their mutual affection...

Anonymous on Aug 29, 2011


The target audience is young adults: the same target audience of the books, which have had wide crossover appeal (not unlike Harry Potter). I know plenty of adult fans of THG, many of them men.  At this point, the only people making the Twilight comparison are people who haven't read the books. Which is all well and good, I suppose. If the movie is done right, it will make its own case for the quality of the material when it comes out. 

equustel on Aug 29, 2011


Twilight has a wide crossover appeal, too...

Anonymous on Aug 29, 2011


ok now youre just being stupid. you havent read the books yet youre telling US how similar the hunger games is to twilight? talk about ignorant. there actually is no love triangle. the girl likes the boy she grew up with and hunts with. youll see why. they are both the caretakers of their households and help eachother to provide for their oppressed, impoverished families. the other kid that comes later in the love triangle is obsessed with the girl but she doesnt like him. but when the war begins everything goes on the back burner. its a great series. i also read twilight and i thought it was crap. addicting storytelling but it went no where and the characters werent developed, the love story was idiotic and the ending was HORRIBLE.

Christian on Aug 29, 2011


"A love triangle is a relationship in which three people are in love with at least one other person in the relationship.".She doesn't have to be in love with both boys for it to be a love triangle. And by using the words "ignorant" and "stupid" you have shown me how right I am. If I weren't you wouldn't be getting so upset...

Anonymous on Aug 29, 2011


actually the love triangle between this and twilight is completely different and how it ends up is much more realistic. also the hunger games is not based on the relationships at ALL. trust me hunger games is unbelievable. the books are about war, inequality, hubris, injustice and so many other relevant issues. the love thing as far as the girls priority list is like number 4. twilight is NOTHING like hunger games.

Christian on Aug 29, 2011


The love triangle doesn't have to be exactly like Twilight to be similiar. If this movie is about war, injustice, and all that what's the point of having the love triangle at all? I have a feeling it's going to be alot more a part of this movie than you do...

Anonymous on Aug 29, 2011


Now you're just being deliberately short-sighted. The movie can't have important themes *and* include a love story? According to your standards, virtually every film narrative in history can be compared to Twilight...

equustel on Aug 29, 2011


It's not just a love story. It's a teenage girl's love triangle. This movie looks more like Twilight than most other movies with a love story. If it didn't there wouldn't be so many people saying it does...

Anonymous on Aug 29, 2011


I think that pg-ish rating, older teens than featured in the book and love storty aspect will make it more twilight-ie than it should be.  Think Narnia after lord of the rings concluded and how it tried to fill those shoes.  It might be that way with this by default with the MTV crowd  

Anonymous on Aug 29, 2011


Thanks buddy 🙂 sucky teaser though... hope movie will be better

Blah on Aug 29, 2011


this doesn't interest me at all, right now. i don't know anything about the books......i've never even heard of them until this movie was being made. maybe when a full trailer comes it might catch my interest.

Anonymous on Aug 29, 2011


I think this teaser was designed to cater to the (notably large) fanbase; the full trailer should be more appealing for newcomers. Trust me, if this material is done right, there will be plenty reason to watch come March.

equustel on Aug 29, 2011


hope so! i like a good movie!

Anonymous on Aug 29, 2011


books are literally amzing. i guarantee if you get them you will fly through all three of them very quick. they are addicting and the storytelling is great. its just one of those series where at the end youre upset because you dont know how youre gonna find another book that compares.

Christian on Aug 29, 2011


i don't know that i'd like them - aren't they more for the potter books? i'm a big fan of fantasy - authors like tolkien,brooks,goodkind, brittain......just to name a few - but i detest the potter books.  of course, i'm not saying anything i don't like isn't any good - it's just that ( usually) any books directed towards the teen crowd isn't something i enjoy. i'm glad to hear these positive opinions, though - just like a good book, i love a good movie - so i'll hopefully like the full trailer for this. just curious : are these games a "fight to the death" or is it a race of some sort? i have no clue as to what's going on.

Anonymous on Aug 29, 2011


It's a fight to the death. Kids forced to kill kids in a government-sponsored competition designed to keep people afraid of rebelling against the Powers that Be.

equustel on Aug 29, 2011


bizarre...........but interesting.

Anonymous on Aug 29, 2011


PSH!.... Hannah could pwn this girl ps... if you havent seen Hannah do it, the movie is fucking sick!

Anonymous on Aug 29, 2011


Jennifer Lawrence even looks like Kristen Stewart at the beginning...

Anonymous on Aug 29, 2011


Uh, how?

equustel on Aug 29, 2011


Her hair and makeup...

Anonymous on Aug 29, 2011


I feel that I also need to weigh in on the "is this just another Twilight?" argument.  I read this entire series and, at my wife's request, tried Twilight.  I made it through the first Twilight book and just couldn't do it...Meyer's dialogue is awkward and clumsy and I don't like reading books where I want to constantly punch the main characters in the face.  Also, you know, it's basically written FOR ONLY a female audience. The Hunger Games is nothing at all like Twilight with the exception of a female lead and a love triangle.  The books are violent, gritty and at times I found it hard to believe it was geared towards a YA audience.  The story is excellent (well, maybe until about half way through the third book) and the character development is great.  The love triangle aspects weren't overdone (that is, unlike Twilight, the story doesn't HANG on the frigging love story) and the action sequences are intense. I highly recommend the books and while this teaser didn't show much, I'll certainly give the film a chance.

ghosts in (parentheses) on Aug 29, 2011


1. Written by a woman? Check. 2. Teenage girl lead? Check. 3. Love triangle? Check. 4. Targeting the Mtv crowd? Check. 5. Angsty-looking in-the-woods trailer that looks like it was taken off the New Moon cutting room floor? Check. Nah, it isn't anything like Twilight at all...

Anonymous on Aug 29, 2011


man seriously, you sound like an idiot. READ THE BOOK and THEN ARGUE ABOUT IT. youre like a tea bagger that knows nothing about history or politics trying to argue history and politics. i can gaurantee youll love the books and think you were completely wrong about your argument if you read them. the love triangle works in the book because it has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE STORY!! the story is amazing. its hundreds of years in the futere there are 13 cities and 1 superpower city. the other 12 each have their own specialty (one is a mining town,another makes weapons, another is a fishing town etc.) they are experts but they are completely exploited by the super power. they cant keep the fruits of their labor. anyway a few hundred years earlier the other 12 cities rebelled and lost, so as a consequence every year the super power takes 2 children from each city and puts them in an arena created specifically for the tourney where the children fight to the death and only one can survive. they do this to keep the people entertained. the citizens of the super power are detached and dont understand the reality of the world outside of their comfortable lives. anyway the lead characters SISTER is picked for the hunger games and she takes her sisters place. YES she loved her friend but she goes off to the battle leaving him behind. he fights with another guy who loves her but she doesnt like. everything has to do with this crazy world and its politics and the sick way they entertain themselves. its amazing. still see similarities between hunger games and twilight?

Christian on Aug 29, 2011


How can I take your word for any of what you just said? First you argue that the love triangle isn't like Twilight's at all. Then you say there is no love triangle. Now you're saying there is and that it works. With all this waffling you're just coming off as an angry fanboy. And the insults aren't helping...

Anonymous on Aug 29, 2011


And you're coming off as somebody that can't concede a point when discussing a book you haven't read with people who have.

equustel on Aug 29, 2011


I don't care about the book. This is about the movie, and this trailer. You people are the ones who keep bringing up the books, not me. I'm just pointing out the similarities between what you guys describe as being in the book and Twilight. My not having read the book doesn't make you right. Especially when you can't make up your own minds what's in the book and what isn't...

Anonymous on Aug 29, 2011


"she fights together with another guy from her town who has secretly loved her, but she doesnt like him and shes too busy trying to stay alive to care. actually the only reason there is a love triangle is because she was advised by her team to pretend to have a romance with him, to get sympathy from the viewers of the tourney, because the viewers have the ability to pay money and send the contestants equipment and supplies to help, although its very expensive. so she pretends to love him and he ACTUALLY loves her, so shes lying about it. shes using him!! and the other guy, the one she atcually loves is at home watching her pretend to love him!!! not twilight at all man"

Christian on Aug 29, 2011


Like I said, it doesn't have to be exactly like Twilight to be like it...

Anonymous on Aug 29, 2011



Anonymous on Aug 30, 2011


It's very hasty of you to assume that just because a movie has a female lead and a love triangle, it will be just like Twilight.  Also, I don't know how a trailer can be "angsty-looking," but if I'm understanding your description correctly, I don't see how you've gathered that from this preview... it simply shows a fierce young woman running through the woods.  I won't try to convince you how different this movie will be from Twilight, because I doubt you'll take my word for it. And it seems obvious that you don't plan on watching the movie or reading the book to educate yourself... but in the future, maybe you should leave the comparisons to those who actually have an idea of what they're talking about.

Erin on Sep 2, 2011


So from now on whenever a story is: 1. Written by a woman 2. Teenage girl lead 3. Love triangle 4. Targeting the Mtv crowd. 5. Angsty-looking in-the-woods trailer that looks like it was taken off the New Moon cutting room floor. .. i'll have to reference it to the Twilight Movies. You're such a genius Bl00dwerk!! And since I nowhere close to being a genius like you how about I just do what I am capable of doing... I will read the book then watch the movie, then draw a conclusion after that. Thanks for the sage writings, Bl00dwerk! Cheers 🙂

Shinzon Remus on Sep 11, 2011


What's the film about? Is Jean Claude Van Seagull in it?

Crapola on Aug 29, 2011


Golly! Just by the sound of his voice, Liam Hemsworth, sounds terrible... I guess I will have to see the movie to see if my worst fears are confirmed.

DAVIDPD on Aug 29, 2011


That forest didn't seem that post apocalyptic...teaser didn't really do much.

Xerxexx on Aug 29, 2011


Uh, it's not supposed to be post apocalyptic. The arena where the games are played is entirely manufactured by the (very rich) government.

equustel on Aug 29, 2011


I need to do some research on the story. Thanks though.

Xerxexx on Aug 29, 2011


its not post apocalyptic. its just like 800 years in the future.

Christian on Aug 29, 2011


 800? Sweet. Might have to read the series.

Xerxexx on Aug 30, 2011


North Kakalaka stand up!!!!!

jah p on Aug 29, 2011


Battle Royale for the American Tween... sigh... visions of pg13...

happy camper on Aug 29, 2011


I agree, the way those shots were directed, it looked like a Twilight sequel.

Anonymous on Aug 29, 2011


And to people trying to explain how the 2 book series are different, we aren't discussing the books, but the movie, especifically this teaser

Anonymous on Aug 29, 2011


So would you say that this trailer reminds you of Hanna? That trailer involved a young woman in a forest... Or is it because you know the books were written for an adolescent audience? I think that may be affecting your judgement. So after all... the books DO enter the discussion.

Erin on Sep 2, 2011


wow, it's sad how people have to argue over the internet in order to get their point across when no one really cares. good job guys.

Fered on Aug 30, 2011


Jeez don't let Bloodwerk get you guys all hot and bothered about the Twilight vs. HG. He clearly hasn't read the books and has no intention to read them or see the movie he's just here for ships and giggles.

Christopher Dean on Aug 30, 2011


I have no interest in this movie. All I have to say is, Mr. Baseball is one of the best sports movies ever!! "Got any naked pictures of your wife?... Wanna see some?"

snitch robinson on Aug 30, 2011


This can't be right. You just posted another trailer for Pixar's "Brave". In fact, I think it's the same trailer.

Leonard on Aug 30, 2011


this... is going to be a long comment. *deep sigh* ok, for all you out there. I'm a guy. I've read the entire Twilight saga and the Hunger Games trilogy. I enjoyed both these series but for different reasons. Yes, twilight is geared toward a young female audience that's obvious. The movies do a good job of portraying that. The movie of the Hunger Games isn't out yet, but I must say as a fan of the series that the books were more moving and heart renching than twilight ever could be. The Hunger Games deals with real issues rather than just a love triangle. is there even a love triangle? perhaps not if you closely examine the books, it's a subplot, nothing compared to the emotional and physical trauma Katniss has to endure. Twilight virtually hinged on the love triangle, Bella had to make a choice. In Hunger Games it doesnt matter, or even become a part of the plot really until book three. So... to those saying that this is like twlight *in the movie department of appealing to tweens and angst* you're slightly right. But... it has to appeal more so to the large Hunger Games fan base who know 100% that the story itself has nothing to do with the love but rather the brutal battle for survival and the sheer terror that is war. by your saying and i quote "it doesn't have to be exactly like twilight to be like it" is rather... odd. it's like saying "oh this house isn't exactly like the other house we lived in... but they both have walls so therefore they are the same!" does that make much sense? yes, i agree that the trailer was short and should've been longer. and this series is geared to be like the twilight frandchise... but don't go comparing it when there are so many real fans out there who know the difference and will quickly shoot you down as I have seen here. To those who fight further, I give you credits and I seriously hope Hollywood does a good job with this series and honors the books and doesn't turn it into twilight. *which is good in it's own circle*

TheLordJaeger on Aug 30, 2011


I have to say..... thats a huge disappointment 

disappointment much? on Aug 30, 2011


read the book people...this looks like it's going to be a disappoinment. meh (fart sounds)

Anon on Aug 30, 2011


1. The books are great, this is just a teaser, give it a chance till more comes out about it. 2. Just because it's a teenage girl in a forest (like all scenes from Twilight pretty much) doesn't mean it's gonna be another Twilight. 3. I hope this is good after defending it for now, I feel the way they could ruin this is by playing down the seriousness and intensity of the book. *In other words, make this childish and give it a PG rating to appeal to the masses.*

Matt on Aug 30, 2011


if you know anything of distopian ya novels then you know this is nothing like twilight. the whole premise of this is set in the future where children slaughtering each other in a arena televised for the general public is the main focus and its about the people fighting back against a government who does this to them. its an extremely amazing series.

Jessika on Aug 31, 2011


Sooo...I haven't read these books. But I am an avid movie watcher. IMO, if this movie ends up with a PG rating with a plot like this it will be selling out, and only appeal to the tween crowd (which is how the most money will be made). If it ends up without an R rating then without seeing the film or a longer trailer, we know that it will indeed focus on some of the similarities noted in the twilight comparison. It is unfortunate, because it sounds like, based on the books, there is a gritty primal story to be portrayed here, but the teaser does not foreshadow such a story.

Jordax on Aug 31, 2011


@ Bl00dwerK I think is correct in his assumption that this movie is like Twilight. Based on this trailer it looks as if it will be pushed toward the Twilight audience to capture that demographic. I just finished reading the first book, which the movie is based on, and I will not be picking up the last two. The book is extremely bland. The characters are flat and by the end of the book I could care less for Katniss or Peeta. Suzanne Collins should also pick up a thesaurus because the book had the smallest range of vocabulary I have seen in a book since "Everyone Poops".  I have also read the Twilight books and by contrast although Bella is whiny and I did want to punch her in the face half the time I felt the depth of the character and the surrounding characters in the novel. The main point is the movie is going to go after the Twilight audience, so you will see the focus on the love triangle between Gale, Katniss, and Peeta, and we will also get that low budget made for TV Sci-Fi feel that Twilight had.

Elliot Tulane on Sep 2, 2011


thanks for the spoiler about Gale and anyway how can u agree with someone who hasn't even read the books yet?! I think your just going off of the argument and yes, maybe christian needs to make up his mind about the love triangle thing but there are other people out there who have read the books and quite frankly there are a lot more people that are trying to tell you TWILIGHT AND THE HUNGER GAMES ARE NOT THE SAME!!!!!! there might be a slim similarity but is this trailer really enough to make a comparison to twilight???   

vio986 on Jan 7, 2012


with a pg-13 rating, i unfortunately think this will be exactly like Twilight.  i haven't read the books but after watching the trailer i did a little research and the author herself stated that she wanted the movie to focus on the love story, direct quote  "make the love triangle steamier and a bigger aspect early on in the franchise."  hollywood needs another big franchise but it seems like lionsgate is going to water it down & take the easy route by going for the tween crowd. 

Asel on Sep 2, 2011


I'm looking forward to the trailer but that was plain disapointing it showed nothing to make someone see it if ididnt love the books i wouldve ignored the movie but oh well

Littlebit2k on Sep 7, 2011


the HG is nothing like twilight accept for the fact that the lead is a girl and there are 2 guys and some love and stuff is going on.  there are PLENTY of books and movies with love triangles long before twilight ever came out.  so u could compare it to any book or movie like that. also,  i dont see any way to make a story about teenagers brutally murdering each other on live TV for the enjoyment of the public a PG film.  it  would have to be at least PG13.  AT LEAST.

JanieGlenn on Sep 11, 2011


oh jeez please, please, please! don't ruin the book

Noneya on Sep 18, 2011


Amazing write-up! This could aid plenty of people find out more about this particular issue. Are you keen to integrate video clips coupled with these? It would absolutely help out. Your conclusion was spot on and thanks to you; I probably won’t have to describe everything to my pals. I can simply direct them here!

cheap bras on Jan 20, 2012

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