Watch: First Official Trailer for Madonna's New Romantic Drama 'W.E.'

November 18, 2011
Source: Moviefone

Madonna's W.E. Trailer

"I have never known one person so utterly possessed by another as he was by her." The official trailer has finally been unveiled via Moviefone for Madonna's W.E., the second feature film she's directed, a romantic drama intertwining two love stories in two different time periods, one of them being the "most infamous scandal of the 20th century." The drama stars Abbie Cornish, Richard Coyle, James D'Arcy, Oscar Isaac, Annabelle Wallis and Andrea Riseborough. It received dismal reviews at its Venice premiere and the trailer holds up looking as dismal as it sounds. But it might whisk away a few of you, so take a look.

Watch the first official trailer for Madonna's second film W.E., originally from Moviefone:

A two-tiered romantic drama that focuses on the affair between King Edward VIII and American divorcée Wallis Simpson, and a contemporary romance between a married woman and a Russian security guard.

W.E. is both written and directed by legendary actress/musician-turned-filmmaker Madonna, who directed the comedy Filth and Wisdom previously. The script is credited to Madonna & Alek Keshishian (Love and Other Disasters). This premiered at the Venice & Toronto International Film Festivals earlier this fall. The film was produced by Semtex Films and will be distributed by The Weinstein Company. Madonna's W.E. arrives in limited theaters starting December 9th in NY and LA only, expanding next February. Anyone?

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Dear God.

Quanah on Nov 18, 2011


Exactly what i thought. Lol

Rumh on Nov 21, 2011


Here is how Madonna could produce a movie that is actually good and enjoyable to watch and not a conceited, wanky pile of dogshit - call it "I Will Never Direct A Film Again". People would flock to that shit on it's premise alone.

Lebowski on Nov 18, 2011


Madonna peaked in the 90's. How is she able to still find employment? She's pushing, what, 80?

Wakecycle on Nov 18, 2011


just take a look at the CRAP that's popular in the music industry today......and you'll find your answer.

Anonymous on Nov 19, 2011


There's potential.....not enough for me to make it through the full trailer though.

Danimal on Nov 18, 2011


i think abbey cornish is a good actress and i've always found edwards story to be sad.  this probably won't be any better than "meh"; but, i might give it a look off of netflix.

Anonymous on Nov 19, 2011


I am amazed how quickly people dismiss something as bad just because it was done but someone they hate...chillout people....if you have a sorry, miserable life in loosertown, at least have he dignity to respect all the effort and sweat succesful people put in to their don't like the movie don't go to see it, period

Titorico on Nov 19, 2011


Your fooling no one Madge. P.S. Dress your age.

Arthur Burns on Nov 19, 2011



Lebowski on Nov 21, 2011


LooserTown?! That's weird, I live right next to it.... Loser Town!

Agent Kid Society on Nov 22, 2011


Okay,  I just watched this and don't understand why it is immediately dismissed as "dismal"?   The historic source material is incredibly interesting and (based on the trailer) she put a great deal of time/effort/thought into casting (great cast), locations, costumes, photography etc. like any good director with a great eye would.   As far as craft as casting, this looks really well done. The only thing I can knock the trailer for is the crappy music, but it's probably being used to market to specific demographics.  Like any trailer. So clearly the criticism here is based on Madonna the media personality, and the usual misogynist thoughts on women and age, typically held by insignificant men, intimidated by confident, powerful women. So take this same trailer, remove Madonna's name, credit it to an unknown fictional *male* director , and I GUARANTEE you the reaction would be more positive.  

Guest on Nov 23, 2011


I have to agree. I thought it looked kind of interesting. Just because Madonna was the mind behind it, doesn't automatically make it a bad film. I  might even take the time out to go and see it. Very interesting subject.

Buster on Nov 26, 2011


"W.E. is both written and directed by legendary actress (/musician-turned-filmmaker Madonna"..... Legendary actress!???   If by legendary you mean a singer who tried her best to became a film star too, and failed miserably, then yes....that truly was legendary.

FilmFan on Nov 26, 2011


Well I watched Angels & Airwaves "Love" and didn't hold it against them that I find them to be crap musicians (especially the singer).  I gave it a chance. However, Alex was immediately enthused about that trailer, without having seen the film.  Here we are with the W.E. trailer, and he's already dismissed the film, without having seen it. Further, W.E. has also received positive and mixed reviews.  That means there are critics out there that liked it. Yet he only links to an article on dismal Venice Film Fest reviews.  An article that also says this : "A lot of people will loathe it, simply because it's been made by Madonna. But if they were to watch it with no knowledge of who directed, they would be pleasantly surprised." Lots of weird bias on this site.

Guest on Nov 28, 2011

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