Watch: First Silly Trailer for Tarsem's Snow White Film 'Mirror Mirror'

November 15, 2011
Source: Yahoo

Mirror Mirror Trailer

"I definitely have a happily ever after thing going on!" No she doesn't. Relativity let loose the first official trailer for Tarsem's Mirror Mirror, his "sickeningly kiddie" take on Snow White, and you need to see it just to see how bad it is. In this one, Lily Collins stars as Snow White, Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen, and Armie Hammer as the Prince, but it looks as far in the opposite direction of Huntsman as anything could be. It seems like an animated movie come to life, complete with Nathan Lane and silly dwarfs. Even Julia Roberts looks like she's phoning it in, enough to make me want to stay far, far away from this. Enjoy!

Watch the first full trailer for Tarsem Singh's Mirror Mirror, via Yahoo, here:

You can also download the official Mirror Mirror trailer in High Def on Yahoo

An exiled princess enlists the help of seven resourceful rebels to win back her birthright, and an evil Queen steals control of a kingdom, in a magical adventure comedy filled with jealousy, romance, and betrayal.

Mirror Mirror is directed by visionary Indian filmmaker Tarsem Singh, of The Cell, The Fall and Immortals previously, which just opened. The screenplay was written by Melissa Wallack & Jason Keller (Machine Gun Preacher) based on the original story by the Brothers Grimm. Relativity Media is bringing Mirror Mirror to theaters starting on March 16, 2012 next year, well before Snow White and the Huntsman arrives in June.

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This looks like one of the worst movies in recent years 

Moviekidmike on Nov 15, 2011


I prefer Snow White and The Huntsman. This looks terrible.

Wakecycle on Nov 15, 2011


not really anything to compare, one's a kids movie and one's not. Not that I'd wanna see this, but I wouldn't be taking my kids to an adults remake of snow white

D2200 on Nov 15, 2011


holy shit this looks awful no one looks good in this trailer yes this is a kids movie an autistic kids movie

Anonymous on Nov 15, 2011


As the mom of an autistic child, I don't care if you talk crap about a movie, but it's insulting and demeaning to say..." an autistic kids movie..". Joking or not! and, btw my son has more taste.

arden257 on Nov 17, 2011


My kiddo is autistic as well. This remake is terrible but if there's nothing else to see, I'll take him to this one. But I'll also take him to see the Snow White & Huntsman version. I can probably tolerate this because I want to hear Julia Robert's horse guffaw.

Sirrous on Nov 18, 2011


It was fine at first, then it just got worse and worse...

Traveler on Nov 15, 2011


Nothing special, but I'm sure the under 12 crowd will love it. Whenever rival companies put out similarly themed stories at the same time I always find it eye-roll worthy. Iit doesn't do this film any favors, by comparing itself so readily to the Theron/Stewart one.

serke on Nov 15, 2011


this is terrible, and to think i was looking forward to it

Daniel Koelsch on Nov 15, 2011


looks like quirky fun, in an ella enchanted kinda way, but definitely not going to be as good.

Zade on Nov 15, 2011


I`m sorry but all i could focus on was snow whites eyebrows...

6yahrut on Nov 15, 2011


OMG. Why Tarsem?! WHHHHYYYYYYY?!!!!!

Marty on Nov 15, 2011


Lily Collins is gorgeous.

Jake A on Nov 15, 2011


did they really take a line from scarface? omg this is gonna be horrible... might as well add Johnny Depp and call it Alice in Wonderland 2 

FallenRises on Nov 15, 2011


That was pretty bad.

Quanah on Nov 15, 2011


Just bad?

Imthinking.tyler on Nov 15, 2011


I told my wife I would try to be nicer. You're right though. It was so awful I want to wash my eyeballs with gasoline.

Quanah on Nov 15, 2011


Looks like it was taken down. 

MegaMan3k on Nov 15, 2011


This looks terrible. :/

Guest on Nov 15, 2011


What the hell was that??!! Are you serious?! 

Ron on Nov 15, 2011


Dripping with CHEESE. Pass.

Alisha on Nov 15, 2011


...heh...heheh....BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA*gasp*HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! wow that was....interesting....

Jericho on Nov 15, 2011


Love how Julia Roberts' accent goes from Englishish to can't be bothered in the space of 30 seconds

Dukephoenix on Nov 15, 2011


I think I will pass. I rather see snow white and the huntsman

Nycegurl86 on Nov 15, 2011


Tarsem has been losing vision film by film. The Cell was fantastic and dark. The Fall was gorgeous to watch but had so many plot holes it hurt. Immortals was a joke. It should have been called 300: The Second Coming. Now this. The colors are dull but I am sure they will be touched up throughout editing. The acting is forced even for a fairy tale. But I am pretty sure kids will love this movie and Tarsem has repeatedly stated that this is meant for children. What a waste. And the other one I can't even look forward to because Kristen Stewart is a horrible actress to watch. 

Maxx on Nov 15, 2011


why Armie Hammer? WHY?!?!?! You were just starting to show the world you could act and you're going off to do crap like this?!?!?!?!

Clocker910 on Nov 15, 2011


dear God, please stop dumb people from making decisions.  you cannot cast Julia Roberts in a fantasy - did we learn nothing from Hook?  SWATH looks a lot better altho they should switch Snow Whites... this girl looks more like a snow white princess and the chick from Twilight just doesn't - she ain't pretty enough.  A further casting mistake for the other film is Chris Hemsworth hurling an axe as a hunstman... um hello, hurling an axe - Thor ring a bell you arse clowns? so yeah... both movies look crap but SWATH in front by a nose. i'm going to wash my eyeballs with vingar now...

JimmyC on Nov 15, 2011


looks like 1 for the women and camp!

RhythmDave on Nov 15, 2011


oh look! A Gilliam wannabe!

Armeetapus16 on Nov 15, 2011


Tarsem, man, I really want to like you, but you gotta stop it with this shit.

Guest on Nov 15, 2011


A parody? why don't go all the way like Robinhood;Men in tight. this look like something in between. 

TTumMM on Nov 15, 2011


And the Razzie goes to... 

Brandon on Nov 15, 2011


... what did i just watch...

Roderick on Nov 15, 2011


Sickeningly kiddie? I'm not even sure kids would even want to watch this.

Mr. Foe on Nov 15, 2011


Looks more like one of the sub-par CGI shrek knock-offs than a fantasy starring Julia Roberts and Armie Hammer.  Waste.

Jackson on Nov 15, 2011


I think the problem with this is not not that it's necessarily bad but that they show a lot of snippets from the film that are moments that don't work when taken out of the context of the narrative flow and tone of a movie. Add to that the horrible trailer music that sounds like something that better suits a 'Legally Blonde' sequel and you have a bad trailer. I say this from the perspective of marketing. There have been many premature trailers like this that have been cut for movies that in the end ended up doing well but only because those work in progress trailers never met the light of day. Thank God. This is a huge mistake on the studio's part. Such a shame.

George Caltsoudas on Nov 16, 2011


I like the cast, sadly all of them are in a wrong movie. If its cater for kids, is still a bad movie. Movies like this just make you sad and disappointed.

Sammickey on Nov 16, 2011


I agree this looks childish but the costumes look very interesting and fun to see. Sure, Snow White and the Huntsman will most likely do better.

Jedibilly on Nov 16, 2011


Oh god... Julia Roberts' attempting a British accent...? The guy who originally though of Facebook playing the prince... The overall campiness... ugh I have to go and watch the 'Snow White and the Huntsman' trailer just to redeem myself!

MithunOnThe.Net on Nov 16, 2011


... this totally is a kids movie, made by retarded kids for sick kids...

Yahzee on Nov 16, 2011


I've never felt so embarrassed just by watching a trailer. Only perhaps from some Hanna Montana nonsense. I can't believe this came from the same person who directed the Cell once. 

Dialogues Incubator on Nov 16, 2011


Yes...this one is for little girls, Huntsmen is for the boys 🙂

David Banner on Nov 16, 2011


snow white & the huntsman looks better.

the big bad wolf on Nov 16, 2011


I smell a razzy, lol

Crab on Nov 16, 2011


Unless Shyamalan stoops to a new low!

Kev on Nov 16, 2011


The only hope I had for this movie was the visuals. That's what I expected, an alright script, that was decently acted (bar Roberts) but that had some fantastic visuals. If this trailer is any indication (and I would assume that it is) then I have lost all hope in Mirror Mirror. But who knows, it could just be like George Caltsoudas said, a very poor trailer. If anything there was far too much focus on the Queen.

horgin on Nov 16, 2011


My wet farts smell more English than Julia Roberts...

Asdadsa on Nov 16, 2011


I can't belive I'm saying this, but I prefer the one with Kristen Stewart.

M.K. Nielsen on Nov 16, 2011


I don´t understand your anger. This is a kids film, so is natural you dont plan to see it, the same way you dont chooose to watch teletubbies at TV. The other one seems much for teenagers/young adults, but it doesn´t like an adult movie neither. So, please, if you are more than 11 years, this is not a film for you!

Anonymous on Nov 16, 2011


JMGPG, you make it sound like a crime that we give opinion on the movie. Are you working for the movie? are you working for the studio? if not dont make comments like dont watch and etc etc.. Geezzz

Sammickey on Nov 16, 2011


What he is getting at is that this is clearly geared towards a certain audience, and people are taking their opinions based upon that and claiming them fact, or just being out of line (for example, the person who made the austistic comment, and the person who said this was made by retarded kids, for retarded kids). Also, you can't tell him not to tell you to make certain comments, then tell him not to make certain comments.  All he said was if you're over 11, you should understand they aren't trying to cater to you in the slightest bit.  He's just speaking his mind like everyone else here.

Mike P. on Dec 6, 2011


what crap is this again?

Anonymous on Nov 16, 2011


Looks sexy to me.. 🙂

Davide Coppola on Nov 17, 2011


I think this looks hilarious! Love Julia Roberts! Can't wait to see it in theaters in March!

Sara Thomas on Nov 17, 2011


Want to see it, just because... And... armie Hammer Of course, this could be like Spaceballs!

Paulina Nava on Nov 17, 2011


...Actually, this looks ten times more fun than the other one. Far less generic faux-goth Twilight bullshit and a lot more, you know, fairytale.  

CaptainBellman on Nov 18, 2011


Sigh, I want my 2 minutes back. WTF were they thinking. 

Dhiram on Nov 19, 2011


Seriously people have a sense of imagination. It is just a movie and is meant to be entertaining. Honestly Why so serious? Not every movie that comes out is supposed to change your life and make you crap yourself with deep thought, the actors are having fun, why can't you?

Brian Quick on Nov 19, 2011


Well sure it is meant to be entertaining, but if it's not, then it's not. I'm not convinced all the actors were having fun, but I'll reserve that opinion until I see it. I don't think anyone here is too serious about hating this, just because they left a comment. In fact, most of us will be forgetting we saw it as soon as we leave the page. And here I go.

Anonymous on Dec 15, 2011


Definitely watching this movie with my boyfriend! Can't wait to see Lily Collins in action!

Rebecca Salcito on Nov 21, 2011


I have a feeling the construction of this trailer is making the film look much worse than it actually is (as trailers often do). These are the sort of lines that are always cherry-picked out of films to appeal to general audiences (e.g. not hardcore film buffs), and the music doesn't help. I'm still optimistic that this could be a great film. In the least, it will certainly *look* beautiful.

White Snow on Nov 27, 2011


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