Watch: First Teaser Trailer for Takashi Miike's New 'Ai To Makoto' Film

November 28, 2011
Source: Twitch

Ai To Makoto Teaser Trailer

Ai To Makoto! Japanese genre legend director Takashi Miike is still on a roll, churning out film after film after film these days. Up next for him is Ai To Makoto, or The Legend of Love & Sincerity, apparently some adaptation of a manga that looks very… colorful. Twitch posted the first teaser trailer and while it's short, and features just a few quick glimpses of footage, it's considerably interesting, to say the least. Is this a musical? I'm not even sure, but apparently it's a love between two high school students. One, the troubled Makoto Taiga, is played by Satoshi Tsumabuki; and the pure, sweet Ai Satome is played by Emi Takei.

Watch the teaser for Takashi Miike's Ai To Makoto or The Legend of Love & Sincerity, via Twitch:

Ai To Makoto is a Japanese manga series written by Ikki Kajiwara and illustrated by Takumi Nagayasu. It was adapted into a live-action television series in 1974 and into three live-action films in the 70s. Directing this adaptation, which I believe is also known as The Legend of Love & Sincerity, is legendary Japanese filmmaker Takashi Miike, of everything from Audition to Ichi the Killer to Dead or Alive to One Missed Call to Sukiyaki Western Django to Yatterman to 13 Assassins to Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai and Ninja Kids!!! most recently. We don't expect to see this in the US for quite some time, as it's barely hitting theaters in Japan until June 2012. We'll keep you updated, as it just looks too damn interesting anyway. Thoughts?

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I don't get it.

Anonymous on Nov 28, 2011


Who cares if you don't get it? It's fucking Takashi Miike, just smoke up and enjoy the ride, baby. 

Lebowski on Nov 28, 2011


I hate when people push the idea of needing to "smoke up" to enjoy a film simply because the idea might be experimental or not in their cultural understanding.

DaftBot on Nov 28, 2011


I agwee! Of courshe... I'm very agwabull whens Ima drunkish. Tsokay I'm not drybing. I shtock up honz buze when I soweber up. Don't drink en drive kidsh! It's too haard to pee n giggle n drive at the same tyme.

Anonymous on Nov 29, 2011



Anonymous on Nov 29, 2011


Never understood it myself--although I remember a college buddy telling me that she NEEDED to watch AKIRA stoned because she couldn't understand the ending.  ....I guess I could've explained it to her, but....

Anonymous on Nov 29, 2011


I don't think there's much to get with Akira's ending. I don't think the characters understand what's going on either. It's ok to not understand something, or to interpret it any way you want. Take the movie Beyond The Black Rainbow. It's a completely messed up and visually impressive movie. Long portions of it nothing happens and it has all these scenes that are visually striking with a soundtrack that's this retro 70s synth sci-fi thing. If I was high I don't think I'd have appreciated it for everything it tried to do.

DaftBot on Nov 29, 2011


Agreed.  The ending in the manga is, well, better explained (even though it goes on for a couple of chapters).  When AKIRA came out, the manga was unfinished, so Otomo had to devise an ending to the film that was close to the manga.  It ended up that the manga goes far beyond the film (naturally), and as much as I liked the film, I preferred the manga's ending.

Anonymous on Nov 30, 2011


Crows Zero 3....................................?

Roderick on Nov 28, 2011


I have a feeling we'll be seeing this at Fantastic Fest next year.

DaftBot on Nov 28, 2011


First time I have clicked on a trailer and get a new tab that opens with an amazon link(for the add before the trailer) ?

David Banner on Nov 29, 2011


Mind blowing.  Just mind blowing.  I laughed, I cried, I…I…didn’t really get it.  What the hell did I just see?

GuestYo! on Nov 29, 2011


Ah, but of course...?

Richie G on Nov 29, 2011


Meh, always thought this dude way WAYYYYYY overrated.  Audition bored the hell out of me too...

Anonymous on Nov 29, 2011


Hmmm...well, did you at least check out ICHI THE KILLER or DEAD OR ALIVE?  Those were anything BUT boring...but that's just my own personal opinion.

Anonymous on Nov 29, 2011


Watch Gozu if you still think Miike is overrated then you just have shitty fucking taste.

MiikeistheMan on Apr 1, 2012


Hm, alright I'll check those out.  I'll report back but not expecting to be blown away.

zombato on Apr 1, 2012


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