Watch: First Trailer for George Lucas Produced WWII Film 'Red Tails'

July 29, 2011
Source: Yahoo

Red Tails Trailer

"We fight! We fight! We fight!" Lucasfilm has debuted the first official trailer for Red Tails, the upcoming WWII drama about the Tuskegee Airmen, the first African-American pilots to fly in a combat squad during World War II. Directed by first-timer Anthony Hemingway, the film stars Cuba Gooding Jr., Terrence Howard, Ne-Yo, Bryan Cranston and many others. Despite hearing about Lucas himself doing reshoots, this actually looks surprisingly good, like a strong WWII drama mixed with some fantastic aerial combat scenes, which is always exciting especially when ILM is involved. This looks fantastic, I'm totally in. Enjoy!

Watch the first official trailer for Anthony Hemingway's Red Tails, from Yahoo:

You can also download the Red Tails trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

The story of the Tuskegee Airmen, the first African-American pilots to fly in a combat squad during WWII.

Red Tails is directed by up-and-coming filmmaker Anthony Hemingway, making his feature directing debut after lots of TV work on HBO, including extended work as the first assistant director on "The Wire". The screenplay was written by John Ridley (Undercover Brother, "Barbershop", "The Wanda Sykes Show") from a screenstory credited to George Lucas. This was produced by Lucasfilm and Partnership Pictures, shot in Hawaii and California. Red Tails arrives in theaters on January 20th, 2012 next year. Anyone interested?

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The Tuskegee Airmen are Living in the Moment!

Nick Sears on Jul 29, 2011


I would have chosen a different font for the title treatment

Nick Sears on Jul 29, 2011


Bryan Cranston has been busy he is everywhere

kwame adansi on Jul 29, 2011


When I heard George Lucas was involved I was hoping for an all African American cast science fiction film, but I should have known better. Can't have an all African American cast unless is a period piece, hoodlum drama, Comedy (in which one of these Negroes is gonna have to dress like a girl). Was this project near and dear to Georges heart or was he just looking for Academy recognition? I believe our history is rich, but why not something new? HBO already did this for t.v. It had Malcolm Jamal Warner in it remember? The Help? Red Tails? nothing new there Hollywood. As an actor can this be all I can expect to be casted in if it's more than 5 African American's in it? Tired.

Anonymous on Jul 29, 2011


Why on earth do you need an "all African American cast"? Wouyld that make the movie better? How many white actors do you see writing need an all Euro American cast? Tired. 

George L on Jul 29, 2011


the Tuskegee Airmen was an all African-American wing. hence the need for an all African-American cast. i don't see a problem with historical accuracy.....

ThatPedroGuy on Jul 29, 2011


He wasn't saying the cast for this movie to be all African-American, he was saying he wanted an all African American Sci-Fi Flick, which would be cool. Yes the Tuskegee Airmen was an all African American division, BUT many of the people involved were Caucasian, so to have an all African American cast for this film (which has a VERY large cast) would have been historically inaccurate.

Mayhem on Jul 29, 2011


George...Hollywood is white. To ask for an all white cast is a moot point. Thats a given.

Anonymous on Jul 29, 2011


dont worry the end of the movie, they find out that all along....they were fighting aliens

Danimal on Jul 29, 2011


btw....this looks pretty good

Danimal on Jul 29, 2011


Fighting aliens in the space between spaces

Anonymous on Jul 29, 2011


By the way Cuba was in the Tuskeegee HBO flick too. I'm not trying to be a hater. we can't know our future if we don't know our past, but I guess what I'm saying is let's try something different.  The sweeping shots, the glorified speeches...blah...blah...blah. It just comes off trite. Who knows this could come out and blow me away, but I'll still say more can be done with people of color. We've barely scratched the surface of some of the African mythos not to mention historical stories. Dig deeper Hollywood we have stories. How about some of the epic battles of Hannibal? Anything. seems Hollywood can't veer to far away from Americana...but the truth is our ancestry is rich. Films like these are filled with cliche's about racial prejudices. Can't eat in a diner, but you can die for this country...GOT IT. Let's move on. I'm ready for the next level Hollywood. Seems the only people pushing forward are the Europeans. Am I saying "this movie should not be shown" no, but give us something different. This trailer is lack luster and filled with cliche's. It's cinematography isn't even all that good. The dog fights were confusing can't tell who was who...I'm rambling.

Anonymous on Jul 29, 2011


Would you be more happy if Tyler Perry was on board? Or better yet...what about Oprah?

elyk on Aug 1, 2011



Jericho on Aug 3, 2011


I'm down. Looks good.

Chris Amaya on Jul 29, 2011


the tuskeegee airmen are legends, and have a great story. I only hope lucas can do them justice. the lawrence fishburne edition wasnt terrible, so i have high expectations of this one.

rocKKicker on Jul 29, 2011


It looks good. But I still remain skeptical with Lucas on board this project. This could end up being a seriously epic flick, if handled the right way that is! But this trailer deserved better fonts than what you get from FCPX...ugh!

JennyB on Jul 29, 2011


Looks pretty good, I"m in!

jah p on Jul 29, 2011


Didn`t Lucas himself reshoot some of the action scenes, something about him doing massive reshoots when he was dissapointed in what the director had done?

Loser on Jul 29, 2011


I think so, the move started shooting years ago and has had a lot of problems, from what i know. And that's never a good thing. But this looks nice, I'm surprised.

Anonymous on Jul 31, 2011


Looks better then anything else George Lucas has come out with lately. 

Brandon on Jul 29, 2011


Which is what, as of late?

Anonymous on Jul 29, 2011


Lucas should be hard at work finding the PROPER writers for the next, 'Indiana Jones'!  This movie looks a lot like "Pearl Harbor". Not interested!

Blue Silver on Jul 31, 2011


that end speech that Terrence Howard gave. made me all water eyed.

Roderick on Jul 29, 2011


I hope this film will have the ability to be enjoyed by anyone who wants to see what appears to be I good war film. without the racial overtones that tend to pop up all to often on the internet

Fbehn4th on Jul 29, 2011


 looks great, can't wait to see it...

Dan on Jul 29, 2011


Smells like Flyboys.

Jez on Jul 29, 2011


I agree: lousy CGI, badly directed aerial combat and buckets of shmaltz. When is anyone going to watch a decent air war flick like 'The Battle of Britain' or 'Wings' to try and copy that quality rather than making films that all look like video-games.

Cyrus on Jul 29, 2011


 Because its too expensive and dangerous to use real planes...and there aren't that many flight-worthy WWII aircraft around as there used to be sadly. Both good movies though.

James on Jul 29, 2011


They don't have to use real planes, just to copy the look. CGI doesn't have to look like a video-game.

Cyrus on Jul 30, 2011


Why are you guys so skeptical about CGI nowadays? It's not the best, but it looks acceptable, if not good.

Anonymous on Jul 31, 2011


why Neyo? was LL Cool J taken?

ThatPedroGuy on Jul 29, 2011



Jericho on Jul 29, 2011


Needs Jamie Foxx

Daniel Duarte on Jul 29, 2011


I bit too cheesy, but could still be good.  Just wish there wasnt SO much obvious CGI.  Sorry Alex, but anything CGI no longer excites me

Tester on Jul 29, 2011


Just glad to get something out of the Lucas camp that doesn't ram a lightsaber down our throats:)

Anonymous on Jul 29, 2011


Looks pretty good. I'm in. And how about a round of applause for Cuba Gooding Jr? He's back from 'straight to dvd'. Congrats buddy. Now if only some Hollywood bigdick would remember the badassness of Ray Liotta...

grimjob on Jul 29, 2011


I was thinking the same thing!! Still love him in Jerry M!

Anonymous on Jul 29, 2011


I loved him in The Tuskeege Airmen!

Anonymous on Jul 29, 2011


Sadly this looks like a big-budget rehash of the TV Movie: The Tuskeege Airmen. One of my all-time favorite movies. Although, to be fair, Tuskeege was a character-driven film about how they became fighter pilots, this one looks to be an action movie. Still, with Spielberg involved I'd have expected a better script. Except for the last speech it was all generic, with that "football huddle" downright grating.

Anonymous on Jul 29, 2011


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! change the tittle, please!!!! This is a "MUST WATCH", definitly. Count me in!!!!

D. on Jul 29, 2011


You guys must be joking. Cg looks pretty good.  This could look great in 3d:D

CookieMonster on Jul 29, 2011


Thumbs up for Major Dad

oct8pus on Jul 29, 2011


Woah, woah...woah! Why does everyone dislike the main title? Looks much better than your usual font...

Tyler Danger on Jul 29, 2011


I liked it!

Crapola on Jul 30, 2011


ughh - america rah rah - next!

Dom on Jul 29, 2011


I've seen some bad CGI but this looks pretty good ...

Ttross on Jul 29, 2011


Oh My F@#king God!!We Fight! We Fight! We Fight! WE FIGHT!!!!

Ostynbillinge on Jul 30, 2011


Badass.....just fucking badass. 

Cody W. on Jul 30, 2011


Looks good but reminds me on The Tuskegee Airmen.

Valcon on Jul 30, 2011


i'm sorry but the cgi in this movie looks terrible, i hope most of those shot are unfinished because it looks like a video game.

ckone25b on Jul 30, 2011


I'm seeing this just to see if my mentor and colleague, doctor roscoe lee brown, educator and former tuskegee airman is represented in this film.

duane on Jul 30, 2011


Ahhh....this movie has already been made...

Rodion on Jul 30, 2011


"At all costs, we protect the heavens" GOOSEBUMPS

Shintystar on Jul 30, 2011


Why did this movie needed to be made? Here is why.                            

Anonymous on Jul 30, 2011



duane on Jul 30, 2011


That's a great article. Some of the stuff about the racist General who headed their unit is just insane and scary.

Crapola on Jul 30, 2011


I think this should be a great movie! Great actors including my friend Elijah Kelley!

Troupergirl on Jul 30, 2011


CGI looks fine to me. Just what is it that makes people think it looks like a video game because I can't see it.

Mirrorsword on Jul 31, 2011


George Lucas + white guilt = no thank you I'm sure this will be a revisionist's wet dream...

Geoffrey Shauger on Jul 31, 2011


So out of sheer curiosity what's the "real" story of the the Tuskegee Airmen?

............... on Aug 1, 2011


This looks incredible. You cats on here talking about CGI looks bad- it doesn't come out till January 2012 and aside from that, it looks pretty darn good to me.

Black Dynamite on Aug 1, 2011


Welcome back Mr.Gooding Jr. and Mr. Howard, 2 of my favorite men   

TTumMM on Aug 1, 2011


See here's the problem with movies based on true events. Most people in this thread are concerned with the real life Tuskegee Airmen but the problem with that is once something becomes a screenplay facts are changed, omitted, and/or condensed in the interest of plot. So to all of my fellow black people stop judging the movie on the true events. Here's what we should be concerned about..... *George Lucas should change his Lucusfilm intro to something that doesn't remind me of a lightsaber for this film. *NeYo? NeYo? You lost me already. Stop trying to make him into an actor. *Let's face it the CGI is pretty cheap looking....sans Episode II: The Clone Wars. It looks like the CG used to make planes in war movies on the BBC. Really George? ILM should be able to do better than that. * It's a sad day when Gooding Jr. and Howard are the two most senior actors of color. Really George? No Denzel? No Forest Whitiker? No Fishburne? No Will Smith? No Samuel L. Jackson? No Jamie Foxx? No Danny Glover? No Wesley Snipes? Hell, I woulda accepted Robert Downey Jr. dressed as a black man....Damn Shame.

............... on Aug 1, 2011


Everybody looks so serious.  And then you have Terrance Howard (who'll be replaced in the sequel by Don Cheadle) solemnly speechifying everything he says.  Borrring.

Rohender on Aug 2, 2011


Am I the only one who is tired of these blacks taking all of the good white jobs?

FreedomUSA on Aug 3, 2011


I'm proud to be in the Airforce and apart of the 323rd Squadron because thats where the tuskeegee airmen were from..Anytime, Anyplace, Mustangs!

leo on Aug 4, 2011


This is the second time Terrence Howard has played a Tuskeegee Airman, the forst being in Hart's War with Bruce Willis and Colin Farrell. Didn't get to fly that time though.

cinemabandit on Aug 10, 2011

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