Watch: First Trailer 'Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace' in 3D

October 24, 2011
Source: Apple

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace 3D Trailer

The greatest saga of all-time… is coming to the big screen! Yep, here comes the hard sell. As promised with the poster a few weeks ago, the official 3D re-release trailer for George Lucas' Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace is now playing in theaters with The Three Musketeers. The trailer has also hit the web on Apple (via Collider), but I'm not sure what's up with the colors, though I think it's because we may only be seeing one eye of the 3D. Oh and it's not really in 3D, obviously. There's not much Jar Jar, thankfully, but we get plenty of Darth Maul and the space battles. And Ewan McGregor screaming, briefly. Qui-Gon!

Watch the first "3D" trailer for Lucasfilm's Star Wars: Episode I 3D re-release, now via YouTube:

George Lucas' Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, originally released in late May of 1999, will be re-released in digital 3D in theaters everywhere starting February 10th early next year. This is the first of six planned re-releases for the entire Star Wars saga, progressing in numerical order (as long as this one is a success). Set against the thrilling and exotic backdrop of a "galaxy far, far away," Star Wars is perfectly suited to the immersive 3D theatrical experience, and Episode I delivers some of the Saga's most stunning and spectacular sequences – from the Naboo invasion to the Tatooine Podraces to the climactic lightsaber battle between Darth Maul and the Jedi. The 3D conversion was supervised by Industrial Light & Magic.

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I don't normally cuss on the internet, but when I do it's to say "F*ck you George Lucas."

Steve Wallace on Oct 24, 2011


f*ck you steve wallace

Anonymousmick on Jan 28, 2012


the music was the best part of phantom menace

nick on Oct 24, 2011


I don't know about "3D" but I would like to see the movie D-leted.

norm on Oct 24, 2011


Digitally remaster, DVD, Blue-ray, and now 3-D...jesus christ just STOP

Only2minieakin on Oct 24, 2011


blu ray

Anon on Oct 24, 2011


yeah, that too!

Bender on Oct 24, 2011


The video is no longer there...

Edward on Oct 24, 2011


Stop it. Just. Stop.

Crapola on Oct 24, 2011


The sad thing about this is that I will go see all in them... again 🙁

Star Wars Sucker on Oct 24, 2011


So with you there brother...  I'm like a moth knowingly drawn to a bug zapper.  

Anonymous on Oct 24, 2011


The only way George Lucas will ever get my money again is with a release of the original trilogy unmolested by his years of tinkering.

Anonymous on Oct 24, 2011


this series will be milked for the rest of time

Guest on Oct 24, 2011


"There's nothing glorious about 3D" -Xerxes

Manuel on Oct 24, 2011


Lucas considers the three original, unaltered films to be work prints. They will never be released again. Even the ones on DVD were transferred from crappy laser disc versions. The dream is dead. Everyone can continue on with their lives, Star Wars free. It's quite liberating, in many ways.

David Balderdash on Oct 24, 2011


Yeah George Lucas is a moron.

Josh Taylor on Oct 24, 2011


Cause that's how Anakin looked when he was still good... before he was turned evil... until his son Luke turned him away from the dark side and he became good again and could return... oh wait... Bacteria... yeah. It's cause there's this bacteria in your blood stream... syphilis... uhh... ...nevermind.

Anonymous on Oct 24, 2011


Guess what! I'm camping out for this one and every other one. I don't care what other people think... I'm a Star Wars fan... this is going to be fun, watching it with my friends is going to be fun, having pizza delivered to the line will be fun. And I bet MOST of you will see it too!

DaftBot on Oct 24, 2011


Hate to burst your bubble friend, but I dont think you're gonna need to camp out for this one. People camped out for The Phantom Menance in 1999 because it was the first Star Wars movie to come out in years and they were expecting something outstanding. Now that people know just how mediocre The Phantom Menance is I doubt you'll have to worry about a line. But if you're going to camp out for the sake of camping out, good for you I guess. 

Awtan90 on Oct 24, 2011


I think you're wrong. I think there are a lot of fans who will still want to see this movie at midnight and I'll be there first in my Jedi robes with a light saber.

DaftBot on Oct 24, 2011


You will be there camping out with 5 other fools and I will walk by and laugh at you. I fail to see the need to camp out and wait in line for anything. I always found the iPhone lines to be amusing as hell.

Josh Taylor on Oct 24, 2011


I don't really care what you find amusing. You can laugh all you want, but I'm not doing it expecting you to think "oh that guy is cool". I'm doing it because I enjoy Star Wars and I want to see it again. 

DaftBot on Oct 24, 2011


Alright maybe I'm wrong. But you've gotta admit my logic is pretty sound. The majority of people hate the prequels, even devout Star Wars fans (Myself included), in addition to that there's a lot of people that just hate 3D in general. These people aren't going to go just on principle because they think 3D is endangering the quality of the film industry.  Do I think people are going to see it? Yeah of course. Do I think they will be lining up to see it at midnight? No, because they've already seen the movie. 

Awtan90 on Oct 24, 2011


Dude people lined up at midnight to see episode one when they re-released it later in 1999 for charity and it sold out EVERY DAY that weekend for every showing.  But you're also talking about film nerds like you, like me... these people aren't the masses. Most people LOVE films that a lot of film nerds hate. The Star Wars blu-rays BROKE records despite all these anti-prequel guys saying they wouldn't buy it.  The public at large love Star Wars and so do I, and I'll support it.

DaftBot on Oct 24, 2011


Is there fervor over the quality of the prequels? Of course, but it's largely within the hardcore fans, and these people make up an almost insignificant portion of the Star Wars fanbase...and even smaller percentage of the human population, thank god.  The prequels - all of them - were outrageous box-office successes, each making hundreds of millions of dollars, and even more so on DVD. Every time - EVERY TIME - they've been shown on television they gather huge ratings, even beating your precious Lord of the Rings Trilogy when it's aired. EVERY TIME. The toys are still the biggest selling toys, the games sell millions, and the TV show is incredibly popular. Did I miss something, because I thought the 'fans' had abandoned the franchise? Where the did they go? Middle Earth? Pandora? Don't make me laugh...

DrbathroomMD on Oct 24, 2011


Just because you dislike the prequels, does not mean the "majority" of people do, i guarentee its quite the opposite, star wars is star wars and george lucas is a genius

Dalton on Oct 24, 2011


First of all I'm just stating my opinion. The majority of people that line up at MIDNIGHT are Star Wars fans. There are enough of these fans out there to warrant a movie about George Lucas' fuckups, aka the prequels. If these people were the same ones lined up at MIDNIGHT last time they probably arent going to be there this time. Hence you shouldn't worry about the line. Since you guys took this as a personal attack against Star Wars and you feel like you have to defend George Lucas, I feel bad for you.  You guys are right the masses are stupid. Everyone thinks "It's Star Wars so it must be good". As far as all the toys, ratings, and bullshit goes who really gives a shit? The majority of food that people get from out is from McDonalds. Doesn't mean McDonalds is the best food there is to offer. McDonalds has a monopoly on the food industry, George Lucas has a monopoly on the toy industry. George Lucas didn't give you anything, you paid for it. It's a transaction and now you are buying the  same exact shit again.  Why do the toys and games sell? Because of younger kids. Do you honestly think these kids are going to be out at 12-3 AM on a Friday morning? 

Awtan90 on Oct 25, 2011


 They may have been huge box office successes, but that doesn't mean they were good films... It's a little like how Justin Beiber's wild success doesn't mean he's added anything other than more generic teen pop to the music scene. I'm far from a hardcore fan. I liked the originals, but would never buy them for instance. But nevertheless, even for me, the Star Wars prequels contained some of the worst writing and most non-sensical plot lines I've ever come across. Those 3 films each have way too many “So bad it’s funny moments” that it’s actually NOT funny anymore lol (oh wait, I guess it is a little).

Dan on Oct 30, 2011


So while you are camping out are you going to be watching the movie on your smartphone as well? Seriously man that's just a waste of money on a movie you have already  seen over a thousand times by now. There are no added scenes or more insight in the star wars universe that George hasn't explained over a million times already. He has nothing to add but stupid little tweaks for every movie format that comes out. George will never stop tweaking until his heart stops in the middle of tweaking a scene for a new home video format. Don't get the wrong idea I'm a fan of star wars but it's time to move on and put the lightsaber away unless he comes out with another trilogy which he has said over and over again there is no other story to be told.

Anonymous on Oct 24, 2011


I'm not going to rewatch it but if you enjoy the movies, that's great. I don't get why people feel the need to bash you. I think there will be a decent audience for this, atleast for some nostalgia if nothing else. Hopefully for you it'll attract the audience needed so you have to camp outside as I can imagine that must be fun when you're surrounded by many other fans 🙂 Do in life what you enjoy and love, more power to you.

Neuromancer on Oct 25, 2011


I am with you on that all the way!

Kayleighmerz on Dec 20, 2011


I'll watch Red Tails, not this crap. 

Brandon on Oct 24, 2011


Red Tails is not likely to be any better.

Josh Rosenfield on Nov 11, 2011


This is a sign of the end of days........

Micah Wilkins on Oct 24, 2011


No...its not right...its just not right.

Xerxexx on Oct 24, 2011


Neither is Karaoke... but it just won't die.

Anonymous on Oct 24, 2011



Xerxexx on Oct 24, 2011


I'll see it in 3D. 

Thanos on Oct 24, 2011


George Loco.....................!!

Bruno Graça dos Santos on Oct 24, 2011


I'll see it in 203D!!!

Anonymous on Oct 24, 2011


lucas must need money real bad hahaha

Anonymous on Oct 24, 2011


makes no sense.. unless your name is George Lucas

lossy on Oct 24, 2011


Anyone who thinks these prequels are good movies, in the general sense, cannot be taken full. Yeah hardcore fans hated it but even is a plain narrative on its own, it was really, really bad. And not the saturday afternoon, serial sorta bad.  This 3D effort will bomb, hard. Watch... 

Buzzfunk on Oct 24, 2011


Is anyone here saying anything that hasn't been said on the internet a million times? A f*ckload of people hate everything Lucas has done to StarWars since he finished Return of the Jedi, and they've not missed a single opportunity to tell anyone who'd listen. Considerably more people still love it though! Still! This isn't even a love it/hate it argument anymore. 

Mikey on Oct 24, 2011


You won't silence the people that have been betrayed by Lucas and his tampering.

Xerxexx on Oct 25, 2011


Hehehe, apparently! 😉 My point is that it's become like a really negative version of arguing over who's the best Bond, except it's never fun, never constructive and always seems to end in people offending each other.  I get the same thing with Glee (yeah bit of a tangent). Every time I see a trailer for it I hear some classic tune being robbed of it's authenticity and context in the name of vapid and content free television! But it's fan-base is huge, so someone somewhere is getting something from it so I just ignore it, let it go and get on with my life.  🙂

Mikey on Oct 25, 2011


Is it just me or is the colour not right in this trailer? There's almost no red...

guest on Oct 25, 2011


This movie would still SUCK in 3000-D. I bet ILM wished they never had to re-visit that turd.

Anonymous on Oct 25, 2011


I think it is going to be awesome

Bobby Kruger on Oct 26, 2011


Wow! A lot of wimps and whiners griping and complaining about 3D.  Just don't go see it!  It's that simple. All the originals have been made as classics. This 3D version doesn't mean the originals don't exist anymore.But I guess we'll have to sit through these prequels before we really enjoy the episodes 4 - 6. It would be interesting to see how they transform the 1977 Star Wars into Real 3D (not conversion 3D) and have a somewhat new or different experience. And if you're gonna attack me for saying this, go check your diapers. They need changin'.

Jedibilly on Oct 26, 2011


 Don't know how pointing out that this is obviously a cynical money grab from a man who lost his imagination back in the '70s makes anyone a whiner or a wimp... I would have thought it was simply stating the bleeding obvious. If you're a fanboy who's happy to part with his money for a mindless gimmick, then good for you. Just don't pretend you're anything but a psycho fan-boy who would fork out money for anything with "star wars" attached to it.

reality on Oct 30, 2011


Please just don't fight about it.  People have different opinions so just listen then don't say anything if you don't have anything nice to say. People are not always going agree on something so get over it.  It goes both ways. I want to see it, but that is just my opinion. No one has to agree with me. Just move on with your lives. It does not really matter that much.

Guest on Dec 20, 2011


whats up with you people.its star wars so its going to be cool in 3d,at the end of the day its the begining of the story and if all you twats keep saying the new ones are crap then how is it they made more money then the old ones.i think you are the man george and a fantastic story teller i love all six movies but i wish you would make more,and heres an idea why not make knights of the old republic set hundreds of years before episode 1,the sith against the jedi,that would be cool

Scocko27 on Jan 12, 2012


if you actually want to finish a starwars story entertained...just read revenge of the sith by stover...nothing warm and fuzzyor eewokkey about that one.  screw all the re-release movies.

Mehshoe on Jan 15, 2012


Everyone will be seeing this. Cry all you want and blame George Lucas all you want but this is a chance for everyone to see great movies on the big screen again. It's not like the whole series is ruined. They are just putting the movies up in a new way for us to see

Ayo on Jan 19, 2012


"...this is a chance for everyone to see great movies on the big screen again..." Well it looks like insane people will be going to see it at least.

Anonymous on Feb 10, 2012


If you think George Lucas raped your childhood, your childhood deserved it.

Hessian72 on Jan 25, 2012


So your pro childhood rape. I'm hope that you've notified your neighbors as per the conditions of your probation.

Anonymous on Feb 10, 2012


I wish he would stop tinkering. I wish he would ignore the 3D gimmick. I would like him to spend his time, whilst he is still alive, bringing us another trilogy. I would like to see a Star Wars 7, 8 and 9 before Lucas is dead.

Alison on Feb 13, 2012

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