Watch: James Cameron on Converting 'Titanic' to 3D for Re-Release

November 22, 2011

James Cameron on Titanic 3D

Though after the release of Avatar, director James Cameron was all about touting films being only shot in 3D rather than being converted in post-production, he found going back to Titanic for a theatrical re-release in 3D to be permissible, if only because they were taking the time to do it right. In a new featurette, Cameron opens up about the decision to bring Titanic back to theaters for viewers who never experienced the Best Picture winner on the big screen. The filmmaker also talks about how the film looks even more remarkable today in 2D after touching it up to convert the best version to 3D. Watch the video in full below.

Here's James Cameron in a short featurette for the re-release of Titanic in 3D (via Collider):

For those interested, Paramount is re-releasing Titanic (originally opened in December 1997) in theaters on April 6th, 2012, four days before the 100th Anniversary of the real ship's departure on April 10th, 1912. They're releasing it in 3D nationwide, IMAX, and also in 2D, featuring a fully digitally re-mastered 4K print that Cameron has said will look better than it ever has before. They spent a painstaking 60 weeks and $18 million at two conversion shops to make Titanic in 3D look like one of the best conversions you'll ever see. Titanic won a total of 11 Oscars, including Best Picture. We'll see everyone back in theaters next April 6th.

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So hes careful and others aren't? You're not allowed to do a 3D film unless its Cameron approved. He's the boss. Converting is awful, but hes the exception. He sets the bar. What a load of bull.

Al on Nov 22, 2011


looks like you have a preconceived perception of Cameron, so I'm going to call you out on your BS. You hated/disliked/disrespected Cameron before you even clicked on the video. And I gotta back Cameron up because he clearly gives a shit about the technical aspect of filmmaking. Saying others don't care is not true, but Hollywood isn't a fucking "Disney Land" where everything and everyone is perfect, despite thousands of "professionals" working there. You can't deny that "Clash of the Titans" 3D conversion was godawful, and the reviews from the people who have seen the 20 minute 3D conversion footage of Titanic were pretty positive. There's so much logical fallacy in that short rant of yours that it makes me sad inside. But not by much.

Sedna on Nov 22, 2011


What is to gain with a 3-D Titanic? What will it add to the story?

Xerxexx on Nov 22, 2011



Alex on Nov 22, 2011


sorry Sedna, but ..... ka-ching @!!

WhydoU on Nov 22, 2011


I didn't say anything that disproved his hypocrisy. He has been so insanely against any kind of post conversion since Avatar (possibly before) but he'll allow himself to do it. I don't care how careful or well done it is. What makes him the judge of how much work is enough?  I don't care how good the reviews are, I'm not saying it'll look bad (personally I hate any kind of 3D) or that it won't blow people away, I'm just saying he's bitched and moaned about this whole idea and concept. Hell, of course I hated the Clash of the Titans 3D, and I'm sure this'll be better. I just recognize that he's going back on his perception, and no amount of "but we were careful" can save him from the fact that hes an arrogant hypocrite. 

Al on Nov 22, 2011


correct me if I am wrong, and if I am then your argument is legitimate. From what I remember, Cameron bitched at how poor of a job is done on the post-conversions in other films and that they rush it to theaters and label it as 3D to milk more money out of people while leaving a bad taste in people's mouth about 3D in general. I don't remember him being against post-conversion at all. 

Sedna on Nov 22, 2011


As Xerxexx pointed out, there is nothing to gain from the 3d conversion of this movie.. So even if his  intentions are good, it does not matter since it is not needed !!

Tester on Nov 22, 2011


Got a prescreening of it tonight at USC and it looked phenomenal. This is coming from a skeptic on 2D conversions into the 3D format. It worked and I dare say it was one of the best 3D films I've seen aside from Avatar.

Earmullet on Mar 25, 2012


Can't wait, it's gonna be so awesomes, I loved it when it was in 'flat' so now in popping 3deez it's gonna explode ma mindz. That embarrassing 'Plastic Paddy-a-thon' in the lower decks where the dancing reaches ecstatic levels of hoogledy-shoogledyness on par with the Highlander pub scene in Scotland, just can't wait, awesomes.

Crapola on Nov 22, 2011


this is the best thing ive ever read!

ha1rball on Nov 22, 2011


"Every 3d conversion is garbage unless it is done by me, James Cameron, master of all Ds above 2." This is the problem I have with James Cameron. I don't really like 3d that much, but I remember seeing Piranha 3d and I liked the 3d in that. Cameron ripped on the 3d in that movie and yet here I see him doing the same thing for Titanic. Sure his conversion process may be somewhat better, but the man still said that 3d conversions blow. He is a hypocrite in my mind and his ego seems to be expanding exponentially.

Josh Taylor on Nov 22, 2011


I thought the 3d in Piranha was better than Avatar tbh.

Crapola on Nov 22, 2011


Yeah I enjoyed the hell out of Piranha 3d. I disliked everything about Avatar besides the excellent effects. Piranha is just a better movie and the 3d worked really well underwater, which I was pleasantly surprised by.

Josh Taylor on Nov 22, 2011


I guess I am one of the few who loved the his version of the titanic movie. I have it on vhs, and dvd. I can't wait until the bluray is released. With that said, I find it sad that he fell for the "3d" scam. I guess all he really does care about is money ...

. Shannara on Nov 22, 2011


It made 2 billion worldwide and you are one of the few who loved it?...hmmmm...nope

Kamish on Nov 23, 2011


So, 2 bill divided by cost of tickets divided by # of people who actually watched it .... keep going ...

. Shannara on Nov 24, 2011


Money Money Money$$$... he should convert Piranha 2 into 3D next!

happy camper on Nov 22, 2011


3D re-releases I would like to see Jurassic Park(Please! Please! Please!) The Lord of the Rings trilogy - after the two Hobbit films of course All 6 Star Wars films(we're getting them) Forrest Gump Independence Day

Chris_G on Nov 22, 2011


Forrust Gump in 3D is a dream of yours? Douche.

RhythmDave on Nov 22, 2011


Stop the nonsense money making schemes and do something about Aliens already !!!  A far superior movie that needs to be released again, not only in bluray but in theathers

Tester on Nov 22, 2011


My wife and I are looking forward to seeing this in theaters again. Especially in 3D. Glad it is being re-released, love this movie. 

Kitah13 on Nov 23, 2011


Cameron is just as full of shit as the next guy...you think George Lucas wasnt careful to do everything that could be done for Phantom Menace or Disney for Lion King....cmon people dont be sheep...

Kamish on Nov 23, 2011


Saw the 3D version at a Sky preview last night and it was fabulous!  No idea how they did it but you would have thought it had been filmed in 3D.  Never thought they could improve this film but it was much better than the original.  With the exception of the first few minutes which were a bit 'fuzzy', when it cleared even tiny details were in good 3D, the colours were vivid and it was so clear, easy to watch.  Brilliant - a definite 'MUST SEE' this year.

Viv Lawson on Feb 15, 2012

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