Watch Kevin Smith's STFU Harvey Weinstein Sundance Premiere Story

August 8, 2011
Source: ScreenCrave

Harvey Weinstein / Kevin Smith

Lost in the mix during Comic-Con (as a few sites did mention it) was a story from Kevin Smith about his experience with studio head Harvey Weinstein during the premiere of his film Red State at Sundance this year. Smith told the story during a round of interviews for On-Demand, and I was only recently told the story by one of my friends at ScreenCrave, where they have the entire video. In short, Kevin Smith had to yell at Harvey to "shut the fuck up" during the first premiere of his film because he was being very loud. I've included the first video portion below, as he starts out chatting about working with the Weinsteins early on.

Given I've never heard this until now, why not bring it up again, it's an awesome story to hear Kevin Smith tell and I love the way he handled it. Watch the second video if you want to hear the Sundance story only:

Kevin Smith Talks About Red State - Part 1 (Pitching Red State), via ScreenCrave:

Kevin Smith Talks About Red State - Part 2 (Sundance Premiere), via ScreenCrave:

You can also watch the rest of the video interview with Kevin Smith here: Part 3, Part 4 & Part 5.

Love him or hate him, that's just a great story, and it really sounds like Harvey deserved that. I don't care that people don't like Kevin Smith anymore, I still think he's a solid filmmaker and Red State is one of his best films, and he's an opinionated guy who stands for what he believes. Apparently Smith said later that he hasn't heard from Harvey since (unless anyone has heard otherwise?) but I wouldn't be surprised, I'm sure Harvey left saying "I'm done with Kevin Smith," too. Though the headlines earlier this year about Red State making back its costs and still earning more on top I'm sure were a little painful to see. Red State is already enough of an indie success on its own, and this time its Kevin Smith himself earning all the credit for that.

And honestly, anyone who talks during a movie or is obnoxiously loud, especially during a world premiere, deserves to be told to STFU. Though I'm glad Kevin Smith took it into his own hands to fix that situation.

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There's also a part 3, 4 and 5 on youtube. "2011 Comic-Con: Kevin Smith Talks Red State at Private Press Conference Part 3/5" ect...

David Banner on Aug 8, 2011


Yea I know, but this was just about that Harvey story, I didn't want to put all 5 of them since only the first 2 really pertained. But yes, you can find all five of them on YouTube: Part 1: Part 2 Part 3: Part 4: Part 5:

Alex Billington on Aug 8, 2011


He mentions several times how "Everything I got in this life I got from the Weinsteins..." and yet still takes the time to tell this whiney story in front of a roomful of reporters about Harvey talking loudly during his screening. Who cares man, let it go... if he got you there, have the class to thank him, end the relationship and make a decent film without his guidance.

Anonymous on Aug 8, 2011


Kevin Smith tells stories for a living - what do you expect? 

LMA on Aug 8, 2011


 Agreed Pendy.

Arthur Phillips on Aug 15, 2011


*shakes head in disbelief at Pendy16, but wont engage in the trolling*

David Banner on Aug 8, 2011


I was just about to reply, but maybe you're right...

Alex Billington on Aug 8, 2011


Feel free to engage, I'm seriously not trolling, that's truly what I think...  sure it's a fine story to tell friends at a bar, but a roomful of reporters? While I don't agree at all with Weinstein's behavior, busting out a big long story about how he proudly told him to shut the F up just comes off as some sort of passive-agressive chest-thumping on Smith's part. Otherwise, why insert some bit about how much he owes the Weinsteins every few sentences, before going back to cheap imitations and whining about Harvey's behavior? Honestly, I think Smith sounds like a real douchebag here.  And that's not trolling, it's an honest opinion.

Anonymous on Aug 8, 2011


And that's fine, but this is what Smith does... he tells crazy stories like this, even if they are true. Plus, if you listen and watch closely, I really believe Smith is honest and heartfelt about his feelings for him and everything the Weinsteins have done, but he was just telling a story. If you've ever seen Kevin Smith, this is how he tells stories, he plays up certain parts, it's entertaining. People even pay money to see him tell stories up on a stage for hours. Being in front of reporters has nothing to do with it, he just told this story because he was there and got into it.

Alex Billington on Aug 8, 2011


Yeah I can very much see what you're saying... but I think Kevin Smith is a polarizing type of personality, and it reflects in his work... ya either love 'em or ya hate 'em. I happen to fall to the latter (and it's the subject of much discussion/argument with my friends who actually like him and his films.)  He's the cilantro of the film world.

Anonymous on Aug 8, 2011


I'm glad this turned into a discussion - I do think you're right about KS being a polarizing type of personality. I definitely wouldn't say I'm a fan of all  of his work but I have seen him live and enjoy his hyper-reality based stories.  "He's the cilantro of the film world" made me laugh 🙂

LMA on Aug 9, 2011


I agree completely, but he always does things like this, it's nothing new. It seems, rather bizarrely, that he believes everyone should treat him with complete reverence and whenever anyone gives him less than that he completely flips out - he bitches about them on his podcasts, he tells self-congratulatory stories of his triumph over them like this here, on and on it'll go. It makes it hard to be a fan at times. More often than not I feel he's in the wrong with all his many 'feuds.' As well, a lot of the times I think a lot of them, maybe even this one here, are for publicity purposes, to drum up press.

Dylan D on Aug 8, 2011


I honestly think the movie RED STATE will push Kevin Smith into a whole new level. I really think he will go on to do more stuff on his own with out a studio.

Shawnlancekeim on Aug 8, 2011


I didn't watch the video, but I figure Harvey was shouting "JESUS FUCK HELLO? HAS ANYONE SEEN MY GODDAMN CAREER? I think I might have dropped it at the Canne screening for Clerks 2, and I figure it's gotta be around here somewhere YOU MOTHERFUCKERS"  (caps added for typical Weinstein aggression) 

Lebowski on Aug 9, 2011


Does anyone else think he talks and acts like a fat Robert Downey Jr?

Michael Shipley on Aug 9, 2011


The cast makes me happy in my pants, I can't wait to see RS.

Octahedron on Aug 9, 2011

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