Watch: Latest International Trailer for Andrew Niccol's Sci-Fi 'In Time'

August 26, 2011
Source: YouTube

Andrew Niccol's In Time Trailer

"We're not meant to live forever." Fox Malaysia has debuted a new international trailer for Andrew Niccol's In Time, the semi-sci-fi thriller starring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried as time-fugitives on the run. Honestly, this is looking better and better with each new trailer. In this one, we we get a bit more time (get it?) with Olivia Wilde, and a spoiler for her character, a bit less with Cillian Murphy, but more action and a better look at how these two will "upset the entire system" messing with time distribution and citizens. I'm actually starting to like the way this is turning out, finally more good sci-fi from Andrew Niccol.

Watch the new international trailer for Andrew Niccol's In Time, from YouTube:

In the future people stop aging at 25 and must work to buy themselves more time, but when a young man finds himself with more time than he can imagine he must run from the corrupt police force to save his life.

In Time, originally titled Now and also I'm.mortal at one point, is both written and directed by New Zealand-born screenwriter-director Andrew Niccol, of only Gattaca, S1m0ne and Lord of War previously. He's also credited for writing The Truman Show and The Terminal, and is attached to direct Stephanie Meyer's The Host adaptation. Fox is finally bringing In Time to theaters starting on October 28th this fall.

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This movie looks interesting. Might have to check it out

Chris Amaya on Aug 26, 2011


Proper mind gravy. Looks watchable though.

Crapola on Aug 26, 2011


Can't wait for this. Hope it doesn't take too long to cross the pond

Richie G on Aug 26, 2011


Love Amanda Seyfried and Olivia Wilde, very attractive and sexy. I look forward to seeing Justin Timberlake and Cillian Murphy face off in this film.

Keyes on Aug 26, 2011


Looks good although the damn trailer is wayyyyy tooooo long ~!!

Tester on Aug 26, 2011


There was a webcomic entry on back when it was online which was this exact concept, and it was just as ridiculous then. Earning and spending the time for your life is still just kinda stupid, how would people ever decide to agree to that?

John IG on Aug 26, 2011


Its no children of men, I left the cinema worried that was gonna happen, but I'll enjoy this because its kinda out there. However, if ye wanna rationalize how people would agree to it I guess more people are afraid of growing old than dying. And if everyone is i'm.mortal then the people in power would need a way to keep the population under control hence time is money... which then becomes time again. The one feeling I can't shake when I watch this trailer is that there can't be a happy ending. It wouldn't make sense and I hope they don't hollywood one in

Richie G on Aug 26, 2011


Technically, time is the only thing of value that you have, and when you buy something in a store, you're not really paying for the product itself, you're paying for the time other people have invested into that product. You job pays you for your time, often at a price per hour. Money is a bartering tool we've all agreed upon in exchange for time. You put in time at work, they pay you in money, you use that money to pay other people for the time they invest into the stuff you buy, etc. When you hear people saying "Time is money", they aren't kidding. Or, more accurately, "money is time". This movie just takes out the middle-man, apparently, and people exchange actual time for goods and services. You never go bankrupt, you just die. As a society, tho, that would suck. You'd have people just keeling over for no reason in public because they bought too much shit last week at the mall. In fact, you'd be fucking insane to ever buy anything, knowing that you were literally shaving hours off your life to get your hands on a TV or sofa or something. Would you rather live in a box for 200 years or die in your well-furnished house at 50? Ethically, could you knowingly charge someone for something if you knew you were effectively killing them?

Anonymous on Aug 27, 2011


This looks so effin' stupid - so why do I want to see it?

matt on Aug 26, 2011


This looks like one of those sci-fi movies with a social commentary to make audiences think similar to Gattaca. I hope it also proves to be entertaining. Recently at the movies I saw the trailer and it does look good but I also couldn't help but to lol in the theater during the clip of the wife, mother-in-law and daughter being introduced and they all look the same age. Yep, that's what the not so distant future is going to look like.

Cinema Nostalgia on Aug 26, 2011


Ironically I just watched Gattaca, so when this movie hits theaters... I'll go watch Gattaca again.

Anonymous on Aug 27, 2011


Blu-Ray I will see this on, yes. In the theatures, we think not.

David Banner on Aug 26, 2011


Skipping the new trailer, rather save any twists for when I see it. Tired of trailer after trailer after trailer... for each movie.

Anonymous on Aug 27, 2011


I already watched it at Kôõkiga (satire). The trailer looks great, I'm a big fan of Niccol ever since he made the Gattaca masterpiece.

Mike23592837 on Aug 27, 2011


I wonder how big of a role Pettyfer's character actually has. He gets little showing in these trailers.

Lauren Intong on Aug 27, 2011


why go see it? they just told entire story in the trailer...

Bender on Aug 27, 2011


looks kinda interesting ,sort of Logans Run-esque...?

Tonker on Aug 27, 2011


meh *fart sounds*

Anon on Aug 30, 2011

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