Watch: Mystique's Full Character Spot from Fox's 'X-Men: First Class'

May 6, 2011


"You have no idea what I'd give to feel… normal." A few days ago we featured a set of three new character spots for X-Men: First Class focusing on some of the younger mutants, like Banshee, Havok and Beast, but one was missing - Mystique, played by the luscious Jennifer Lawrence. Fox debuted the official set on the Facebook page and included the Mystique one, which you can watch embedded below or in HD here. This is such a great trailer, but I still think I'm more interested in Xavier and Magneto's storyline first in addition to the side character romances, but I'm excited to see how it all turns out. Peek at Mystique below!

Watch the fourth X-Men: First Class character spot for Mystique from YouTube:

Before Charles Xavier (McAvoy) and Erik Lensherr (Fassbender) took the names Professor X & Magneto, they were two young men discovering their powers for their first time, even working together as friends.

X-Men: First Class is directed by British director Matthew Vaughn, of Layer Cake, Stardust and Kick-Ass. Bryan Singer, director of X-Men 1 and 2, is producing and wrote the story. The screenplay was written by quite a few writers, including Josh Schwartz ("Gossip Girl" & "Chuck"), Jamie Moss (Street Kings), Ashley Miller ("Fringe", Thor), Zack Stentz, and finally Jane Goldman (Kick-Ass). Marv Films & 20th Century Fox will be bringing X-Men: First Class to theaters everywhere starting June 3rd this summer. Excited yet?

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im starting to get hyped up

stfugtfo on May 7, 2011


X-Men II will still be the best one...

Anonymous on May 7, 2011


If the trailers and character introductions are any indication of the actual movie in tone, I think this one will blow all previous X-Men movies out of the water. I really hope the movie sticks to the serious, dreadful and foreboding vibe the trailers give off. *crosses fingers*

Anonymous on May 8, 2011


scenes like that last scene in this tv spot is what is gonna make this movie great

HG on May 7, 2011



Guest2 on May 7, 2011


i dont understand in the end scene, where she stops being human skinned, and goes blue, her hair looses its rubber band or whatever was holding it together...?

Roderick on May 7, 2011


I can't get past that huge forehead, wtf!? >.<

Anonymous on May 7, 2011



Jseathroo on May 7, 2011


'luscious'? seriously?...

A2005814 on May 7, 2011


she'll ruin the whole movie.

ghlrostry on May 7, 2011


yes i am sure an oscar nominee who is a fantastic actress who can bring depth to the character is gonna ruin the film trolls dont even try anymore

HG on May 7, 2011


I'm a huge Marvel fan, but man, these spots look terrible. Except for Banshee and Beast I guess.

Angry Chief on May 7, 2011


I know this is a prequel and everything but i still think Rebecca Romijn did a better job. Besides she was way hotter! Especially in costume!

Ron on May 7, 2011


better job at what lol Rebbecca was a model jennifer is an oscar nominee at the age of 20 Rebbecca barely had any lines Jennifer will out perform her in her sleep

HG on May 7, 2011


Agreed. But Romijn 'looked' the part of Mystique. Sort of like how Hugh Jackman owned Wolverine. You can, sort of envision what a character would look like if it would be portrayed by an actor/actress. Mystique was a femme fatale/assassin in the comics and I thought it was adequately portrayed in the movies she has appeared in, even though it was in a limited capacity. This is a comic book movie and definitely no Oscar contender. I know Chris Nolan's Dark Knight did get nominated for some awards (and Heath Ledger did get Supporting Acting Award for the Joker) but it is a rare exception. I have no doubt Jennifer can out perform Romijn but I don't think she is what I imagine Mystique would look like. Maybe not looks-wise but maybe if they are able to explore into her character then Jennifer might shine.

Ron on May 8, 2011


Now first of all I want to say that Hugh did rock Wolverine and I really couldn't imagine another actor even trying to take a crack at it...now that I put that out there he was nothing like the character in the comic books who is 5'3" and 195 lbs of pure muscle (without the adamantium skeleton) A lot of comic book fans were actually pissed when he was chosen for the part because he is fit but altogether scrawny compared to what the comic version was and at 6'2" he would be towering over the character. But after he played the character then fans were like, "Uhhh....okay that works..." That is kind of how I feel about Jennifer Lawrence taking on the character. Though you are correct sir...Rebecca was gorgeous in the X-men films 🙂 Okay useless rant over aha

Maxx on May 9, 2011


So effing ugly.

Chazzy on May 8, 2011


I've always disliked the MOVIE look for mystique. The naked blue girl with weird textured skin. I want to see to see that white dress with the skulls on it! Still interested though, even though I know how it will end for movie mystique in X3. Wish they had never "found a cure for mutation" X3=Fail

PyroDark on May 8, 2011


Well the whole shocker at the end of X3 was that the cure was temporary with the scene of Magneto in the park with the metal chess piece and it moved slightly so if they continued that franchise then she would possibly be back to her blue self

Maxx on May 9, 2011

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