Watch: Another Full Trailer for Wes Craven's 'Scream 4' Unveiled

January 20, 2011

Wes Craven's Scream 4 Trailer

Someone is reinventing the game… This new trailer for Wes Craven's Scream 4 originally premiered over the weekend, but was quickly pulled down by The Weinstein Company. Now its back up in high def courtesy of Apple. So it's time to feast on the new sequel thanks to this trailer once again. We featured a teaser trailer for this last year, but now we have a better look at where the story is going to go and it looks pretty much as I expected. The humongous cast includes: David Arquette, Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, Emma Roberts, Hayden Panettiere, Rory Culkin, Marley Shelton, Anna Paquin, Adam Brody and Alison Brie. Watch below!

Watch the newest full-length trailer for Wes Craven's Scream 4:

[flv: 598 248]

You can also watch the new Scream 4 trailer in High Definition on Apple

Ten years have passed since the first series of killings, and Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell), who has put herself back together thanks in part to her writing, is visited by the infamous Ghostface Killer once again.

Scream 4 is once again directed by horror mastermind Wes Craven, of The Hills Have Eyes, Swamp Thing, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Shocker, Red Eye and the original Scream trilogy. The screenplay was written by franchise creator Kevin Williamson, who wrote Scream 1 & 2 and I Know What You Did Last Summer. The Weinstein Company / Dimension Films is bringing Scream 4 to theaters in 3D on April 15th, 2011.

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taken down by the kings, i see.

Crumb on Jan 16, 2011


It almost feels like he was doing a parody of his last scream movies and not going for the the suspense of what the first one was at all.

The_Phantom on Jan 16, 2011


It almost feels like he was doing a parody of his last scream movies and not going for the the suspense of what the first one was at all.

The_Phantom on Jan 16, 2011


alex - you don't really consider this series a classic horror franchise, do you? i hate to be negative, but this series is just awful teen fare........and other than anna paquin - that cast is the best B movie actors money can buy.

Anonymous on Jan 16, 2011


Oh well couldn't have been much anyway, they should go with the monkey idea for scream from Jay & Silent Bob.

Anonymous on Jan 16, 2011


Oh, I missed it! Too bad!! 🙁

filmgurl on Jan 16, 2011


I'm a Scream fan and this trailer does the job of at least stirring interest. It's back to the same old tricks, but who knows if they will actually work. Scream is classic, Scream 2 is damn good, and 3 is pretty ok. I'm glad they got Kevin Williams back as writer. The jokes in the trailer are mostly lame, but suggest that in the movie's context and with an R rating, they could be good. Hayden Panettiere listing off all the remakes, followed by "None of the above!" is good stuff. Scream has always been playfully meta and the climate of the horror genre today could provide the spin it needs to feel fresh. I'm not saying it'll be great, the trailer doesn't suggest it, but it's possible.

lane on Jan 16, 2011


I saw this at a test screening. All I can say was this movie was done PERFECTLY.

Johnberg on Jan 16, 2011


It's not a bad trailer, there's just no interest really.

Cruzer on Jan 16, 2011


First Scream is very close to classic status (if not already a classic) and that's it. Forget the sequels if you're expecting them to be on a par with the original. Scream 4 will be pure entertainment, a fun film to watch...

Anonymous on Jan 16, 2011


the first "scream" was a classic? so, it's on par with the first "halloween" or "the exorcist"???? way.

Anonymous on Jan 16, 2011


Okay, for you it may not be that great, but for me it is... call me subjective, call me an idiot, but I liked it a lot. I don't know if it matters (because I don't know how much anyone can trust a magazine who puts Fight Club in top 10 greatest films of all time), but entertainment weekly and empire say it's a classic. Again, for me it's a classic alongside The Exorcist and others.

Anonymous on Jan 16, 2011


because these types of things ARE subjective - i'd never call you an idiot. i really don't see how you can say it's as good as "the exorcist" ; but, that's your opinion and we all have a right to like what we do. thanks for the reply!

Anonymous on Jan 16, 2011


dont mess with beevis hes a huge film fan

i_love_scream_films on Jan 17, 2011


Fight Club is one of the top 10 movies of all time!

Anonymous on Jan 17, 2011



Rops on Jan 16, 2011


I saw all the Scream films for the first time two years ago, so they are still pretty fresh on my mind. I thought they were all pretty fantastic as far as horror films go, the third one was a bit outrageous but still entertaining. This one looks to follow the same pattern and the remake question was hilarious, wish they would have included J-Horror films when Claire was naming them off!

Anonymous on Jan 16, 2011


How can anyone watch a Scream movie with a straight face after the 'Was's up?" scene from Scary Movie?

Hattori Hanzo on Jan 16, 2011


I'm really impressed with the cast Wes put together for this one. Looks intriguing.

Tfish29 on Jan 16, 2011


Scream movie does not work in the year 2011, and this one looks like a complete joke. Scream 1 - Very Good Scream 2 - Good Scream 3 - Cant remember it so it must have been Shit Scream 4 - I will never see For the record, can any 1 tell me why Courteney Cox is getting hotter with age??? ; )

Davidx on Jan 16, 2011


Looks to be on par with the original.

Gplongwood on Jan 16, 2011


trailer is up - and it's as dreadful as i thought. and i'm serious when i say the voice on the phone makes me laugh - it does not in any way induce fear. then there's the acting - terrible as well. being a HUGE movie fan, i try to remain as positive as i can - but there are some movies that i see nothing being done well - and these scream movies fit that description - forget "classic" horror .........this isn't even average horror - it makes all of the lionsgate movies look good.

Anonymous on Jan 16, 2011


Please, Scream breathed fresh air into the dead slasher genre. Sure I will agree with you that horror as a whole is a pretty shit genre and only 10% of whats made is watchable. But the original was great, the dialog was very tongue and cheek which I thought was great. Seeing how the last decade has been filled with straight up garbage I am HOPING that the dialog the same for this one. The remake part was hilarious.

Anonymous on Jan 16, 2011


sorry jacob - the only thing i can agree on with you is the slasher genre is dead........and the previous scream movies helped kill it. as far as the last 10 years of horror? yea, there have been a LOT of bad ones......but there have been a lot of good horror films too - just google *horror films from 2000-2010*. some that stand out for me are the mist; pitch black; dawn of the dead; the others; saw; jeepers creepers. i guess we'll just have to disagree on about everything, because i think the scream series is REALLY awful.

Anonymous on Jan 16, 2011


The trailer is ok. It just seems like a retread of the previous 3 flicks. It's good to see the original cast back. I doubt I'll be seeing this at the theater. I hope this flick brings something new to the horror genre--in the wake of all these remakes and reboots. I will wait to reserve judgment 'til I see it! 🙂

Spider on Jan 16, 2011


ill see it but i am not a fan of that trailer

Anonymous on Jan 16, 2011


Gail FINALLY dies

bill on Jan 16, 2011


No she doesn't.

Anonymous on Jan 22, 2011


I'm sure it'll make some money, but it'll never be as good as the 1st one. So yea, whatever...

パトăƒȘツク ♬ Rip on Jan 16, 2011


Where can I see the trailer now?

Dhiram on Jan 18, 2011


Courteney Cocks! is just like a hot mature pornstar! she is perfect for a anal fuck!

Ddr2 W on Jan 18, 2011


Courteney Cocks! is a nice mature for porno movies! i will hire her one they guys! her nice mouth is perfect for blowjob!

Scottish Abre on Jan 20, 2011


Meanwhile in Poland: ... nice trailer though...

Sandro on Jan 21, 2011


Not the greatest trailer - but it looks SCREAM so it has something special... I'm looking forward to it!

Ryderup on Jan 21, 2011


This trailer makes this film far more interesting than the first trailer, which made it seem like some goofy horror film in the vein of Scary Movie.

SkaOreo on Jan 21, 2011


I'm sorry, but I couldn't stop laughing at how bad some of the acting and the trailer in general looked. Whenever Neve Campbell makes her constipated "I'm so concerned" face, I see Anna Faris. Same for Hayden Panneyrwtywurwghhd. Too many scenes appeared unintentionally funny. I'll still watch it, but I can't say I got any real sense of excitement from it. It does seem like a good movie to watch at home and make fun of with friends, though.

SuicidalOptimist on Jan 21, 2011


What's up with that Culkin kid's hair!? Looks like such a tool.

Film Fan on Jan 21, 2011


I liked it, but I honestly can't picture this being memorable.

Cruzer on Jan 21, 2011


At this point, the Ghostface killer has achieved green beret level stealth and a ninja like level of strategy. That said, I'll be very disappointed if the killer is a emo highschooler in his late 20s. Either that or the Ghostface killer has made a pact with Death from 'Final Destination'.

LW on Jan 21, 2011


I liked all the Scream movies; well, first one loved other two liked. Don't understand why anyone would call it garbage. Scream was cool and original because it played off other horror movies and cliches and was ironic. Like the same person who says "That girl should run outside where its safe instead of upstairs," does the exact opposite because they're in a state of fear. Anyone who says the original Scream wasn't a classic and doesn't deserve to be "up there" with Halloween doesn't know what he/she is talking about. I mean, I love "Halloween" but Mike walks EVERYWHERE yet he kills everybody. Its ridiculous, he's like a teleporter or something.

Lamar on Jan 21, 2011


I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks first Scream was amazing...

Anonymous on Jan 22, 2011


im gonna guess the ending here. mayby cindy knew all along her mom was a slut and killed her herself with a different personality and let run, letting other people take the fall and just going with it and persuading other people to do her killing and make it seem she was innocent. the only way to end SCREAM movies forever is if cindy dies. so maybe this last scream movie u find out that cindy is scitso and that shes they one from the beginning who killed her mom and framed cotton weary to start this whole murderous rampage.

Res72ecv on Jan 22, 2011


Sooooo, everybody dies? Or... everybody's trying to kill each other?

JL on Jan 29, 2011


Panatierre's hot. Nuff said.

JL on Jan 29, 2011


i say its better than the last trailer

A5J4DX on Jan 30, 2011


awsome the best cant wait to see it

Tyler butler on Feb 1, 2011


my brothers girlfriend said that i would find it scary but im almost 16 so i think i can handle it after all i have sceen both of the amativille horrors

Eliza-milo on May 11, 2011


not a good trailer but i liked the ending part lol

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018

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