Watch: Norton's Full 'Captain America: Behind the Shield' Featurette

June 19, 2011
Source: Facebook

Captain America: Behind the Shield

An outstanding new featurette was recently unveiled for Marvel's Captain America: The First Avenger. Presenting the entire video is Norton (via their Facebook) because they make software to defend your PC from viruses and it's all about the shield, a full-on four-minute look at how they brought Cap's shield to life in the movie. It's actually a damn good featurette, it has tons of interviews with people like director Joe Johnston, Marvel's Kevin Feige, Cap himself, Chris Evans, Marvel's Joe Quesada, the prop master and others. They cover its history, how they made it work for the movie, and plenty more in the video below!

Check out Norton's featurette on Captain America: Behind the Shield via Facebook:

After being deemed unfit for military service, Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) volunteers for a new top secret research project that turns him into Captain America, a superhero devoted to defending American ideals.

Marvel's Captain America: The First Avenger is directed by Joe Johnston, who previously directed Honey I Shrunk the Kids, The Rocketeer, Jumanji, October Sky, Jurassic Park III, Hidalgo and The Wolf Man. The screenplay was written by Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely (writers of Life & Death of Peter Sellers, You Kill Me and all three Chronicles of Narnia movies, from Lion, Witch, Wardrobe to Dawn Treader) and also Joss Whedon. Paramount is bringing Captain America to theaters starting on July 22nd this summer.

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cant wait!

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


cant wait!

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


I suddenly feel the urge to buy Norton By Symantec.

Brandon on Jun 19, 2011


Then Norton has succeeded! That's the whole idea.

Krishna Shenoi on Jun 19, 2011


I already have it on my computer. I feel like my computer is protected my caps shield. That makes me feel secure.

Jammin on Jun 19, 2011


whoa that was awesome. i have high hopes for this movie. Even though im not an american i really love the character and what he stands for. I hope this turns out to be the best movie of the year!

Anon on Jun 19, 2011


As crazy as it sounds this movie looks great, Had high hopes but were very sceptic about it but it looks great. This one is hard to do right were as Conan should be the easy one to make with all the REH material to draw from. Who knows another must see at the box office.

Loser on Jun 19, 2011


I still can't get over the fact how fucking muscles mcfucking mcgee Chris evans got for the movie.  Shit...now i gotta look like that. 

nick on Jun 19, 2011


The shield is very cool. But I can't help but feel they've shown all the most interesting parts of the film already like Green Lantern and X-Men First Class did and there's just not much there to see.

Rp1n on Jun 19, 2011


Nah, I doubt that. I think there's a lot we haven't seen from this yet, I have a feeling they're hiding some of the coolest moments. Plus, unless you watched EVERY TV spot and trailer, there was a lot of Green Lantern not shown, especially the third act and most of the constructs.

Alex Billington on Jun 19, 2011


I respectfully disagree. I saw all the Green Lantern trailers, tv spots, and featurettes and they indeed touch on every visual effects sequence. What you can't understand until you see it for yourself is just how poorly constructed the film really is. It's quite appalling and I wish I had saved my money. 

Jim Berney on Jun 20, 2011


WOW! Thank you!

Anonymous on Jun 20, 2011


I find it funny how they say that they're going to explain why Cap's shield was in Stark's workshop in Iron Man when that was originally put in as a joke by ILM

Corey Ragland on Jun 20, 2011


I am seeing it for hugo weaving !!

Super8fan on Jun 20, 2011


Was there something to do with Norton in there? I don't know if I just imagined it. I reckon it looks pretty fandabidozzi

Crapola on Jun 20, 2011

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