Watch: Official Trailer for James Gunn's 'Super' with Rainn Wilson

March 4, 2011
Source: Yahoo

Super Trailer - Rainn Wilson

"All it takes to be a superhero is the choice to fight evil." Hell yes it does! We finally have the official trailer via Yahoo that everyone must watch for James Gunn's Super, the indie comedy starring Rainn Wilson as the lame awesome homemade costumed vigilante - the Crimson Bolt! In addition to Wilson, it stars Liv Tyler as his wife, Kevin Bacon as the bad guy, Ellen Page as "Boltie", and even Nathan Fillion (who's role I won't spoil). Watching this trailer reminded me why this movie is just so much ridiculous fun, I really can't wait to see it again with a big audience. So without further ado… Face the wrath of the Crimson Bolt!

Watch the first official trailer for James Gunn's Super:

You can also watch the Super trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

When his wife (Liv Tyler) falls under the influence of a ruthless drug dealer, an everyday guy (Wilson) transforms himself into the Crimson Bolt, a superhero with good intentions, though he lacks heroic skills.

Super is both written and directed by St. Louis, Missouri-born filmmaker James Gunn, of the horror movie Slither previously as well as the "PG Porn" webseries. This is Gunn's second feature film and it premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last year, where we saw it - watch out review. The film was picked up by IFC Films for US distribution. Super will be hitting theaters starting April 1st this spring. Hope you guys are excited!

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Reader Feedback - 46 Comments


Kind of looks like Kick-Ass meets Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Moon on Mar 4, 2011


...and maybe a bit of Defendor.

Anonymous on Mar 4, 2011


but not as depressing as Defendor.

Anonymous on Mar 4, 2011


Yea, you're right 🙂 But who knows, maybe this one will end in the same note; even if I doubt it...

Anonymous on Mar 4, 2011


I'm in, Wilson, Page, Bacon, and Tyler 'nuff said.

Anonymous on Mar 4, 2011


me too! i'd watch any movie with this cast. and just 7 days till battle:los angeles!!!

Anonymous on Mar 5, 2011


Can't wait for that, gonna go next Friday with my talkative friend...yay.

Anonymous on Mar 5, 2011


Me Too!

McWilly on Mar 6, 2011


Holyshit. True it does seem to be Kick-Ass and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World's illegitimate child but it could still be one hell of a ride.

Johnny Neat on Mar 4, 2011


Just watch out, there really are no Scott Pilgrim comparisons. All the comic book style "hits" in this are only in the trailer. They're not in the film as far as I remember (unless they added them later). It's much much more like Kick-Ass + Defendor, not at all like Scott Pilgrim.

Alex Billington on Mar 4, 2011


First I read of Cary Elwes killing any chance of the new Wonder Woman series to be barely passable..... now another so-called "actor" destroying my chance of ever watching this movie ! Arggggg !

Cavey on Mar 4, 2011


kinda like defondor... im in

dave on Mar 4, 2011


Could become the best Kevin Bacon movie since Tremors.

Jace on Mar 4, 2011


i hope you're kidding? "stir of echos", "apollo 13", " the woodsman", and of course - "where the truth lies". tremors is waaaaaaaaaay below these films.

Anonymous on Mar 5, 2011


bullshit, only one of those on the level with tremors is apollo 13.

harrison on Mar 5, 2011


harrison, i think you're wrong on that - but, we're all entitled to our opinions.

Anonymous on Mar 5, 2011


I actually like all the KB movies you listed. But there's just something awesome about Tremors that rocks.... Oh yeah, it's the giant Graboids eating people by sucking them into the dirt!!! Won't find that in apollo 13.

Jace on Mar 5, 2011


Always been a fan of Bacon but he has a special place in my heart now due to the Kevin Bacon Logitech Commercial...Your comments made me think of it, lol

McWilly on Mar 6, 2011


funny stuff, mcwilly - i like his visa commercial too!

Anonymous on Mar 6, 2011


there is that, jace! graboids for the win! LOL

Anonymous on Mar 5, 2011


I don't use this word often but...awesome! The last scene was hilarious.

Lamar on Mar 4, 2011


I just watched a clip from the movie and SUPER is truly badass brutal. I will watch it and I am truly curious how the movie will end.

Millus on Mar 4, 2011


ok im gonna say. i hate rainn wilson. i seem to be the only one.

davideo on Mar 4, 2011


I wouldn't say I 'hate' him, but...

Tyler Danger on Mar 4, 2011


Why do you hate him? You don't like his humor? He's actually pretty good in this, but I don't watch The Office or anything...

Alex Billington on Mar 5, 2011


I don't like him in the office but he was pretty funny in the rocker.

Desraider on Mar 5, 2011


His role in The Office(Dwight) is awesome.....but with The Office You need to watch the full season starting with season 1. A lot of inside jokes to be missed if you watch an episode from time to time.

McWilly on Mar 6, 2011


I do also davideo, read my comment ^^^ there

Cavey on Mar 4, 2011


How many half wit superhero movies can Hollywood make before we notice?

Brandon on Mar 5, 2011


Hey Alex, are you gonna do a Sound off for "Take Me Home Tonight?"

Anonymous on Mar 5, 2011


anyone know what the song in the trailer is? also im looking forward to this. the cast, gunn, the violence and the fun im sure to have with it

peter on Mar 5, 2011


Oh yeah, I'm down.

Garrett Jamieson DeLozier on Mar 5, 2011


Rain Epic, Page Epic, Bacon Epic, Fillion Epic, yup Super is epic.

Anonymous on Mar 5, 2011



just don't! on Mar 5, 2011



Marcus on Mar 5, 2011


Nathan Fillion...apart from everything else, that right there is reason enough to see this.

Anonymous on Mar 5, 2011


Feels too much like Kick Ass and I think will suffer for it. Hopefully it brings something new and will show it's not just a retread. I'm sick of Rainn's character from The Office but he's a decent actor when he's not channeling that idiot. I do love me some Kevin Bacon though...

Jeff Quigly on Mar 5, 2011


If you hare Dwight then that means Wilson has done his job as an actor.

Anonymous on Mar 5, 2011


Great stuff lol

NeoSlyfer26 on Mar 5, 2011


Hilarious trailer, I'm loving this uprising of average Joe hero movies...

Desraider on Mar 5, 2011


awesome! great style and love where its going with its humour!

Lukass2006 on Mar 6, 2011


Nathan Fillion! Heck yes. Didn't know he was in it - looks like a cameo, but it looks like a funny one!

Guy on Mar 6, 2011


I WANNA SEE THIS!!!!!!!!! =D

Jet_Strike on Mar 7, 2011



Anonymous on Mar 7, 2011


There's a precarious balance between my dislike for Rainn and my enjoyment of all things Fillion. I may have to bite the bullet and check it out.

Anonymous on Mar 7, 2011


That looked funny and I will watch this, but this is the last one. No more real life Superheroe send ups. It's gonna get old real fast!

Eric81375 on Mar 13, 2011

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