Watch: Official Trailer for 'Machine Gun Preacher' with Gerard Butler

August 18, 2011
Source: Apple

Machine Gun Preacher Trailer

"Don't tell me to calm down!" Relativity Media has debuted the official trailer for Marc Forster's Machine Gun Preacher, starring Gerard Butler as the real-life Sam Childers, a former gang biker turned hero who finds Jesus and goes to Sudan to fight for orphan children and build them an orphanage. The cast also includes Michelle Monaghan as his wife, Michael Shannon as his friend, Madeline Carroll as his daughter, and Souleymane Sy Savane as SPLA's Deng. This looks not only quite action-packed, but very emotional as well. I'm impressed, this is a great trailer, I really want to see this now. Even Butler looks good!

Watch the first official trailer for Marc Forster's Machine Gun Preacher, via Apple:

You can download the Machine Gun Preacher trailer in High Defintion on Apple

Machine Gun Preacher is directed by Marc Forster (Stranger Than Fiction, The Kite Runner, Quantum of Solace), who has already moved on to begin shooting World War Z, from a screenplay by Jason Keller. "There is more complexity in a modern-day character who's a drug addict and a biker turned businessman, missionary and soldier. You don't get roles like this very often," Butler said of playing Childers. I hope this role brings him back around to giving good performances in films that aren't cheesy romantic comedies. Relativity Media has MGP set to open limited release starting September 23rd during the film fest season.

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That's a must-see

CookieMonster on Aug 19, 2011


Agreed, this definitely deserves a "Must-Watch". 

Danimal on Aug 19, 2011


Stop showing the whole friggin' movie in the trailer, people!

Jason on Aug 19, 2011


No kidding.. now everyone knows his first house/building gets burned and he fights back. Kind of ruins any drama of seeing it in the movie. I hate that especially when it does not really benefit the trailer at all.

Kaim on Aug 19, 2011


I agree  with Jason and Kaim. It pisses me off that the show the best parts of the movie in the trailer. I just hope there's more the movie than just what we see in the trailer. Hollywood needs to break that habit. Best part of a trailer should be that they keep the audience guessing. Just tease us people not show the whole plot of the movie in the trailer....thats all I have to say.

Jsegura67 on Aug 20, 2011



Ocp on Aug 19, 2011


I'll do my best to block out Bounty Hunter so I can enjoy this.

Ben Nesvig on Aug 19, 2011


Oh this is incredibly cool. 

DaftBot on Aug 19, 2011


can't help but think as i'm watching this.... oh another movie where the white man goes and saves a another race of people...but since its based on a true story... i'll let this slide... 

Roderick on Aug 19, 2011



Matt Gaser on Aug 19, 2011


Can't help but think... oh  you heard someone say this once, and by complaining you will be a part of some kind of intelectual social analysis, by association, that will give you worth and validation in your empty pointless life, when in reality it just sounds like you're a complete idiot. But since you let it slide, oh thank you thank you, I'll let it slide too.  This looks like a brilliantly made film, and an inspiring story. One that not even politicians who say "I care about blacks, and human rights, and social justice",  including our own president cares about, or do anything about. Millions in sudan are under slavery and fear of being killed every day. And we blow up Lybia? Which is estimated to have only under est. 15,000 since the uprising... really?? That is what makes this story even more amazing. That he does what not even our politicians and president care about, because there is no oil or monetary gain.  There are more slaves now than at any other time in history. Good to see a story about someone trying to save them.

The Story on Aug 19, 2011


you post is mostly insults, social rhetoric and political  ramblings - this is a forum for MOVIES.......and you call someone else an idiot.  how ironic.

Anonymous on Aug 19, 2011


I suggest you read up on your history before judging someone else's oil,no monetary gain? Ffs mate...

Zerge on Aug 19, 2011


"but since its based on a true story... i'll let this slide..." Thank you kind mister Roderick, you're so openminded and grand.

Jane1345 on Sep 11, 2011


Looks a lot better than I thought it would.

Derek D on Aug 19, 2011



Drumzamazin on Aug 19, 2011


THIS. IS. AFRICAAAAA!!!!!!!!! Sorry, I couldn't resist. Definitely a must watch.

Lamar on Aug 19, 2011


WHOA. This is definitely a must see. 

Guy on Aug 19, 2011


Looks good and Michelle Monaghan is a great actress more of her please

Loser on Aug 19, 2011


First CORIOLANUS, then seems 2011 is gonna be an interesting year for Butler's career

Okrim37 on Aug 19, 2011


It's Blood Diamond with a more virtuous good guy.

Brandon on Aug 19, 2011



Anonymous on Aug 19, 2011


Cuz every movie with Africans is the same as the last....              lol how the heck is this "blood diamond?"

Chazzy on Aug 20, 2011


it's got beautiful scenery and good acting. i'm sure i'll rent but i don't consider this a "must-watch" as far as seeing it at the theatre. the "bad guy turns good and helps the downtrodden" seems a little heavy-handed in this trailer.

Anonymous on Aug 19, 2011


Yes..heavy handed.. tacky.. a bit corny with the music followed by a rocket launcher which probably never happened. So because he used to be a biker he knows how to operate rpg? Surprised majority think it looks great. Maybe it is just hard for some people to say a movie looks bad when it is about something like this for fear of appearing insensitive? Lol

Kaim on Aug 19, 2011


Just my opinion.. It could very well be a good movie but I can't help it.. it looks silly and possibly preachy.

Kaim on Aug 19, 2011


yes! i ususally like most films, but if i see something i doubt - then, i bring it up. hey! i enjoyed "tears of the sun"; "beyond the gates" was wonderfully done as was "hotel rwanda". and all of those looked good in the trailers - i just don't think this one looks THAT great. thanks for the feedback - nice to see i'm not alone on this.

Anonymous on Aug 19, 2011


the trailer alone uplifted and inspired me, going to see this.

Rockkicker on Aug 19, 2011


"I've done a lot of things I aint proud of."  I hope that includes all those shitty romantic comedies.

M.K. Nielsen on Aug 19, 2011


You guys need to read the memoir "Another Man's War", which is what the movie is based off of. It's such an incredible story. I'm definitely gonna catch this whenever I can.

Icefilm on Aug 19, 2011


Why 'even' Butler looks good? Butler always looks good, and he's a talented and compelling actor, too, even when hamstrung with less than stellar films.

Llppr11 on Aug 19, 2011


nah i'll add this to the list of Gerard Butler movies not to watch along with Bounty Hunter and P.S I love You...Coriolanus looks amazing though

Steve Speers on Aug 19, 2011


This movie is the most emotional movie I've ever seen.  It's THAT good.

Mojoz2000 on Aug 20, 2011


Looks pretty good. Had a horrible poster though.

grimjob on Aug 21, 2011


I thought it was going to be like 'Hobo with a Shotgun'. Bit disappointed.

Crapola on Aug 21, 2011


Read the book, can't wait to see the movie, no problems for me with trailer. A lot more happened in the book so lots more to see in the movie.

kcsunshine on Aug 23, 2011


FINALLY! Some good material for him to work with.

Phantom1991 on Aug 24, 2011

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