Watch: Second Awesome 'Prometheus' Trailer Preview Arrives Early

December 19, 2011
Source: Alien Prequel News

Prometheus Preview

"I'm thrilled to be doing another science fiction." The countdown has begun. Earlier today, 20th Century Fox unveiled the first "teaser preview" for Ridley Scott's Prometheus, a "three days left" preview of behind-the-scenes footage and more, but just a glimpse. Now the second one, the "two days left" portion, has arrived early via leaks from Alien Prequel News/The Film Stage, and it's a huge step up from the first one. This is starting to look absolutely breathtaking, with some huge sci-fi crashes and crazy floating actors, I am beyond excited for this, it looks amazing! Glimpses of Charlize Theron and Noomi Rapace ahead.

Watch the second trailer preview for Ridley Scott's Prometheus, originally posted via Twitvid/APN:

The first excellent teaser trailer for Prometheus has been officially released - watch it here!

A team of explorers find a clue to the origins of man on Earth, leading them on a journey to the darkest corners of the universe… There, they must fight a terrifying battle to save the future of the human race.

Prometheus is directed by legendary Oscar nominated filmmaker Ridley Scott, who started it all with Alien and Blade Runner, also directing Thelma & Louise, Gladiator, Black Hawk Down, Kingdom of Heaven, American Gangster, Body of Lies and Robin Hood most recently. The screenplay was originally written by Jon Spaihts (The Darkest Hour), then updated by Damon Lindelof of "Lost" and Cowboys & Aliens, Star Trek 2. Fox has Prometheus scheduled to hit theaters on June 8th, 2012 next summer. Are you ready?

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I was 'blown away' by noomi rapace's part! ahur

Nim on Dec 19, 2011


extremly awesome!

Oliver J L on Dec 19, 2011


my but is tingling with anticipation 😀

Anonymous on Dec 19, 2011


my and is shivering with excitement 😉

Anonymous on Dec 19, 2011


Love Ridley Scott's epic flicks! Can't wait.

Judasbarronx1 on Dec 19, 2011


*pulls at hair, roots deep* another teaser for a trailer??

David Banner on Dec 19, 2011


Yea... and another one after this too, up until Thursday. A "countdown"! 😉

Alex Billington on Dec 19, 2011


2O12 already looks hopeful...

Big Boss on Dec 19, 2011


2011 was considered one of the best for videogames. Hopefully 2012 is one of the best for movies amirite? It's looking like it!

Aj Meadows on Dec 19, 2011


Ridley should keep making sci-fi,this looks amazing

tir na nog on Dec 19, 2011



Xerxexx on Dec 19, 2011


(Picks up jaw off floor....) Wow.  Keeping fingers crossed.

Anonymous on Dec 20, 2011


Ucky ew...I an't ind my yaw. Translation: "Lucky you...I can't find my jaw,"

Xerxexx on Dec 20, 2011


i forgot mine back at the first trailer preview....

Jericho on Dec 20, 2011


Oh...I accidentally stepped on it.

Xerxexx on Dec 20, 2011


2010/2011 were disappointing movie years to me (mostly, with a few exceptions). 2012 on the other hand has huuuuuge potential!

Anonymous on Dec 19, 2011


I'm sure I'm not the first person to point this out but isn't it kind of ridiculous that we are now getting trailers for trailers? "Coming soon... a trailer for a movie... that's coming later."

Thisisstillmore on Dec 19, 2011


Its Ridley Scott though.

Xerxexx on Dec 19, 2011


The new Dark Night movie did it, so why not Ridley Scott?

Josh Taylor on Dec 19, 2011


That would be a teaser right?

Rodrigo Font on Dec 19, 2011


So this is the lineage: teaser, trailser, then trailer.  Eventually we'll have to start with tea, which will make everything prim and proper.

Alejo on Dec 19, 2011


... I thought that was cute... but I get your point, it's a little moronic indeed...

Yahzee on Dec 20, 2011


Might be his best since gladiator.

ter on Dec 19, 2011


So is it just me that has concerns about this? That appears to be the space jockey's ship crashing on LV426 with people running. WTF?

blester01 on Dec 19, 2011


Yes, it very well may just be you. Enjoy being part of the .001% who might actually be bothered by something that may turn out to be entirely not the case or entirely trivial.

Marty on Dec 19, 2011


There are just somethings best left to the imagination.  I am hoping the rumors of the Aliens "role" are not accurate. Sounds like a bad story line to me, but I looking forward to seeing how they pull this off.

blester01 on Dec 20, 2011


I gotta say. This is shaping up to look as good as I had hoped. The cast is fantastic, set design, art direction, the vibe... hopefully there's a great story to be told.

Marty on Dec 19, 2011


Agreed, Marty.  Ridley returning to science fiction...oh man, it just sounds too awesome. And I like the Kneale-type vibe coming from the film (based on what I've read and seen).

Anonymous on Dec 20, 2011


Between this and Cauron's "Gravitiy", I don't know which one I"m more pumper for....

jah p on Dec 19, 2011


Guess we'll have to flip a coin....

Anonymous on Dec 20, 2011


Oh My God I want more...

JimD on Dec 19, 2011



DAVIDPD on Dec 19, 2011


The scream in this video is very similar to the scream in the Alien trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjLamj-b0I8&feature=related#t=00m55s

J on Dec 19, 2011


I like the scale of it. Funny considering Alien was so claustrophobic

Crapola on Dec 20, 2011


Hmmm....good point.  Then again, perhaps with modern film tech, Ridley can afford to "open up" the scale of this film and blow our minds. I hope he pulls it off.  Especially since next year will be the 30th anniversary of BLADE RUNNER.

Anonymous on Dec 20, 2011


That's what I was thinking, the big shots of the spaceship crashing down wouldn't have been possible with the technology in 79. I'm excited for it, I want it to be great, I love those worlds, I'm not so fussed even on the 'Alien' side of it, I'd much rather they explored the environment, but I'm sure there will be the inevitable picking off of the crew to alert the interest of the folks back home to send Ripley and her gang to their doom.

Crapola on Dec 20, 2011


I hope this isn't PG13.

Mr. Tibbs on Dec 20, 2011


Looks great! When the photos were shown weeks ago, everybody were saying bad stuff like "it looks shiny", "looks like a TV movie" blah blah blah. Now everybody is blown away. LOL!

JediBilly on Dec 20, 2011


trailers for trailers?!?!!?!? This is utter nonsense, self-imposed hype that can kill a movie.

Voice of Reason on Dec 20, 2011


Well....hate to tell you this, but this sort of thing is nothing new.  It was done a lot (hell, THE TOWERING INFERNO did the same thing...), but not too much now.

Anonymous on Dec 20, 2011


This movie became automatically over hyped the second Ridley announced he was returning to the Alien mythology and the horror genre.. Although I tend to agree with your comment, I don't think this trailer to the teaser to the trailer to the teaser to the trailer will make much difference in this case

Tester on Dec 20, 2011


Hmmm...well, you made a good point, Tester.  But...I can understand the hype (even though I feel it might go out of control).  Ridley Scott has only done 2 science fiction films in his career, and both of them were very influential on future films. So, yeah, coming back to the Alien universe...yeah, I can see the hype kicking in. But you're right--the final trailer is what we're waiting for, and the completed film.  I am hoping that it will be worth it.

Anonymous on Dec 20, 2011


I find it kind of weird that we now have trailers for trailers, i can understand wanting to have a lot of marketing, but Jesus Christ!

Clocker910 on Dec 20, 2011


How about the virals for trailers, e.g. TDKR? Marketing getting out of hand.

blester01 on Dec 20, 2011


I wonder if this is going to be another Heart of Darkness in space? The human face in the earlier post...perhaps somebody did try to cull these aliens for their own benefits when disaster strike... or the aliens are actually humans (DNA engineering gone wrong).

KublaKoon on Dec 21, 2011


I like almost everything except the war of the worlds cliche. I don't want it to result in massive earth vs aliens thing. I think that scale of battle will make it cheesy. It should just be low key- a bunch of people vs some aliens.

Guesto on Dec 21, 2011


I really wish trailers debuted on something other than Youtube and iTunes

Yves on Dec 23, 2011

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