Watch: Second Full Official Trailer for Duncan Jones' 'Source Code'

February 23, 2011
Source: Moviefone

Source Code Trailer

"What is my mission?" To watch this trailer. Summit has debuted a second, shorter trailer for Moon director Duncan Jones' new film Source Code, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan, Vera Farmiga and Jeffrey Wright. The first trailer launched back in November and showed quite a bit of the movie, this new one comes from Moviefone and still explains quite a bit, but in a more concise package, only 60 seconds long. I still think this looks like it might be a great movie with some fascinating sci-fi time-travel elements, and a crazy story involving Gyllenhaal running through trains and time. Watch and tell us what you think?

Watch the second official trailer for Duncan Jones' Source Code from YouTube:

A sci-fi story centered on a soldier who wakes up in the body of a person who witnesses a train explosion.

Source Code is directed by one of our very favorite up-and-coming British filmmakers, Duncan Jones, son of David Bowie whose feature debut was the brilliant sci-fi film Moon. The screenplay was written by TV writer Ben Ripley, making his feature debut, and was featured on the Black List a few years ago. Vendome Pictures and Mark Gordon produced. Summit Entertainment is bringing Source Code to theaters everywhere starting April 1st just before the summer kicks off. This is highly suggested viewing, it's a fascinating sci-fi thriller.

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somehow this one feels like a teaser. so excited for this, though!

asldfjlas on Feb 23, 2011


kinda like deja vu the movie (:

Jokim00 on Feb 23, 2011


Yeah its basically an exact copy...kind of sad since this is the guy who Directed Moon which was an amazing film.

i have no name on Feb 23, 2011


Whoever cuts these trailers needs to start looking at this movie from a different angle. We don't need everything spelled out for us. Give me a sense of the mood, the emotional aspects--not a plot summary.

Anonymous on Feb 23, 2011


Exactly! Every trailer nowadays feels like one of those videos like "titanic in 30 seconds". A trailer is supposed to make us excited to see the movie showing as little as possible.

Anonymous on Feb 23, 2011


I am confused...why does the trailer say it is releasing on April 1st instead of April 15th? Is it some kind of April fools joke?

Ron on Feb 23, 2011


WOW! Just seen an entire movie... I feel like I have to leave the theater and go home.

Anonymous on Feb 23, 2011


If everytime he goes back to the train he is on someone else's shoes, as we see in the mirror scene, how come the girl recognizes/is attracted to him?

Anonymous on Feb 23, 2011


no he is the girls husband or boyfriend every time he goes back.

i have no name on Feb 23, 2011


betting the girl is the bomber what a twist

p86 on Feb 23, 2011


Duncan Jones is probably just doing this to get funding for his next project. I'll check this out though. Moon was so awesome!

Mattias K. Nielsen on Feb 23, 2011


I'm so excited about this movie... this is the kind of things you do in life when your dad is David Bowie. You need to create wonders in order to live up to the expectations...

Leinergroove on Feb 23, 2011


It looks alright but let me get this straight, in the process of trying to find the bomber he falls in love with a woman who's dead and still tries to save her even though it wouldn't change anything

Huh on Feb 23, 2011


and who really finds love in 8 minutes lol

p86 on Feb 24, 2011


For real, "shes hot and omg shes looking at me sweet cause Im her husband...Im in love" ffs, your probably right too, shes the bomber.

Cody W. on Feb 24, 2011


Wow, is it me or this feel like Twelve Monkeys but without all the post apocalypse stuff.

Duck on Feb 24, 2011


Yea that's not a bad comparison actually... just a little more contemporary and sleek - bingo.

Alex Billington on Feb 25, 2011


reminds me of deja vu a bit. which is a good thing.

Anonymous on Feb 24, 2011


So instead of finding the bomb, he's trying to talk to the chick?

Drumzamazin on Feb 24, 2011


LOL! fair point

Conrad Williams on Feb 25, 2011


It was a really good movie.

Dabaki on Apr 4, 2011

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