Watch: Second Full Theatrical Trailer for Drake Doremus' 'Like Crazy'

August 10, 2011
Source: Apple

Like Crazy Trailer

Now here's the trailer you really must watch. Paramount has unveiled the second full theatrical trailer for Drake Doremus' fantastic indie drama Like Crazy, starring Anton Yelchin as a college student who falls in love with a young British girl, Felicity Jones. We featured the first teaser trailer for this last week and now they're following it up with a full-length trailer that I think really captures more of the full range of emotion this film has. This one features a bit more of Jennifer Lawrence as well. Please make sure this film is on your list to see, it's so damn good and I hope everyone gives it a chance (to break their heart, too).

Watch the full theatrical trailer for Drake Doremus' Like Crazy, via Apple:

You can also download the new Like Crazy trailer in High Defintion on Apple

A British college student falls for an American only to be separated after she's banned for staying too long.

Like Crazy is written and directed by up-and-coming American filmmaker Drake Doremus, of the indie comedies Douchebag, Spooner and Moonpie previously. The screenplay was co-written by Doremus and actor Ben York Jones. This premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, where it won Grand Jury Prize and a Special Jury Prize for Acting to Felicity Jones. Paramount Vantage is bringing Like Crazy to theaters starting on October 28th this fall. I loved it, go see this! Check out: facebook/LikeCrazyMovie.

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Felicity Jones and Jennifer Lawrence are stunningly gorgeous.A lot of people don’t know that Felicity Jones is a cougar in this film. In real life, Anton Yelchin is 22 and she is 27.

Bruno Jupiter on Aug 10, 2011


lol, cougar funny 

Cougartown on Aug 10, 2011


Dude, being 27 certainly does not make you a cougar. Especially if the age difference is of only 5 years.

Laurent on Aug 10, 2011


what was that first song?

Bcopes11 on Aug 10, 2011


And the first song is ... ? Thx, prefer it to the second, its rendition at least.

Robert L. Tuva on Aug 10, 2011


Yikes, this looks like a ridiculously well done film.

Jace on Aug 10, 2011


Ohhh it definitely is, you just wait and see! You will fall in love too... then it will break your heart... haha nah it's really really good, don't worry!

Alex Billington on Aug 10, 2011


Song is Dead Hearts by Star for all those wondering. I looked it up myself because it seems to really fit in the trailer and is a great song overall.

Julu on Aug 10, 2011


It works well for the interchanging of voices for example. I don't like the second part that much though.

Robert L. Tuva on Aug 10, 2011


Looks like a beautiful and touching film. When I met my girlfriend (now my wife) we were in a similar situation... We managed to stay together so that's great.

Anonymous on Aug 10, 2011


Anton yelchin is going places. I glad for him, he is an incredible actor . Can't wait to see him in ODD THOMAS movie. I love this BOOKS.

Tatiana on Aug 10, 2011


Only gonna see this for Anton, i'm a huge fan of him, the rest of the cast looks bored and i don´t care, either.

PerL on Aug 10, 2011


If the film's pacing and storytelling are as good as these trailers, the final package is going to be incredible. And such great choices of music. 

Scotty97 on Aug 10, 2011


This isn't just a film. It's an experience. I'm sure it will haunt me long after I've watched it.

Quanah on Aug 10, 2011


That looks really good.

Nick Sears on Aug 10, 2011


Pretty impressive for something shot on a DSLR.

Matt on Aug 10, 2011


Such a better trailer than the first, one that actually helped support the hype surrounding it and made me very excited to see it, which the first didn't do.

Derek D on Aug 10, 2011



David Kinskey-Lebeda on Aug 10, 2011


anyone know who sings the 2nd song? 

Jason Ip on Aug 10, 2011


cover by Ingrid Michaelson

Mr. Foe on Aug 10, 2011


I only need to hear the first notes from a "Stars" song to know I'm watching an amazing trailer. Didn't watch till the end though, don't want the movie spoiled

Anonymous on Aug 11, 2011


Love it!

Johnny Neat on Aug 10, 2011


Is there any way at all to see this movie before it comes out? October is so far away.

Matt on Aug 11, 2011


I like the other trailer better it doesnt have that awful first song that they played in this one.

John Kinnick on Aug 11, 2011


So if they're so in love, and she's been booted from the States, why doesn't he just move to England?

Pcusic on Aug 11, 2011


They address that in the movie... ask yourself, if you had a girlfriend who lived in London, and were just starting a job out of college, would you give up everything and move there and integrate into a completely different society?

Alex Billington on Aug 13, 2011


These 2 trailers just get me thinking about first love. I remember how quiet, often subtle, and passionate it was. It's was an extraordinary thing. What pleases me is to know the director has based this on his own experience. Any time I go into a film knowing that, I end up seeing something that feels real, personal, heartfelt...I can't help but gravitate back to this trailer. I know this film is going to hurt.

Quanah on Aug 13, 2011


The first song is Dead Hearts by Stars.

Notyep2011 on Sep 4, 2011


Betsy,Here is my take and writeup of “Like Crazy” [change the Title to: “Kindred- Spirits” or “Soul- Mates” ] Bill VidorThis cinematic story of realism Titled: “Like Crazy”, superbly directed by: Drake Doremus and brilliantly played by: Felicity Jones and Anton Yelchin , is about a love story that begins with a glittery love encounter between two uniquely compatible soul- mates that loses its luster along the way, as it is headed to the Oscars.  All through the story this movie gives the audience a small but edgy Roller-coaster ride that evokes the senses of anticipation that at any moment there will be a complete collapse of the relationship for one reason or another, it also deals with the question of telling the truth and nothing but the truth about Infidelity and betrayal, for they could be damned if they do, but we all know that the truth will end their relationship and set them free, on the other hand by not spilling the beans the string of love and their emotional ties that holds them together is not completely severed. Tho distance makes their hearts longing for One another, each has the need to fill the void of a detachment  with a temporary warm body to numb the pain of separation, which puts a painful strain on their kinship, which is superbly expressed and enacted in the finale scene, as Rembrandt said, it’s, all in the faces.   Bill Vidor October 6, 2011 ©Tele: 510-835-3487 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              510-835-3487      end_of_the_skype_highlighting Cell: 510-835-3441 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              510-835-3441      end_of_the_skype_highlighting   

Bill on Oct 8, 2011

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