Watch: Second Full Trailer for Peter Berg's 'Battleship' Isn't Any Better

December 9, 2011
Source: Apple

Battleship Trailer

"Keep firing!" Are you ready for this? Universal has unleashed the second full trailer via Apple for Peter Berg's Battleship movie, based on the classic board game. Alexander Skarsgard, Taylor Kitsch, Josh Pence, Brooklyn Decker and Rihanna all star, with Liam Neeson playing Admiral Shane, as Navy sailors fending off a huge alien invasion. We've seen one trailer for this already, but this one doesn't help quell any fears, it looks just as bad. If anything, I'd say it looks like Pearl Harbor meets Dark of the Moon, and it wasn't even shot by Michael Bay! Give it a look, it is action packed, and there is one cool shot at least.

Watch the second official trailer for Peter Berg's Battleship, via Apple:

You can also download this latest Battleship trailer in High Def on Apple

A fleet of ships is forced to do battle with an advanced armada of unknown origins in order to defeat them.

Battleship is directed by American filmmaker Peter Berg, of Very Bad Things, The Rundown, Friday Night Lights (the movie), The Kingdom and Hancock previously. The screenplay was co-written by brothers Erich Hoeber & Jon Hoeber, of Whiteout, RED and Man on a Ledge. Universal produced this with a budget of over $200 million. Battleship is currently set to sail on May 18th next summer. Visit their official website.

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Feels like I'm watching another Transformers movie.

Gabriel O. Maldonado on Dec 9, 2011


Well, who the hell knows? Perhaps Rihanna will shock the world by pulling out her brilliance and skilful acting in this film that none of us know she has.

Runyon on Dec 9, 2011


Hahahahaha yea right... I HIGHLY doubt that, but thanks for holding out hope.

Alex Billington on Dec 9, 2011


Yeah, and maybe one day Beyonce will finally win the Academy Award for Best Actress.

John on Dec 11, 2011


I don't know if Rihanna is trying to be Asian or a Pirate.  Either way its awful

Michael Lee on Dec 9, 2011


Transformers meets Crysis?!

D6 on Dec 9, 2011


yes, it looks like it... lol ... but this a lil better than transformers considering the fact they took gamers favorite crysis 🙂

Stevenfreestyler on Dec 15, 2011


Brooklyn Decker is so gorgeous and sexy. She's a very talented fashion model and actress. She'll be wonderful in the film.

Will Brandt on Dec 9, 2011



John on Dec 11, 2011


So all you have to do is yell P5 and its a battleship movie even thought it has nothing to do with the game except that it has ships.

Wheelz37 on Dec 9, 2011


The battleship gets pegs shot into it's hull, which is another direct reference to the game. I'm certain the "you sank my battleship" line is in there somewhere as well.

Anonymous on Dec 10, 2011


First time I've ever had to 100% disagree in saying this trailer doesn't look any better. This movie is gonna be crazy sick! Cannot wait!

JBrotsis on Dec 9, 2011


disagree with Alex*

JBrotsis on Dec 9, 2011


Going to have to agree...This looks like a good popcorn flick.  But hey, I loved all the Transformer movies, what do I know.

Michael McRorey on Dec 9, 2011


this looks better and bigger then any transformers trailer/movie so far and im full behind it.

kure on Dec 9, 2011


Dude, it LOOKS awesome! Now for the story, well, we won't know until we see it. C'mon, Alex. You're usually not so critical. Looks a like a fun popcorn flick. I'll be checking it out.

Chris_Hunter on Dec 9, 2011


Cmon Alex. Its obviously not among the best trailers out there or even the worse (ahem... Three Stooges).. but it looks alright. I could rent this one out. Rihanna isn't as terrible as I'd thought she'd be. Why don't you like it?

Heddwyn on Dec 9, 2011


i think you accidentally watched the video for Love the way you lie. Now watch the Battleship'll get what he means.

Sammuel on Dec 9, 2011


Yeeahhhhh I know this is gonna be terrible...but I have to say it does look entertaining, and the special effects are pretty spot on. I'll see it. 

Danimal on Dec 9, 2011


You Sunk My Battleship!!!!

Jponce1704 on Dec 9, 2011


its just transformers 4

MovieKing on Dec 9, 2011


I dont remember Battleship having aliens........or transforming abilities......or land for that matter. or rihanna.

Sammuel on Dec 9, 2011


Lets just look at this movie for what it is, just an average summer action/sci-fi  flick. I don't expect The Dark Knight or Inception with this film, and I don't expect it to be major award winner. I expect it to be an average film that I rent or see at a matinee. This trailer looks better than the first to me. 

Patrick on Dec 9, 2011


"Pathetic Fools! Theres no escape!"

Ross on Dec 9, 2011


Man, after reading the comments here, I have come to realize how terrible the general public's taste is. Anyone who thinks this looks good (even as a popcorn flick) needs to check themselves.

Josh Taylor on Dec 9, 2011


Snobbery is alive and well, just in case anyone was wondering. 😉

Anonymous on Dec 9, 2011


Yup, as is having no taste. This movie is the equivalent of American Idol. Sorry for wanting more cerebral movies instead of action popcorn movies, which we have PLENTY of.

Josh Taylor on Dec 9, 2011


No one is claiming that this will be some kind of cinematic masterpiece. In fact the trailer is probably quite honest about what the film will deliver. I like fine dining as much as anyone else, but sometimes I crave some fast food. At least this should be an upgrade to the Transformers films.

Anonymous on Dec 9, 2011


yea and if every movie was cerebral hollywood would tank pretty quick...movies like these are part of the summer movie madness that is hollywood every year...just another popcorn flick to entertain the mass... doesnt mean it cant be entertaining...stop expecting every movie to be a masterpiece and come back to reality, not everyone is at the same level as Scorsese and the like... Personally to me it looks very-transformer like which i'm glad to see just because Michael Bay isnt involved...

RayRay on Dec 9, 2011


Everything in your statement just confirms what is wrong with society. More and more of these shitty types of films come out every year. People who continue to pay Hollywood to watch these kinds of movies is why we continue to get remakes and popcorn flicks over and over and over. I find it funny that when a movie like Drive comes out, people go off on how good it is, or how different. This just proves my point that 80-90 percent of films now are trash and good movies are rare. I love a popcorn flick as much as the next man, but that doesn't mean it can't be a good movie as well. I would categorize something like District 9 as a popcorn flick (similar to this Battleship trash) and yet it had plenty of other good features. You guys have been conditioned by Hollywood and don't even know it. Either that or I am from a whole different era.

Josh Taylor on Dec 9, 2011


Somedays I want dinner at a nice restaurant a Filet Mignon. Somedays I want to have a cook out with beer and burgers. Sometimes I want to go to a museum, somedays I want to just relax and watch tv. Sometimes I want an amazing cinematic experience, sometimes I just want a popcorn flick that does nothing but entertain me for two hours. Its not that I have no taste, its that I have a taste for a wide range of things. More critics need to let go of the elitist attitude and see and not hold all movies to the highest standards. I think they are out of touch with the average person. Not all movies need to be average, but there should be a variety in all things. 

Patrick on Dec 9, 2011


"Isn't any better"??????? This trailer is better than a lot of trailers you label as "MUST WATCH". I'm sold... This looks like a fun summer flick - Definitely a transformers vibe - but without any transformers. (and that's a plus!) The scope of the film also looks larger than the teaser suggested. I'm excited. I'm seeing this. The major clunker of the trailer is the whole "My dad said they would come..." voice over. What the heck?

Anonymous on Dec 9, 2011


If this movie was called anything other then Battleship you'd have a raging hard-on for it. Disassociate your childhood memories of playing battleship and both these trailers will blow your mind, with the second being even better

rickvanr on Dec 9, 2011


Sure, we will disassociate this movie from our childhood memories of playing battleship... just as soon as they disassociate this movie from the game we played when we were kids. We need to hijack a few bottling plants for Budweiser, Coors, and Miller. Fill up a few hundred thousand bottles with root beer and not chance one letter, symbol, or color on the bottles. Ship em and watch the US  descend into one gigantic riot. Just cause it's called something that's been around for decades and has a few bits of similarity does not make it the same thing.

Anonymous on Dec 9, 2011


umm, thats exactly what the other guy is saying.

Anonymous on Dec 9, 2011


could have been a good, suspense thriller about the US fighting an invading superpower but nooooooooooooo it had to be FRICKIN ALIENS!!!!

Alleycat4444 on Dec 9, 2011


could have been worse...just

RayRay on Dec 9, 2011


Transformers meets Battle: Los Angeles. 

Anonymous on Dec 9, 2011


What was the one cool shot? I thought it was the slow motion forward and reverse explosion.

Iamher on Dec 9, 2011


They're going to learn that the Aliens hid all their ships in the J's...

Steve on Dec 9, 2011


We need movies like this. They'll make the Dark Knight Rises even better.

Anonymous on Dec 9, 2011


Try watching it without the 'Battleship' title at the end, and it actually looks not too bad. The worst thing they did to this movie was tie it to a nearly 80 year old board game.

Anonymous on Dec 9, 2011


I agree, some concepts should just try to stand on their own legs. Pretty much everything after the first 25 minutes of Wanted had nothing to do with the comic... and it was good enough to stand on its own two legs. All they had to do was change the lead characters names. They're really ripping off a lot of Transformers 3 in this. With the ships, the cheap "buried under ground for years and we just didn't notice" (instead of the moon), and especially the sounds. If it does better than Transformers (critically) then maybe we've got ourselves a good kick in the pants for Bay. Then maybe he'll have to go back to original concepts, like Bad Boys and Armageddon... which were way better.

Anonymous on Dec 9, 2011


" They're really ripping off a lot of Transformers 3 in this. With the ships, the cheap "buried under ground for years and we just didn't notice" (instead of the moon), and especially the sounds. "- isnt that more of a War of the Worlds rip off ????

Anonymous on Dec 9, 2011


'Not too bad' is far from 'good'. Bad Boys and Armageddon were 'not too bad'. I'm not sure how either of the latter two films were original concepts, especially when Deep Impact came out a month earlier than Armageddon.

Anonymous on Dec 11, 2011


This movie shoul be in 3D!!!!!!!!!

ACtDeltAS on Dec 9, 2011


Screw you guys, this movie looks like a epic orgy for my eyeballs.

Roderick on Dec 9, 2011


This is nothing but trash and will waste your money.

Bryce Hoogland on Dec 10, 2011


Transformers of the carribean 🙂

Aaa on Dec 10, 2011


trailer+Dubstep+Transformers+Battle: Los Angeles= EPIC!

This Nikka on Dec 10, 2011


actually looks really good.

Vold on Dec 10, 2011


No, not really.

John on Dec 11, 2011


Gotta say...didn't look bad Alex.

Jeffrey Lamar on Dec 10, 2011


"From Hasbro, the company that brought you Transformers" REALLY NOW, America?

Zachary Huizenga on Dec 10, 2011


The last scene was sad, of the mighty battleship shooting fruitlessly at the little bouncing pegs.

Coltman15 on Dec 10, 2011


This is lame and how does it even remotely have anything to do with the game battleship? Where there alien battleships in the game?

JimD on Dec 10, 2011


American = Brainless Moron   boom bang crash tities bang boom  end!   thats america for yeah!  

Sigh on Dec 10, 2011


Hey, before you call American's brainless morons make sure you know how to spell first. "thats america for yeah!"?

John on Dec 11, 2011


Sadly there are plenty of morons out there willing to pay to watch that crap.

rennmaxbeta on Dec 11, 2011


Sad but true.

John on Dec 11, 2011


I'm sorry, but if you don't associate this with the board game, it actually looks good. Yes, has to much Transformers feel to it...

typhoon on Dec 11, 2011


It sucks, I cant watch because I dont have Quicktime. You guys should stick to Flash videos only. 

Dhiram on Dec 11, 2011



John on Dec 13, 2011


Rihanna's in it? Fuck that shit. Pass.

Nem on Dec 14, 2011


How the heck is this not "Transformers 4: Death of Sanity"? Could they at least pretend to have any part of the movie be original?

jjboldt on Dec 15, 2011


SO do this....  ok..  Find the dark of the moon trailer play it and then open this one and mute this triler same thing..

Michael Baldwin on Jan 11, 2012


This movie hooked itself to Hasbro and got made as a result. Not the same plot. Thankfully. "DEXTER" is a good example of using the name but not the plot. The books suck in comparison. based on the number of entries here, people are interested. But unlike most blogs, no one has blamed its' badness on Obama.  Yet...

Spike-the-poet on Jan 31, 2012


I ♥ this Movie....and...I ♥ RiRi           ♥♥  ♥♥  ♥♥

Olivertanushi on Mar 1, 2012

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