Watch: Second Full Trailer for W.S. Anderson's 'The Three Musketeers'

June 28, 2011
Source: YouTube

The Three Musketeers Trailer

"There are things in this world worth fighting and dying for." We've been tipped off by YouTube user crillyboy19 that there is a new trailer for Paul W.S. Anderson's The Three Musketeers, a full-length theatrical trailer to follow-up from the first teaser trailer back in March. Wait - rules the skies?! Orlando Bloom plays a guy named Buckingham and there are giant aerial fights with floating blimps? Okay, this just got crazy. You must watch this trailer just to see all the crazy, odd twists they've added! The rest of the Musketeers are: Matthew Macfadyen, Ray Stevenson, Luke Evans and Logan Lerman. Round Two!

Watch the second full trailer for Paul W.S. Anderson's The Three Musketeers, via YouTube:

The Three Musketeers, which was actually shot entirely in 3D, is being directed by Paul W.S. Anderson (of Resident Evil, Death Race, Event Horizon) with a script adapted from Alexandre Dumas' novel by Andrew Davies and Alex Litvak (Predators). Summit Entertainment has this set for release on October 21st, later this year. In addition to the four Musketeers above, The Three Musketeers also stars Orlando Bloom as the Duke of Buckingham, Christoph Waltz as Cardinal Richelieu, Mads Mikkelsen as Rochefort, Til Schweiger as Cagliostro, Juno Temple as Queen Anne and Milla Jovovich as M'lady De Winter. Anyone going to see this?

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...why do they keep giving Paul W.S. Anderson money? he's ruined enough potentially "good" movies already.

NICK S. on Jun 28, 2011


That was exactly my thought seeing this, it looks like a good idea spoiled by the director. And that kid doesn't look that good of an actor I'm afraid.

Anonymous on Jun 28, 2011


He's no Haley Joel Osment.

JL on Jun 28, 2011


For me, it does not look like a great idea. This idea was used so many times. 

whatafy on Jul 4, 2011


This is going to do to The Three Musketeers what Twilight did to vampire movies

Tsabotavac on Jun 28, 2011


...though tempted by the overblown silliness of it, the young lad is too baby faced to be allowed outside a harry potter movie - and one of the earlier ones at that.  A "nein" for me unless shown to be better than I expect it to be.

Anonymous on Jun 28, 2011


it looks worth a watch - but the guy playing d'artagnan  still looks TOO YOUNG......and i think it hurts the movie. comes off as kind of comical - and not in a good way.

Anonymous on Jun 28, 2011


Yeah. I'm reading the book now and he's about 20. That kid looks maybe 15.

Octopus9498 on Jul 5, 2011


i dont know what you guys are talking about i think this looks sick

Nathan on Jun 28, 2011


the young musketeer ruined it for me....too baby faced. I wanna punch him. PASS.

Mazen K. on Jun 28, 2011


Yeah, I agree Mazen. He's way too pretty and baby faced. He looks so out of place in the movie with a bunch of older rugged men. I wish the enemies would pin that pretty boy down, take turns shagging the shit out of him, bust open his asshole and then slit his throat.

Jordan on Jun 29, 2011


Jesus! That's harsh, don't you think? Why all this hatred for the kid? I've seen the movies he was in Gamer and 3:10 To Yuma and he really impressed me with his acting ability. Give him a chance before you make assumptions just because of his baby face.

Dale on Jun 29, 2011


Awful much.

Eric on Jun 28, 2011


Airships, explosions and CGI flying swords?! Nice job destroying a classic Hollywood. Yet, I'll probably watch this simply to laugh at how stupid it is.

Brandon on Jun 28, 2011


F_ck 3D and this just looks silly

Loser on Jun 28, 2011


This trailer gets me super excited... to read the book. I'll pass.

Joshua m on Jun 29, 2011


That screen shot alone made me not wanna watch the trailer. His face! And those silly looking sparks... xD  Then I caved and gave it a shot anyways, which only confirmed what I already assumed. It looks retarded.  Come on, Christoph Waltz, stop making me sit through awful movies for you, god!

Anonymous on Jun 29, 2011


Just love the way they say "Dar-tan-yinn" with their british accents.  almost makes you forget it's french.  Ok, so when are Usher, Beiber, Adam Levine going to release the 'All for one, all for love" remix?  (let that sink in for a sec)   geez this looks bad.  At least the Disney one with Keifer and Sheen played upon it's silly moments.  This one looks like it's not trying to have any...  ;-/  

Anonymous on Jun 29, 2011


wait, buckingham and the cardinal are partners? in the original books, wasn't part of the musketeers' mission to prevent the cardinal from revealing the queen and buckingham's affair? in other words...when was buckingham ever a bad guy? or am i thinking of another character?

Zachs on Jun 29, 2011


Jesus! Here we go again! Everyone bitching! The funny thing is that people went to the screening for this and every review positive. And give the Lerman kid a break. He's a good actor and obviously he gave a good audition and his age is appropriate for the character. He can't help if he's pretty and babyfaced. For some reason guys just love to dump on a young actor with a pretty babyface. I don't think it's fair until you see the movie to judge the movie or this young actor. Like I said, people enjoyed the movie when they went to the screening so I'm going to give it a chance. To me, it looks entertaining and isn't that why we go see a movie, to be entertained? 

Dale on Jun 29, 2011


To each his own...  I'm all about that.  if you wanna see it, more power to ya and i look forward to your review!! 😉   My gripe is more of the historical inaccuracies that are supposed to capture the setting & timeframe.  For example, this trailer reminds me of Prince of theives when Costner spoke with no british accent, whereas all of the Greeks in Troy seemed to have them, or most painfully of all how the native americans and mexicans in those spaghetti westerns were clearly italians.  I know movies are FULL of stuff like that, but IMO those are minor deets i just cant overlook.  🙂       

Anonymous on Jun 29, 2011


"...people went to the screening for this and every review positive." I went to see my doctor recently for test results and he more or less said the same thing. 🙁   ...and yet, that harsh piece of news was absolutely nothing compared to watching that trailer. Jesus Christ!

Tyler Danger on Jun 29, 2011


Cant wait to see this movie looks like a lot of fun 🙂

Josh on Jun 29, 2011


What the fuck was that shit. This blasphemy should not be called The Three Musketeers. 

Shige on Jun 29, 2011


Every review positive, Dale?  What entertainment deprived bunghole did they screen it in?  This looks dreadfull.

Chris451 on Jun 29, 2011


I don't get why they had to make this an adaptation of the Three Musketeers. If you're going to totally change every aspect of the story, why the hell do you even bother trying to shoehorn in shit from the original? Just for the title? No one's going to appreciate the obliteration of a good book's story and characters. Just make your own story. Some exec heard that steampunk is popular, I guess. This trailer made me think of Wild Wild West.

Anonymous on Jun 29, 2011


Is there a Giant Mechanical Spider in this steaming pile as well?

Digby Shadbolt on Jun 29, 2011


Whats with the gratuitous slo-mos ow shit flying through the air?

Angry Chief on Jun 29, 2011


I see they use the same flamethrower as Ezio

Anonymous on Jun 29, 2011



Adam L on Jun 29, 2011


i agree with almost every comment on this board. trash

Anonymous on Jun 29, 2011


This looks like what Pirates 4 should have been. Awesome!

Felix on Jun 29, 2011


Logan is very very pretty in this! Me and my p e n i s are very very happy!

Nicholas on Jun 29, 2011


How many 3 musketeer movies can there possibly be?

Anonymous on Jun 29, 2011


looks better than the first trailer, but there's still some ripoffs i see. like certain details from assassin's creed. oh MANY details from assassin's creed. anyway.

redguy on Jun 29, 2011


So wait, why is this called "The Three Musketeers" when there's pretty much nothing from the original story still in tact other than the names? It probably would've made for a fun action film under a different title, but now I'm just disappointed already. Here's to hoping for the best.

FriendlyFire on Jun 30, 2011


Wild Wild West part 2. The director should be banned for making films.

Rumdesign on Jul 1, 2011


i dont know about you, but i counted 4 musketeers not 3!

The Dude on Jul 4, 2011


After seeing this i still prefer The Keifer sutherland,Charlie sheen and Oliver Platt version funnier

Justin Osborne on Jul 6, 2011


Super baby face GAY!!

spyder on Jul 8, 2011


You got to love fanboys.  They get pissed when they make a latino Spiderman, or when they changed the sex of a couple of characters in BSG (though they mostly flipped on that one) many were outraged when they cast a black actor as Heimdal in Thor, and they loved that the Harry Potter movies were as faithful as they were, and yet they see an airship and this is going to be the best most EPIC movie ever! "Oh I'm sorry I never read the original Three Musketeers, so it's okay."

James Nelson Smith on Sep 6, 2011


It was awesome. Flying ships n shiiiiyyiiiit. Dopeballs.

Crapola on Oct 11, 2011


well just watched this aaaaannd keep asking myself why? fing 3D is ruining movies story is shit because they keep consentrating "cool" 3d shots Good job Paul W.Shit. Anderson

Snatchgobler on Feb 4, 2012

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