Watch: Second Official Trailer for Craig Brewer's 'Footloose' Dances In

August 12, 2011
Source: Yahoo

Footloose Trailer

A time to be free! Paramount has debuted the second official trailer for Craig Brewer's Footloose remake, starring Kenny Wormald as the new Ren MacCormack. The first trailer for this remake seemed to throw a lot of people off, but this new one is a good improvement and shows off more of the talents of Wormald and the sheer fun of this flick. The cast also includes Julianne Hough as Ariel Moore, Miles Teller as Willard and Dennis Quaid as the strict father. I've seen this new Footloose and I will stay true and say that it's a great remake (read more here), it deserves to be given a chance even if you're a die-hard fan of the original.

Watch the second official trailer for Craig Brewer's Footloose, via Yahoo:

You can also download the new Footloose trailer in High Defintion on Yahoo

This new version of Footloose from Paramount and MTV Films is being directed by Craig Brewer, of Black Snake Moan and Hustle & Flow previously, from a screenplay that was co-written by lyricist/songwriter Dean Pitchford and Craig Brewer. In addition to Wormald starring as rebellious teen Ren MacCormack, the cast includes Julianne Hough as Ariel Moore, Dennis Quaid as Rev. Shaw Moore, Ray McKinnon, Ziah Colon, and Miles Teller as Willard. Paramount Pictures will be bringing this updated Footloose to theaters everywhere October 14th this fall. For more, read our complete interview with Craig Brewer here.

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I don't think this looks very good at all...but I will admit, I really liked the pacing of that trailer

Danimal on Aug 12, 2011


I'll see this because of Julianne Hough....

Nate on Aug 12, 2011


me too, she's so pretty

Qwqeqw on Aug 12, 2011


Always thought the whole premise of the movie was stupid: boy moves to small town, finds out he can't dance, throws a fit in an abandoned building, goes on a crusade to get the town to let him dance, town does, boy is happy again.  DUMB.

Phantom1991 on Aug 12, 2011


Aw C'mon Phantom, that dancing in the warehouse scene is phenomenal, any time I go by an abandoned warehouse I just get drawn there uncontrollably and dance like no-ones watching! The last time though I fell on some rusty metal and had to wait 1 day before a group of thieves stealing copper helped me out.

Crapola on Aug 13, 2011


i was so skeptical with the first trailer, but this one is alot better. I'll prolly end up seeing jst for the heck of it.

spyder on Aug 12, 2011



Tyler Danger on Aug 13, 2011


Still sucks - I don't care what the director says, he should never have touched this. Lame.

niwa on Aug 13, 2011


I like Craig Brewer, and even if this film aint bad, i believe we, as movie fans have an obligation to protest it. We need to let Hollywood know that we are smarter than they think we are, and want to see filmmakers with original stories make movies that will inspire us and future generations. This and the remake of Dirty Dancing, amongst others, should not be supported. If it does well they will greenlight more and more remakes. You have the choice to ask for better decisions. Do not support this cynical marketing trend.

Lane on Aug 12, 2011


you sound like an imbecile to me

Qwqeqw on Aug 12, 2011


how so? 

lane on Aug 12, 2011


@de337ec704e52755905f887f55f148a3:disqus read your comment, describes u perfectly for what you have written... Seems like a decent remake, but i do agree some originality is lacking in a lot of movies lately.

Da305kratos on Aug 13, 2011


Some originality? Go ahead and look at the top grossing movies this year. Of the top 10, only one is original (Bridesmaids). Then compare it to years past. Notice the trend. I'm not saying all remakes are bad (True Grit), but ones that are excessively transparent by design should be ignored. And if we continue to support them, more will be made.

Lane on Aug 13, 2011


Right, but why does box office ranking even matter? If you see a great film, an original film, no matter the budget, there's nothing stopping you from preaching your praise for it and getting others to see it. But hating against movies you haven't even seen isn't helping the cause at all.

Alex Billington on Aug 13, 2011


Okay look, I understand your concern and I probably would've been completely on your side if I hadn't already seen the film... But I have, and I can tell you it's just as worthy as the original. And if you're still upset, then please read my extensive interview with Craig Brewer, as he talks about exactly why this was remade and why nothing about this new one is ruining the original. It just seems that you're very quick to get angry about something before you've even given it a chance. It took me seeing the film to jump on this side of the bandwagon and that's what I'm suggesting you do, too - see it first. If you want to complain about the crap that Hollywood is putting out, complain about the Battleship movie or the 5000th romantic comedy repeat or the 10th body-switch movie (like the one that JUST opened this weekend). Those are the terribly unoriginal, unexciting movies bringing down cinema, however this Footloose remake is actually quite good (and I've seen it, I can say that). I'm just saying it's bad to instantly rule out ANY movie that's a remake just because it's a remake. This happened with Let Me In/Let the Right One In last year, same problem. Both great films, both worth seeing. And if anything, this will bring even more attention to Footloose. I'm now a bigger fan of Footloose having seen both films than I ever was before. Just saying.

Alex Billington on Aug 13, 2011


Thanks for the thought out response. I rea the interview with Craig before i wrote any comments, and I'm sure he tried to make the best Footloose remake possible. As a rule, I never judge a movie before I see it. And I'm not against all remakes. I agree, Let Me In was great. It basically comes down to: what is the motivation of the remake and what is the originals legacy. Let Me In was ab interesting American take on a foreign story. And you can't remake The Godfather. So studios are going to easy and successful properties like Footloose, Dirty Dancing, and The Bodyguard. Box office figures matter because that is what determines future projects being greenlit, and marketing budgets (which guides ppl to theaters). An exceptional film like Bellflower has no chance compared to the marketing push of Footloose. And remakes like this, based purely on a marketin move put no faith in an audience. And after graduating college and now working in the film industry, I see how and why these decisions are made and i'm upset. This trend of remakes to properties that should be left alone reeks of fear and insecurity from those in charge. Plus, the original Footloose is just a really bad flick. 🙂

Lane on Aug 13, 2011


This is to show Hollywood is just plain desperate to make any movie and writers are running out of idea to write. Feels like everything is either remake or from comics.

Sammickey on Aug 13, 2011

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