Watch: Second Trailer for Navy SEALs Action Film 'Act of Valor' Lands

November 11, 2011
Source: CraveOnline

Act of Valor Second Trailer

"Lieutenant, prepare your men for a bigger fight than you had imagined." Premiered on Veterans Day at the Carrier Classic on ESPN is the second official trailer for Act of Valor, the intense military action movie starring and made by real Navy SEALs. We featured the first full official trailer for this back in October, but this one presents a more straight-forward look at the action and story. There's also plenty of video game-like footage, aptly timed with the release of Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 recently. We get it. Yea it's still a big Navy sales movie, but the action looks awesome. Catch the latest trailer, with some new footage, below!

Watch the second trailer for Mike McCoy & Scott Waugh's Act of Valor, originally via CraveOnline:

When the rescue of a kidnapped CIA op leads to the discovery of a terrorist plot, a team of SEALs is dispatched on a worldwide manhunt. As the valiant men of Bandito Platoon race to stop an attack that could kill thousands of US civilians, they must balance commitment to their country, team and families.

Act of Valor is co-directed by Mike McCoy & Scott Waugh, stuntman and Navy soldiers also behind a short doc Navy SWCC. The screenplay for this action feature was written by Kurt Johnstad (Zack Snyder's 300, The Last Photograph). Relativity Media is releasing Act of Valor in theaters everywhere starting February 24th, 2012 early next year. Visit the film's official website here: Anyone going to see this?

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This may have been asked in the last trailer (if so sorry) but does anyone know the name of the song? Thanks in advance and this movie looks badass!

TheLaughingMan on Nov 11, 2011


"The Lightning Strike" by Snow Patrol

Phillip Gockel on Nov 11, 2011


I haven't heard Snow Patrol since SSX lol but thanks man!!!

TheLaughingMan on Nov 12, 2011


i'm in.

Anonymous on Nov 11, 2011


I'm in for it.  1st Trailer looked seriously badass.

Patrick Bowers on Nov 11, 2011


I know this is partly a recruitment video given the support by the Navy and US military but I have to say, its working.

joshp on Nov 11, 2011


I went to train up for army SF. ask yourself realistically are different is it what you allways wanted to do. you live misarable first reality check. allways cold, worn down. but do you have the desire tobe with few that do this job. another reality check really a gut check. are you going to really take the first steps to get thier. stay focused and do whats been calling you. "If not we don't need you"  if your a quiter

ChrisA69 on Jan 11, 2012


Fucking lies and propaganda. Silly! There's nothing real anymore.

Uffr on Nov 12, 2011


Is it hard to type with tin foil wrapped around your body?

Geoffrey Shauger on Nov 13, 2011


Looks like great visuals by cinematographer Shane Hurlbut. You almost can't believe he shot this on DSLR's 🙂

NW on Nov 12, 2011


I've spoke to soldiers who've done things like this, they don't love it, but they do it, that 'love it' line is rubbish, when your lying on the ground with your innards hanging out crying for your mother, you aren't loving it. Mental health problems, that's a bit more like it, but it's macho propaganda and folk really like that. I enjoy films like this, but I'm just saying...

Crapola on Nov 12, 2011


These films are for people who support war and troops but would never want to be in a war. It's sad really, making war entertainment so that the country can become desensitized. 

Tyler Morgan on Nov 12, 2011


Though I would say they get a kick from a mission that goes well and their hearts are racing when the call goes out for them when on standby, only natural to feel that way.  A subconsious part of them loves it, its what makes them tick.

Steven on Nov 13, 2011


I served and we loved it...stop getting your news from Mother Jones

Geoffrey Shauger on Nov 13, 2011


Its a realty check, why they weed the show boaters and even the guys that have heart but are not ready yet out. at selection. tough guys don't make it if they don't have all the qualities, you dont have to be a muscle head to make. once your thier its obligation that keeps you there.

ChrisA69 on Jan 11, 2012


Definitely a recruitment video for the Military. But props for creativity.  This looks like a live action Call Of Duty/ Battlefield. As someone that trains in martial arts and is a rookie in survival skills, I'll probably check this out.

Brandon on Nov 12, 2011


I have read the blogs in reguard to this movie having served as a opreator i can say noone enjoyes the mission all we want to do is the mission and come back home in one piece and bring our brother home we do it because we love our country and our way of life. we do it at the highest price to us because once you enter you never come back the same.I will say the halo jumps were great but outside of that we honor our country our brothers and our creed.

Nupie86 on Feb 17, 2012


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Vintasliu on Feb 22, 2012

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