Watch: 'South Park' Makes Fun of Adam Sandler, 'Zookeeper' & More

June 9, 2011
Source: SouthParkStudios

South Park

I'm a lifelong fan of Matt Stone and Trey Parker's animated show South Park and have enjoyed its ups and downs. This latest season (their 15th) has been entertaining and kind of f**kin' crazy, but that's what makes it good. We're not a TV blog, but on last night's new episode they made fun of some Hollywood movies and I just had to post these clips after watching it and laughing so hard. The episode was about Stan becoming a cynical asshole (no, really). There's a scene where they make fun of Kevin James' Zookeeper, my favorite part, and then they go see X-Men, but only get through the "shitty" previews for an Adam Sandler movie.

Thanks to SouthParkStudios.com for the embeddable clips below. The first one below is the Zookeeper reference, which I really do think looks terrible. I love the way Matt/Trey do humor on this show because it's covered up in the story/concept of the show, but obviously out there to be taken literally - as in Zookeeper really does look like a "turd in a microwave". Hilarious and right on point. Check out the first full clip here:

This second clip is when the boys all go to watch X-Men: First Class, but only sit through the previews before running out because they can't stand Stan saying everything looks like shit. The previews in this make fun of Adam Sandler's Jack & Jill (which we haven't seen anything for besides set photos), a fictional movie called Rated ARG for Pirates (just to make even more fun of Adam Sandler) and finally Jim Carrey's Mr. Popper's Penguins, which I think actually doesn't look bad. Check out the second clip here:

"Sorry if I see things for what they are!" I know Sony (of Zookeeper, Jack & Jill) and Fox (of Mr. Popper's Penguins) might get a little upset I'm pointing these out, but you know what, it's good humor and that's what I love sharing the most. Overall, last night's show was quite interesting because it ended on a very somber note after almost indirectly saying the show itself was shit and they were pretty much going to end it forever at this point (and maybe not return?). No one has any idea, because Stone and Parker are just as secretive with the show's inner workings as J.J. Abrams is. I've been hearing some say they're fed up with Comedy Central and finally saying the show is crap now, but who knows. "Whatever, you'll pay to go see it!"

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I applaud South Park for doing that, because I am EXACTLY that guy in the movies...lol

Big Boss on Jun 9, 2011


That guy IN the movies?  So you pay to sit in a theater seat and then you trash the movie?  I mean, it's not like you owe the filmmakers any reverence, but that just seems like a bad call to me.  Why waste your money?

JL on Jun 10, 2011


No, JL. I'm the guy that bashes bad film trailers. I would never waste any money of mine just to trash a film I knew sucked anyways. And even if I WERE that guy, wouldn't I have a right to do so? Sometimes, people don't know when they have accidentally walked into a crap movie until the credits roll or when they've had enough--so if I wanted lean over to my friend and say, "This looks like shit", I can say that. It's a free country.

Big Boss on Jun 11, 2011


so your a cynical asshole?

Monkeyismad on Jun 11, 2011


Not at all. But I'm sure you'll be the first in line for the president-duck movie though.

Big Boss on Jun 11, 2011


No, he's not a cynical asshole.  He's just an asshole.  The one that hides behind "it's a free country" when he actually means "if there's no consequences, I'm gonna do it ESPECIALLY if it pisses you off". Remember, there's no consequences for dumping your jumbo soda all over him either.  🙂

Bubba on Jun 12, 2011


This is amazing. All of these opinions because of my response to some South Park clips. I should do this more often! lol

Big Boss on Jun 12, 2011


Whatever, you'll pay to go see it. FUCK YOU. hahahahaha.

PWN3R on Jun 9, 2011



Cruzer on Jun 9, 2011


Most of the things Stan was saying I could relate to. BTW this was a very sad episode but it was brilliant!

Bltzie on Jun 9, 2011


I absolutely loved that part of the episode.  Though it kind of scared me as well since I kind of believe I'm turning into Stan.

SkaOreo on Jun 9, 2011


This one was of the few episode that immediately after i watch, I went online to see what people were saying. It was brilliant, but matt and trey might be saying that they are shit because it's been 15 years. This was a mid season break so there should be at least 7 more episodes. But they also might just ignore the episode and go back to usual. Like joke is on us

eru88 on Jun 9, 2011


Yea, actually, you're right... I feel like that could happen, they've done that before. We'll find out later this year, eh?

Alex Billington on Jun 9, 2011


I read this comment on another page that makes sense Maybe the two country guys are matt and trey. At the finale of the episode they say You sure you want to do this? We have to now.

eru88 on Jun 9, 2011


This sure felt like goodbye to me, and I would completely understand if they ended it with this. This show was running a lot longer than anyone expected, and after 15 seasons it sure gets harder and harder to come up with new funny stuff for the kids to get into.  At the very beginning it was just the kids having some original and ridiculous adventures, but  after a while I guess they ran out of ideas and started picking up on pop culture events here and there as fillers until the whole show, especially in the last 2 or 3 seasons, did nothing -but- mock recent events.  Whenever something stupid happened in the world, be it Tiger banging a million chicks or Obama getting elected, I would look at my husband and say "I wonder  in what episode South Park will make fun of this". It just got a litte predictable, imo, and lost its charm. Maybe it's time to end this, and I couldn't think of a better way than doing it with this episode.

Anonymous on Jun 9, 2011


It's called satire.

Anonymous on Jun 10, 2011


I like the 'it's called being a cynical asshole' bit, South Park approach things in a good way they make fun of everyone and everything that's why they are successful, they offend everyone equally. I used to hate the idea of watching South Park because the drawings were so bad, but it's still funny and still fairly shocking too, which is bingo beards of Belafonte.

Crapola on Jun 9, 2011


This season of south park has been the best season in like 7 years.

Cody W. on Jun 9, 2011


 the last 2 episodes were the only good 1s imo

RhythmDave on Jun 10, 2011


i can see this as being a suitable finale. if it is, im fine with that. they had a long, incredible run. ive grown up with this show and matt and treys work will always hold a special, inspiring place in my heart. betond just making a funny tv show, they are two artists that i greatly admire. that being said,  i dont see them getting out of their contract with comedy central during the midseason break, though. but this episode could very well be marking the beginning of the end of south park.

Ictimerlsf on Jun 9, 2011


I find it welcoming to know that Matt and Trey are aware that these movies only "seem like shit" as we get older. After all, they're not meant to be loved by adults. But rather, by children. Which is why I think anyone making fun of a "kids" nonsense movie is a pretentious dick (aka a cynical asshole lol). It's like judging a Jason Statham movie based on the amount of romance. Just stupid to do and only is done to feed your own false ego. Proud to say I am a fan of Matt and Trey for recognizing this. 

Daniel Vu Tran on Jun 9, 2011


So true... being a cynical asshole... Again South Park does a great job of satiring everything... especially life

Geoff Talbot on Jun 9, 2011


best episode this season, which wasnt really hard there were only 3 decent ones..

RhythmDave on Jun 10, 2011


videos aren't up anymore

Rickvanr on Jun 10, 2011


The Bob Dylan part is hilarious!

Anonymous on Jun 10, 2011


South Park is not much better of what it makes fun of..

Davide Coppola on Jun 10, 2011


"Rated ARG for Pirates" wasn't a separate promo for a fictional film, it was meant to be part of the "Jack and Jill" trailer.

ARG on Oct 6, 2011

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