Watch: Theatrical Trailer for 'Fireflies in the Garden' Ensemble Drama

August 26, 2011
Source: Yahoo

Fireflies in the Garden Official Trailer

"It hasn't always been like this, has it?" Time for a trip down memory lane, as we're featuring a trailer for a film called Fireflies in the Garden, and it's not the first time we've had a trailer for it. Way back in 2008, when this film was made, we posted a trailer and I was pretty excited about it. Jump ahead three years and they still haven't released this film, I'm not really sure why, but it has a great cast, at least. The fractured-narrative ensemble drama stars Ryan Reynolds, who is really the primary focus, Julia Roberts, Willem Dafoe, Emily Watson, Carrie-Anne Moss, Ioan Gruffudd, Hayden Panettiere and Cayden Boyd.

Watch the latest official trailer for Dennis Lee's Fireflies in the Garden, via Yahoo:

You can also watch the Fireflies in the Garden trailer in High Defintion from Yahoo

The semi-autobiographical story centers on the complexities of love and commitment in a family that's torn apart when faced by an unexpected tragedy. Inspired by Robert Frost's poem Fireflies in the Garden.

Fireflies in the Garden was both written and directed by Chicago-born filmmaker Dennis Lee, a Columbia University graduate, also of the movie Jesus Henry Christ. This first premiered at the Berlin Film Festival way back in 2008 and is finally getting a limited release some three years later. Fireflies in the Garden will arrive in limited theaters starting on October 14th this fall. For more info, visit the official Facebook page.

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Willem Dafoe as a narcissistic father and a round ensemble cast with some good storytelling... could be a hidden gem. Hopefully Toronto will get it too

Conrad Williams on Aug 27, 2011


Don't know... This could be really interesting and original or like so many other films based on troubled and complicated family relationships. Great cast though so anything is possible.

Anonymous on Aug 27, 2011


A four year delay? On a project featuring Julia Roberts AND Reynolds plus Dafoe? This must be a TOTAL fucking dog then, because there is no excuse for leaving a film in development for that long. But for real though, this film looks like a shittier, more obviously made to win awards version of Crash, which was a pretty fucking bad film to begin with. 

Lebowski on Aug 27, 2011


Finally! Someone else who hated Crash. Everyone I know loved it. It pisses me off. End rant. 

Traveler on Aug 27, 2011


There are more of us than you know.  I may have already said too much. Shhhhhh!!!!  

Daneforst on Aug 27, 2011


I HATED IT TOO. the fact that it won film of the year makes my blood boil. stupid people doing stupid things and getting upset with the consequences should not win awards.

jswiss on Aug 29, 2011


Looks like a weepy one, good for an eveing in with the wife, wailing like a baby on the couch.

Crapola on Aug 27, 2011



Walter Woods on Aug 27, 2011


it's avatar 2, didn't you know?

Phillip Gockel on Aug 30, 2011


whats the name of the song playing ?

Kevin_humber on Aug 27, 2011


this movie was show around in cinemas in austria 2009. loved it, good storyline and great cast. greetz, smo

Smo on Aug 27, 2011


Ryan Reynolds? Baaaa. Easy pass. 

Rp1n on Aug 27, 2011


Looks good until 2 thirds in, then it gets horrible.

reeft on Aug 27, 2011


Seen it years ago. Not a good movie. Boring.

Ozzie on Aug 27, 2011


im sure ive seen it showing on foxtel in australia

Rhyssy on Aug 27, 2011


yeah as i recall reynolds was doing his sister...

Nemkes on Aug 27, 2011


This has been out on DVD in sweden.. for... a long time... 2 years or something...

Ryderup on Aug 27, 2011


I had forgotten about this until I saw this post. Went and watched it, and I was very impressed. It's not going to win any Oscars, it is predictable in places, but overall it caught me a bit off guard. It was funnier that I expected, especially in dark places. Reynolds got to show some dramatic chops(I think he's a couple good parts away from breaking out as a solid dramatic actor). And @dca00c4af1dff450895fb768920dad27:disqus , Reynolds is not "doing his sister". It's a bit more complicated than that. I hope you all take a moment to watch this one, I think you'll be surprised. 

Scotty97 on Aug 28, 2011


I've seen this one over a year ago, maybe it's been two years, and at the time I thought it was okay, not a brilliant film, but not bad either. 

C. Hall on Aug 28, 2011


Too heavy for me personally. I love dramas, but that "dad was an asshole" stuff is hard to watch.  *and no, my dad wasn't an asshole  😉

Quanah on Aug 29, 2011


This looks better than most Hollywood tripe and the fact it took 3 years to get a release sums up so much about this flawed industry. 🙁

Dom on Aug 30, 2011



Phantom1991 on Aug 30, 2011

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