Watch: Theatrical 'Underworld Awakening' Trailer with Kate Beckinsale

November 2, 2011
Source: Yahoo

Underworld: Awakening Trailer

"The world I once knew has changed." She's back from the dead, again. Kate Beckinsale returns as the vampire Selene in Underworld Awakening, which gets a full theatrical today via Yahoo following up that first teaser we saw in August. The cast also includes Michael Ealy, Stephen Rea, Sandrine Holt, India Eisley, but not many other big names. This franchise and all of its sequel just aren't my cup 'o tea, but if you've been anxiously awaiting this, then you'll be in for a treat as it looks like another worthy, action-heavy, blue-tinted sequel. You better also like 3D, because there's a lot coming out of the screen in this. Fire it up below!

Watch the full trailer for Måns Mårlind/Björn Stein's Underworld Awakening, in HD via Yahoo:

Selene escapes imprisonment to find herself in a new world where humans have discovered the existence of both Vampire and Lycan clans, and are conducting an all-out war to eradicate both immortal species.

Underworld Awakening was co-directed by Swedish filmmakers Måns Mårlind & Björn Stein, of only the thriller Shelter previously, along with some television work. The screenplay includes credits for J. Michael Straczynski, John Hlavin and Allison Burnett, with credits also going to the original character creators: Kevin Grevioux, Len Wiseman and Danny McBride (not the actor). ScreenGems is bringing Underworld: Awakening, the fourth movie in the series, to theaters in 3D starting January 20th, 2012 early next year.

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I've always liked this series and I am glad to get another one. The Underworld series has always been pretty solid in my opinion.

Josh Taylor on Nov 2, 2011


I've always liked this series and I am glad to get another one. The Underworld series has always been pretty solid in my opinion.

Josh Taylor on Nov 2, 2011


We got to see Kate Beckinsale's bum in this trailer, so I'm quite happy

Bass1L on Nov 2, 2011


You saw that too?

Crapola on Nov 2, 2011


how could I miss it?

Bass1L on Nov 2, 2011


what time?

Croniccris on Nov 5, 2011


did she died at the end of the last one? and where is Michael?

Truong18 on Nov 2, 2011


No, she was alive at the end of the second one and she was sunproof, which doesn't seem to matter in this movie. I don't think Michael is in this one, from the looks of it. Which is irritating because I like his character.

GloBug62 on Nov 4, 2011


Actually, if you watch the teaser, at the very end, she shouts, "Where's Michael?!" So yeah, he's in it.  They just don't wanna show him yet.  Some kind of big reveal, maybe, I dunno.

John on Nov 5, 2011


Actually according to Imbd, Michael is in the cast credits so hopefully we will be seeing him in this movie too:)

GloBug62 on Nov 4, 2011


Still the hottest chick in movies...

Anonymous on Nov 2, 2011


Werewolves? Vampires? Blowing stuff up? Impossible kungfoolery? I'll watch it.

Crapola on Nov 2, 2011


"impossible kungfoolery" is great stuff and all......but i miss bruce lee and  chuck norris kicking ass for real!

Anonymous on Nov 2, 2011


beeevviiissssss 🙂

Buzzfunk on Nov 2, 2011


a fan? are you watching the new episodes? i've never outgrown those guys!

Anonymous on Nov 3, 2011


I'll always love Bruce Lee Beevis, but Chuck Norris is a clown. Maybe I'll read 'Black Belt Patriotism' and get converted.

Crapola on Nov 2, 2011


well, norris may be a "clown"......i don't know (although "walker - texas ranger" is a HORRIBLE show). and there is nothing to get converted about. it's a fact that norris (back in the day) was the real deal as far as ass-kicking goes......just like lee. i imagine he could still kick the sh1t out of most people today.

Anonymous on Nov 3, 2011


I never really got down with Norris Beevis, I think my dad liked him, he was into cowboy stuff, so possibly that is why.

Crapola on Nov 3, 2011


This franchise is getting tired and I'm surprised they haven't come out with zombie vampires or werewolf zombies with an extreme bloodthirst like Blade did. I'm sure they will for the next installment with Beckinsale running around in only leather bra and panty saving the world once again, lol.

Anonymous on Nov 2, 2011


Why was she shooting at the elevator? It never did anything except carry people. Why kill it?

Wakecycle on Nov 2, 2011


My guess is you never saw the first movie.

Anonymous on Nov 3, 2011


I like how it says "Kate 3D!" Thats all you need to get people to the theaters haha

sp3cialbrownie on Nov 2, 2011


Writer1 : What should we write about? Writer 2 : Something original that's never been done before. Writer 3 : How about werewolves, vampires and massive special effects? Writers 1 and 2 : Whoa! That's a great idea! Very original! 

Anonymous on Nov 2, 2011


At least these vampires dont. freakin. sparkle.

Lackingcommonsense on Nov 20, 2011


It's amazing, I despise a franchise like Transformers because of how silly and unoriginal it is and yet for some reason with a trailer like this that showcases absolutely nothing new...I'm sold...It's the same thing with Resident Evil...I need help.  

Daren on Nov 2, 2011


I think your alright man, Transformers is evil.

Crapola on Nov 3, 2011


I actually like this series. Yeah its being milked but Kate Beckinsale in tight leather kicking ass? How can I say no.

john s on Nov 2, 2011


Kate B. is just hot! Hot! Hot! Hot!

Razor on Nov 3, 2011


So these movies are definitely still being made, huh?

Pompy on Nov 3, 2011


Lets pool our $ together and make a live action kung fu adaption of count chocula, frankenberry and boo berry kicking zombie ass. Instant trilogy. Dibs on overseas revenues.

ur_babys_daddy on Nov 3, 2011


Can I do concept drawings?

Crapola on Nov 3, 2011


Hells yes you can. Who can hook us up with Comic Con tickets so we can promote this 🙂

ur_babys_daddy on Nov 3, 2011


Watching the trailer made me wishes that they take out the vampires and werewolves, give her two adamantium claws on each hand with a claw on each foot and call this X-23 origins. Ill just pretend it is if I watch this on redbox.

ur_babys_daddy on Nov 3, 2011


looks alright,i liked the other movies so i'll definetly be checking this out.

kate beckinsale's thong :) on Nov 13, 2011


Hate Kate...Scott is HOTT!

ohemgi on Dec 15, 2011

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