Watch: They're Back - First Teaser Trailer for 'The Hangover Part II'!

February 24, 2011
Source: Apple

The Hangover Part II Teaser Trailer

The Wolfpack is Back! But it's only a teaser. Warner Bros has debuted an official teaser trailer on Apple for The Hangover Part II, the highly anticipated sequel to 09's breakout comedy hit The Hangover. All the main guys are back, including Zach Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms. The rest of the cast (some returning) includes Justin Bartha, Jamie Chung, Juliette Lewis, Ken Jeong and Liam Neeson. This is only a teaser and it's a true teaser, so it's not showing much besides the single scene and a few old quotes to hype everyone up, but I'm sure people will be buzzing about this already. Check out the teaser trailer below!

Watch the first teaser trailer for Todd Phillips' The Hangover Part II:

[flv: 598 258]

You can also watch the The Hangover Part II teaser in High Definition on Apple

The Hangover Part II is again directed by Todd Phillips (Road Trip, Old School, Due Date) from a script by Scot Armstrong, Craig Mazin and Todd Phillips. In addition to Galifianakis, Cooper and Helms, the cast also includes, in multiple other roles and cameos: Justin Bartha, Ken Jeong, Mike Tyson, Juliette Lewis, Jamie Chung and Liam Neeson. In the sequel to The Hangover, Phil, Stu, Alan and Doug visit Bangkok, Thailand for Stu's wedding. I'm looking forward to seeing more of the trouble they get in to and the chaos they cause, as I'm sure that will be the good stuff. The Hangover Part II arrives in theaters on May 26th this summer!

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1st!!!! instant win for having a monkey. everything i better when there's a monkey!!!

Amarnath Bajnath on Feb 24, 2011


im in ...waitin 4 a proper trailer tho

Nans2693 on Feb 24, 2011


LOL how on Earth did he get a Tatto , where is his hair, What the fuck is up with that Monkey ?

Anonymous on Feb 24, 2011


OHHH THE CRAZYNESS?!?! I wonder how all these overly interesting situations came into play? People like you are the reason the first movie succeeded.

dnkypunch on Feb 24, 2011



Cracky on Feb 24, 2011


and people like me point and laugh at your dumbass 🙂

NeoSlyfer26 on Feb 24, 2011


the first movie succeeded because it was funny.

Anonymous on Feb 25, 2011


I can't stop laughing

Anonymous on Feb 24, 2011


I don't like Zack Gallifinakis with no hair.

Chad on Feb 24, 2011


LOL I'm too busy wondering "how did he end up with no hair! ROTFL!!

KShabazz on Feb 25, 2011


Haircuts are hilarious! *sarcasm*

mike crotch on Feb 27, 2011


terrible teaser...for an overrated comedy which obviously didn't need a sequel.

i have no name on Feb 24, 2011


You're stupid.

Nick Rayner on Feb 25, 2011


stay classy no name....

rocKicker on Feb 25, 2011


I'm still not sure how i feel about this...

Lahirry on Feb 24, 2011


I have no name, I am with you. This was a really cool premise, that disappointed in everyway, spending more time trying to out-quotable every Judd Apatow movie made before it. It was mildly entertaining, and was better left as a one off. It will make a ton of money and they will then go on to say, it was always envisioned as a trilogy with Alan next getting married. I was glad the R rated comedy came back with The 40 Year Old Virgin, but now I feel like its time for it to go away again......

Bored To Death Movie Fan on Feb 24, 2011


this teaser was pointless.

Roderick on Feb 24, 2011


I'm still annoyed with the Mel Gibson issue, but I'll see it.

Anonymous on Feb 24, 2011


Not interested in seeing a sequel. The first was a classic, why ruin it with sloppy seconds and the eventual Hangover 3, Hangover 4, Hangover 5 and so on and so on and so on

Hattori Hanzo on Feb 24, 2011


meh, first was over rated

dave on Feb 24, 2011


yea- i thought it was funny but not an "classic".

Anonymous on Feb 24, 2011


the first one was funny but far from classic.

BlinkTwice on Feb 25, 2011


you can never go wrong with Zack Gallifinakis

MArk.c on Feb 24, 2011


Can't believe people are saying the first one was overrated!! The first film was a classic! Having said that I am little worried that the sequel won't live up to the heights of the first, I am still hyped for it though!

MGL on Feb 24, 2011


It is overrated. The hype around The Hangover reminds me of the hype arounf Porky's when it was released. It was funny the first time and unique at the time, much like The Hangover, but no one had any interest in the Porky sequel. Been there, done that sort of feel to it.

Sanka on Feb 25, 2011


Its hard not to be excited for a sequel to one of the best comedies of the decade. But all the same-- its painfully obvious why they are making another one. And that just smells like bad breath, to me. And I'm with Xerx-- the Mel Gibson charade kind of rubbed me the wrong way. Especially coming from Galifianakis.

Cracky on Feb 24, 2011


i'm thinking this one is going to jump the shark. i'm sure it'll make money though - which is the #1 reason it's being made. also - they should have kept mel in the movie - i'd be more excited for it.

Anonymous on Feb 24, 2011


So Doug isnt in the teaser does that mean he goes missing again? lol

Duck on Feb 24, 2011


Sorry, but the first was one of the most overrated films I've ever seen in my life. Not a bad movie, but definitely not the hilarious laughfest people went on and on about. To me anyway. I mean, I laughed maybe 4 times. And this movie was made solely to cash in on the original's success. It all just came together too quickly. And I bet very little time was spent on a script.

MR2011 on Feb 24, 2011


I'm not excited about this... sure, it will be fun; but in no way the first one is a classic! If that's a classic then Road Trip, Wild Hogs and Van Wilder are also classics... which they're not (my opinion).

Anonymous on Feb 24, 2011


Looks pretty entertaining, although the breaking news of every cameo involved is ruining it for me. Especially when Crazy Mel's role was given to Neeson. You want a shocking, surprise-cameo, who's role is a crazed tattoo artist, and you choose Liam Neeson? WTF??? Mel was too perfect. I understand not wanting to work with him, he's a woman beating POS tool, but Neeson is the best they could do? Gary Busey, Jeff Bridges, or James Franco would've been a better pick than Neeson. At least Busey wouldn't have to act the crazy part. The closest to comedy Neeson's ever been was the A-Team. And he was still trying to be too serious.

Quazzimotto on Feb 24, 2011


Bradley Cooper...g'daaaaamn!!!!

Leila on Feb 25, 2011


It's always entertaining to see people fight about whether a movie was hilarious or not funny in the least. Comedy, more than any other genre of film, is entirely subjective. If it makes you laugh, it is you. I for one loved The Hangover but I could see how someone wouldn't find it humorous. Spend less time bashing things other people like and more time enjoying what you do.

Groov on Feb 25, 2011


You guys can say what you want but everyone who posted here will see this movie when it comes out. I personally can't wait. You guys are entitled not to look forward to this or think the first one was overrated or whatever. You can't please everyone so it's only natural for some to be positive and some to be negative.

BigR on Feb 25, 2011


assuming too much, ya think?

Anonymous on Feb 25, 2011


BigR, I can 100,000% assure you I will NOT be seeing this movie. Why? Not only because I didn't enjoy the first. But that teaser was the laziest most boring thing I've ever seen. And I'm not bashing anyone who liked the first or who wants to see the sequel. God bless you. But I invested $12.00 in the first so I have a right to comment how I feel.

MR2011 on Feb 25, 2011


If you read my comment you'd realise that not everyone will see it.

Hattori Hanzo on Feb 25, 2011


Probably an unnecessary sequel. The first one was good, but only the first time you watched it. It was genuinely entertaining because of all the crazy stuff that had happened, and you were just as confused as they were as to how it all happened. After the first viewing, I'd say it was about 40% as entertaining as it was the first time. Are they gonna do another premise where they forget everything that happened the night before? If so, it'll be too familiar and not as engaging. And if not, the movie won't have a real reason to make me wanna watch it, as it'lll just be another crazy comedy with nothing to make me watch it. So basically I don't see anything novel about this movie that'll make me wanna watch it. I mean, Zack is even bald. He's way cooler with the hair. ...... I'll see it anyways. But my points still stand.

Chazzy on Feb 25, 2011


Instead of a slow-mo walk with a monkey they should have just stood their milking a cow. I was hoping that Doug (the groom) would get to have fun this time at least. $1 says Doug orchestrated the whole scenario to get back at the guys, but then again, wouldn't he just leave em all to get sunburned and go party.

Anonymous on Feb 25, 2011


"whingey whingey moan moan...", "it never made my anus explode when I watched it...", "Zack got a haircut.............." I think it'll be funny, as far as stupid movies about getting drunk go, I prefered Hot Tub Time Machine, but The Hangover was funny enough, I actually have one just now as I'm typing this and I broke into a farm last night and punched a cow in the face. Would be funny if one of them got Aids in this film.

Crapola on Feb 25, 2011


Looks like Captain Barbossa's monkey got lost and ended up with these boys.

Jezza on Feb 25, 2011


The tattoo looks like the one Mike Tyson has and given he is in this sequel I wonder what his cameo will be like It's another craziness and I look forward to it!

Gh on Feb 25, 2011


im more interested in the jay z song. lol. what song was that?

KING on Feb 25, 2011


its "reminder" by jay z. i think its fits the trailer perfect. its also a great song. makes me want to go...i dont something active.

quityosleanin on Feb 25, 2011


I say why not a sequel, the first one did good and people seemed to eat it up so why not do it again. An if it ends up sucking...meh that doesn't diminish the first film at all, and if it's funny than we have 2 two hilarious Hangover films instead of one. I pretty much call is a win win for everyone.

Anonymous on Feb 26, 2011


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military credit cards on Feb 27, 2011


Not read over all the posting but isn't that the same Tattoo that Mike Tyson has on his face...can't wait for this to come out!

Triston on Feb 27, 2011


yes it is

Anonymous on Feb 28, 2011


ha ha

Anonymous on Feb 28, 2011


this movie is gonna be fuckin gay. maybe some funny parts but really are sequels any better odds are this isnt gonna be. sincerely yours truely black guy in a trench coat

Jesusskills on Mar 11, 2011

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