Watch: Tom Cruise Does His Own Stunts in 'Ghost Protocol' Featurette

October 26, 2011
Source: Yahoo

Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol

"Just another day at work on Mission Impossible." Paramount has released a high def featurette for Brad Bird's Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol giving us a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the incredible Burj Khalifa scene. As we've all heard, Tom Cruise does his own stunts, and this time we actually get to see that as he gets rigged up and flies across/up/down/all over the sides of the world's tallest building. I'm getting nervous just watching this. Crazy! You can also see all the big IMAX cameras they shot this scene with. This is an awesome behind-the-scenes featurette and great way to build even more excitement. Enjoy!

Watch the new featurette for Brad Bird's Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol featuring Tom Cruise:

You can download this video in high def on Yahoo. Stay tuned for more updates and the trailer tomorrow!

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol is directed by Oscar winning filmmaker Brad Bird, of animated films The Iron Giant, The Incredibles and Ratatouille previously. This stars Tom Cruise as Agent Ethan Hunt along with a supporting cast including Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg, Josh Holloway, Tom Wilkinson, Paula Patton, Léa Seydoux and Michael Nyqvist. Producer J.J. Abrams crafted the story with Cruise, and writers André Nemec and Josh Applebaum (both of "Alias", "Life on Mars") penned the screenplay. Paramount is bringing Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol to theaters and in IMAX starting December 16th this winter.

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I want to watch this..... so bad... oh my god it hurts my eyes that i am not watching that movie right now. amazing. 

Sjophotography on Oct 26, 2011


Cruise got some balls.

tir na nog on Oct 26, 2011


as nutty as Cruise is, I got respect for him doing this shit....then again I guess you have to be nuts to do that shit.

joshp on Oct 26, 2011



Daniel Vu Tran on Oct 26, 2011


you lost me? CS?

joshp on Oct 26, 2011


oh nevermind, there was someone named "JoshP" in a game called Counter-Strike and we somewhat knew each other lol, I suppose you are not him :p

Daniel Vu Tran on Oct 26, 2011


Exactly, but i agree gotta have respect for the seriousness he takes with his career. Not many actors would be up for this.

Kyle Bennett on Oct 26, 2011


He would fit right in at [H] 😉

joshp on Oct 26, 2011



Anonymous on Oct 26, 2011


Tom Cruise IS ETHAN.

Daniel Vu Tran on Oct 26, 2011


Tom Cruise is Ethan Anderton

Bugger on Oct 26, 2011


Wha? You mean our Ethan Anderton? ...? :/

Alex Billington on Oct 26, 2011


Tom Cruise has to look damn cool in every movie he is in. It's a requirement. Can't wait for this one. Love the Mission Impossible movies. Well the first and the third. 

Brandon on Oct 26, 2011


Ha yea man, I'm right there with you. And just to say it, I hate the second one, it's John Woo at his worst, the doves and motorcycle and all that crap... I try to forget it. This one looks like another great entry!

Alex Billington on Oct 26, 2011


You didn't see Broken Arrow? MI2 had some good spots.. the bike chase at the end was pretty well done.

Kaim on Oct 27, 2011


Gawd I just hope none of the piss-viz companies worked on this film. 

Rp1n on Oct 26, 2011


Tom Cruise's insurance broker must either be seriously paid, or just a nervous wreck. Probably both. 

Lebowski on Oct 26, 2011


Unbelievable stuff he does!  Tom Cruise is fearless.  Can't wait for the film.

Anonymous on Oct 26, 2011


Hope you love the film.  Yes, he is fearless.

Shoppegirl on Jan 19, 2012


I hope the new trailer is a lot better then the first one. They just can't seem to nail MI movies to be the best that they can be. MI B+ MI2 C- MI3 C+

MI is fun on Oct 26, 2011


The song is amazing. Anyone has any clue who create that song?

Jimmy_X on Oct 27, 2011


I´s a pity that he is probably much better as stuntman than as actor

Jmpinzones on Oct 27, 2011


He is a very good actor.

Shoppegirl on Jan 19, 2012


I heard that all the MI films take place in alternate realities so is it true that in this one Ethan never got married?

peloquin on Oct 27, 2011


I refuse to give away the plot.   You will have to watch the movie.   But   I LOVED IT.

Shoppegirl on Jan 19, 2012


I've said it before and I'll say it again, Tom Cruise is the quintessential movie star. Period. Even if he's a bit nutty the guy is a showman.

Johnny Neat on Oct 27, 2011


Brad Bird Lies! "A Mile and a half above the earth"?  My arse you are. The Burj Kalifa, impressive as it is, is only half a mile high. Details, my friends, details.

Dr.Duvel on Oct 28, 2011


Well looking down from where Tom is, 2,717 feet feels and looks like a mile and a half.  I'm sure they didn't mean literally.

Mircat on Dec 2, 2011


i just saw Tom Cruises movie  he is great in it I just love him.  He is the BEST ACTOR by far.

Denise on Jan 16, 2012


I don't know about best,  but this movie was great.  We all loved it, and I am taking my  11 yr old grandson to see it next week.

Shoppegirl on Jan 19, 2012


AWESOME!   Name me one other actor that would ever do that??

Shoppegirl on Jan 19, 2012


Cruise is a pilot. 

Nuffen Cruise4-ever on Jan 30, 2012


this is true^ to those who don't know or think its bull.

chris on Nov 26, 2012


Tom Cruise Flyin around the Wiz Khalifa building ....lol.

Bobby on Jul 2, 2012

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