Watch: Tom Hanks Acts, Writes & Directs 'Larry Crowne' First Trailer

March 16, 2011
Source: Yahoo

Larry Crowne Trailer

"You are way cooler than you appear." That's the first thought that comes to mind when I see Tom Hanks! Universal has debuted the first trailer on Yahoo for Larry Crowne, the new dramedy written by, directed by, producer by and stars the one-and-only Tom Hanks. I hate to make the comparison, but it's kind of like Billy Madison for the "older" crowd (e.g. your parents). What I mean is that basically, it's a comedy about an older guy who goes back to school, falls in love with his teacher and reinvents himself. That even sounds the same, doesn't it? Anyway, because Hanks is such a charmer, this does look great, I'm looking forward to it!

Watch the first official trailer for Tom Hanks' Larry Crowne:

You can also watch the Larry Crowne trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

Oscar winners Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts reunite for a new dramatic comedy about how the hard knocks from today's recession inspire one everyday guy to undergo a personal reinvention: Larry Crowne.

Larry Crowne was directed by Oscar winning actor Tom Hanks, whose only other feature directing gig was That Thing You Do! in 1996. The screenplay was co-written by Tom Hanks and fellow actress/filmmaker Nia Vardalos. Hanks also produced with Gary Goetzman. Universal Pictures is bringing Hanks' Larry Crowne to theaters everywhere starting July 1st this summer. Does this look like it'll be good? Anyone want to see it?

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I respect Tom Hanks .. and I believe this movie will be a great one .. and I liked the Trailer ... Not one of the greatest comedy romance trailers but still it is good ๐Ÿ˜‰

shero on Mar 16, 2011


I like the trailer but it seems to show the entire movie in it's 2 and a half minutes

Chip_Tha_Ripper on Mar 16, 2011


Um what? Are you joking? Come on, no they didn't, can you explain the exact plot and what happens and why/how they hook up and how the third act plays out? Yea... they didn't show the entire movie.

Alex Billington on Mar 16, 2011


C'mon Alex, it showed a lot, didn't show the dip though, just before it comes back up to the end where everyone is happy and Tom Hanks get shot by the Albino Warrior drug cartel, sorry for the spoiler.

Crapola on Mar 16, 2011


How can you say it showed a lot when you haven't even seen the movie? What if it's completely different and really showed NOTHING at all? That complaint works sometimes, but definitely not here, it's getting a bit overused for everything.

Alex Billington on Mar 16, 2011


I know what you mean Alex, but there is no jeopardy in this trailer at all, nothing that says, things might not work out and it won't be the happy ending we are presented with in this trailer. To me is the bare bones of the story, presented in a linear fashion. I know Alex, I am a whinging old lady, sorry, I try not to be too negative as it messes with my pacemaker. I'll still watch it though, even though I know what will happen, and I'll probably enjoy it.

Crapola on Mar 16, 2011


Considering all the recent trailers this does a very nice job at not telling us every single bit of the movie...

Anonymous on Mar 16, 2011


am i the only one who groaned as soon as julia roberts appeared in the trailer?

Guest on Mar 16, 2011


I groaned when I saw her name in the article.... Why her!?!??! WHY!?!?! Can't stand her. That said, her performance in the trailer itself wasn't bad at all, and I wasn't annoyed with her one bit. And Tom Hanks is always awesome, so he'll make up for any crap she brings.

Chazzy on Mar 17, 2011


Same here, I like Tom Hanks but I just won't watch anything with Julia Roberts in it.

Guest on Mar 17, 2011


I was watching this trailer and as soon as she came in --> alt F4

Gfw on Mar 24, 2011


Billy Madison? eeh, not so much. looks good, great to see Hanks in comedy again.

Anonymous on Mar 16, 2011


wow this looks good ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


wow this looks good ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


Proofread Alex. The title of the post gets off to a bad start. You run this show?

Maven on Mar 16, 2011


What's wrong with the title? What's a better alternative that isn't just "Larry Crowne Trailer"?

Alex Billington on Mar 16, 2011


Woops, I figured it out, simple mistake, just fixed it. My mind auto-corrected "acts" it every time I looked over it.

Alex Billington on Mar 16, 2011


This honest mistake made *My point clear too ๐Ÿ˜‰ Now this trailer is in front and more like a new post and for sure it will get more comments .. than the trailer with Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis ( Friends with Benefits ) !! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Nice work even without realizing it ๐Ÿ˜‰ ------------- *My point : what I am actually interested in how many comments both trailer will get Both are comedy and romantic kind a movie !! But one is with Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis and the other with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts !!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

shero on Mar 17, 2011


Tom Hanks = gold I'll watch anything with him, he's za best ;))

Anonymous on Mar 16, 2011



Gh on Mar 17, 2011


I actually liked it. But... eh... I'm afraid to say this since Alex will be all mad and everything, but I do agree they did show too much with this trailer. I could tell you the whole plot and miss maybe by a reasonable 10% margin. Anyway, I will see this. I also miss a Tom Hanks comedy and I think (everyone, don't hate me or hit me) Julia Roberts looks good!

Leinergroove on Mar 16, 2011


You and others are right. The whole plot is right there in the trailer. This story has been told many times before. Still, it looks like fluffy entertainment, particularly with the dozen or so shots of Roberts' wide grin.

ok, but tom gets to be top! on Mar 19, 2011


crapola u're one funny dude and i like your sense of humour!! hope u come back to this trailer to view my comment so u can reply...hope that didn't come off too desperate... as for the movie, it looks good flick. predictable but it's how the story's told...i guess...

chilin on Mar 16, 2011


Cheers Chillin!

Crapola on Mar 17, 2011


Ok, count me in.

DwainIBe on Mar 16, 2011


I liked it! I think it looks really good.

fem!anon on Mar 17, 2011


I'm actually looking forward to seeing Julia Roberts more than Tom Hanks. Not sure why, I've always liked her in most everything she's done. Hanks is assuredly the Jimmy Stewart of our time and always delivers. What the hell, its only ten bucks.

97point6 on Mar 17, 2011


Old toms back!

Ding ้ผŽ Wang ็Ž‹ on Mar 17, 2011


Great feel good movie and will bring more inspiration. I love the chemistry he has with Julia Roberts. Same from the Charlie Wilson war too. Great couple and in this one, the gags are so funny! Can't wait!

Gh on Mar 17, 2011


Same here... glad to hear from you, Gh!

Anonymous on Mar 17, 2011


This just looks like a really sweet romantic comedy, nothing more, nothing less. And there is nothing wrong with that. Plus, I always loved Tom Hanks in funny roles. This is gonna have a lot of "D'aww!" moments, I bet.

Anonymous on Mar 17, 2011


Wayne Wang's movie is a chic flick but this isn't? Chick Flick - speaking of overused, cliche simple minded descriptors for films...

Spike the Poet on Mar 17, 2011

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