Watch: Trailer for Will Ferrell's Indie Dramedy 'Everything Must Go'

March 31, 2011
Source: Apple

Everything Must Go Trailer

Roadside Attractions has debuted the trailer on Apple for Everything Must Go, an indie drama written and directed by first-time filmmaker Dan Rush. The film stars Will Ferrell and despite having a concept that could be considered amusing, it's much more of a drama about a guy who returns home from being fired at work to find himself locked out of his own house and all of his possessions on the lawn. I saw this at the Toronto Film Fest last year and enjoyed it, I'm looking forward to seeing it again and more than happy to share this trailer to give you an idea of what it's like. It also stars the lovely Rebecca Hall. Watch below!

Watch the official trailer for Dan Rush's Everything Must Go, via Apple:

You can find the Everything Must Go trailer in High Definition on Apple

Everything Must Go is set to premiere at the Toronto Film Festival next month and we'll be there to see it. Carson Reeves of ScriptShadow explains: "The script is dark, but with glorious moments of black humor. Throwing a serious actor in there may not have allowed those sparks of humor to shine, and this script needs those beats to add some levity." Everything Must Go is written and directed by first-time feature filmmaker Dan Rush, from a short story by Raymond Carver. Roadside Attractions acquired the film after Toronto last year and is bringing Everything Must Go to limited theaters starting on May 13th. Thoughts?

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I have been waiting for this trailer since the info for this was first posted! It looks like it can be a pretty good movie.

Chip_Tha_Ripper on Mar 31, 2011


I read the script for this last year, and let me tell you it's fantastic. This should be a great one and Will Ferrell is perfect for the role. It's a nice return to drama a la Stranger Than Fiction for him.

Anonymous on Mar 31, 2011


Looks really good, plus Will Ferrell appears to be a Wildcat fan 🙂

That1Guy on Mar 31, 2011


Looks really good! Can't wait!

CisforCinema on Mar 31, 2011


Looks funny and depressing and funny again, so I'm totally going to watch it. Americans fear alcohol eh? I had a very similar incident in Sand Diego with a policeman who on seeing I had consumed 2 bottles of beer thought I was insane with booze, he was just a weaksauce who obviously couldn't hold his liquor. I set him on fire. Yahooooooooooooo!

Crapola on Mar 31, 2011


Thanks Covie!

Anonymous on Mar 31, 2011


No problem 🙂

Coviekiller23 on Apr 1, 2011


it was a great read, and the ending was excellent.

Anonymous on Apr 1, 2011


this looks very good! I'm in.

Anonymous on Mar 31, 2011


Last line is a TOTAL win.

Duane on Mar 31, 2011


I just finished the script and the trailer seems to do it justice. there opening night.

Anonymous on Apr 1, 2011


Nice to see Will Farrell not acting like an obnoxious manchild again. I Really liked Stranger Than Fiction and this seems to be awesome as well.

M.K. Nielsen on Apr 1, 2011



Firemansam105 on Apr 1, 2011


Cant believe Im saying this to a Will Ferrell movie but this looks pretty damn good.

Cody W. on Apr 1, 2011


I like it when people like Will Ferrell do serious films. Because he can be serious, but can be funny enough to make the movie real to life. Im excited.

Gentleman308 on Apr 1, 2011


"Black people don't play soccer" Wow, that's just american brainwashing 101.

Ady_shearer on Apr 1, 2011


"There's whole continents of Black people that play soccer."

Anonymous on Apr 1, 2011


It's blacks brainwashing blacks. Or more specifically, financially successful blacks (rap stars, etc.) brainwashing blacks. They have more racist issues than white people do, because a lot of black people haze each other about "acting white" like hicks haze other white people for trying to enunciate clearly. They hold each other back. What's especially funny about that scene is that they're playing catch with a baseball, and apart from hockey, or maybe... cricket, baseball is about as white as it gets. Everybody knows they used to not let blacks play that sport, even thought that was a long time ago.

JL on Apr 2, 2011


Thats Biggie's son! Damn, i knew he looked familiar

Hpbernsen on Apr 1, 2011


I'm in. Looks really good and the budget doesn't look too high either.. not like it makes a difference.

Ells on Apr 1, 2011


Looks fantastic!

fem!anon on Apr 2, 2011


wow looks good!

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


wow looks good!

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


I wish I had the guts to sell all my crap, of course he was forced to do it, but still, might be cool to own nothing and have a bit of cash in my pocket for more than 3 days at a time! lol

Wlange4 on Apr 19, 2011

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