WB Developing 'Gods and Kings' Moses Epic, Want Spielberg to Direct

September 29, 2011
Source: Deadline

Epic Moses

If only, but I doubt this will happen. Deadline is reporting that Warner Bros is in development on a new project titled Gods and Kings, an "epic-sized film" about life of Moses. The screenplay they're working from is by Michael Green ("Everwood", "Kings", Green Lantern) and Stuart Hazeldine (Exam, Paradise Lost, The Tripods) and covers the life of religious figure Moses, who wrote (down) the Ten Commandments and the Torah. The most interesting aspect is that WB is "courting" the one and only Steven Spielberg to direct, he's already read the script and "there will be a discussion" about it. Now that would be epic to see.

Obviously none of this is set in stone (apt choice of words this time, if I can say) yet and Spielberg has so many projects on his plate, from Lincoln coming up next to Robopocalypse following that, not to mention The Adventures of Tintin and War Horse both being released this Christmas season. But it's more than just talk if they're even taking a meeting and Spielberg has gone so far as to read the script, but maybe he'll just produce in the end. While there are a few other biblical epics in the works, like Darren Aronofsky's Noah, it's worth noting that Cecil B. DeMille's 1956 The Ten Commandments was "one of the most profitable films of its era, grossing $65 million in the 1950s, which is close to $1 billion if adjusted for inflation." Impressive.

Almost everyone should already be familiar with Moses, the religious leader, lawgiver and prophet known in many religions. Gods and Kings is based on the Book of Exodus and other stories from the Old Testament, with a treatment originally by Matti Leshem, who is producing with WB's Dan Lin. The story will span the entire life of Moses, which includes his awakening to the plight of the Hebrew slaves that led Moses’ struggle against the Pharaoh for their freedom out of Egypt; the Ten Plagues; the Burning Bush; the daring escape across the Red Sea; receiving the Ten Commandments, and delivery to Israel. That definitely sounds epic, but they obviously need a director with storytelling sensibilities like Spielberg to handle this. Thoughts?

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speilberg is a good choice for something as big as this

Bcopes37 on Sep 29, 2011


The Moses fairy tale is a good one so this could be a good project for Spielberg to tackle.

peloquin on Sep 29, 2011


I was not aware that there were any fairies in the story of Moses. or anywhere in The Bible for that matter.

dann on Sep 29, 2011


Well besides Moses hearing voices in a bush and parting the sea, you have Adam & Eve and the talking snake, Jonah and the whale, Jesus healing people/walking on water. You know: REALITY! lol

Cruzer on Sep 29, 2011


Hahahaahaa!!! You're so funny dude seriously you should quit your job and be a full time comedian. Seriously bro. that's good stuff. Totally original and though provoking and funny at the same time. Omgosh. Can't believe how funny you are. You deserve a high five from George Carlin or something! lollololololololololol. Shut up.

Roderick on Sep 29, 2011


That's interesting cuz he never mentioned anything I just said. God, Catholicism, slavery and the Ten Commandments were his motif. Now if you'll excuse me I have some bread and wine that deserves my attention.

Cruzer on Sep 29, 2011


Exactly! It's a fairy tale to get people to behave, you know-"thou shalt not kill, steal, adultury,etc"

Jedibilly on Sep 29, 2011


Santa Claus gets people to behave too.

peloquin on Sep 30, 2011


It would be awesome if they treated it as more of a mystery, kind of similar to The Last Temptation, as if Moses hallucinated  or had schizophrenia, even as he managed to lead hundreds of thousands of Jews out of Egypt, which though historically unfounded, would still make for a good tale.

Bta1138 on Sep 29, 2011


I agree. Then I'd probably have a reason to watch it...

Cruzer on Sep 29, 2011


what would be awesome is if they hold true to what the Bible says about the actual events that took place.  The life of Moses is truly an epic and amazing one that needs no embellishment or Hollywood flare/twist.  

dann on Sep 29, 2011


Hollywood is going to add make Moses super buff and all but naked except for a cape and a spedo and his staff. And Moses is going to know how to do crazy kung fu with the staff fighting egyptian soldiers in slow mo.

Roderick on Sep 29, 2011


I'm sure they won't depict Moses as the Bible does: a stutterer

Rob on Sep 29, 2011


I'd love to see that.

Davide Coppola on Sep 30, 2011


Steven Spielberg is not slowing down, he's more and more a (executive)producer and this doesnt look like it will end, he will naturally direct less movies. So every movie he directs that is not of the fantastic nature, won't be met with the same excitement(and maybe not same boxoffice figures?). So do we need another remake? Meh, I don't think anyone would dare tell the story in a different way, call it "modern" if you like, or call it "realistic" or "alternative" if it's not different, just a remake with pretty CGI; it doesnt matter what the story or topic is: no point in remaking it. Money wize, it's like remaking Avatar in 30 years time. Maybe. Will people really go see this?? And yeah, its more of a prequel than a remake, hehe. Look up the recent vid's with him and Ford, Spielberg slyly tells about calling George saying he produces 10 pictures a year, what have you been up to George? 🙂

David Banner on Sep 30, 2011


How did Moses "write down" the books of the old testament when GENESIS comes from the Sumerians (who were polytheists) and was written in cunieform tablets thousands of years before moses? Also, any bible scholar knows that Moses came down from Sinai with over 200 laws...I respect all religions but worry when they make movies that dont even jive with what its own scholars believe... NOT TO MENTION, that the heston movie kicks ass! if they remake it, I want them to digitally include Edward G Robinson as Dathan! lol..

Lando on Sep 30, 2011

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