Website Update: New Text Buttons Revealed Today on FirstShowing

April 11, 2011 on iPad

As many of you have probably already noticed, we just launched a new series of buttons today at the top of to replace the old ones (that we've had for years). It may seem odd that I'm writing a post about this change, but the reason I am is because we're using the latest HTML/CSS code possible with these new buttons to make sure everything looks as fantastic as it possibly can. However, this means that the new font won't work in old browsers, so I'm writing this to strongly encourage and emphasize that the website won't look right unless you use modern browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera.

As always, we ask that you help us out if you encounter any issues, bugs or downtime as we continue to make updates to the site. And if you find anything that looks weird or doesn't work properly, please don't hesitate to contact us. We take all of your feedback to heart and use that to improve the experience on for everyone. The changes we made today include use of a custom font unique to, and only those modern browsers mentioned above include support for this kind of integration. We made this design update because it will help improve page load times and lessen stress on the server - which means a faster, better experience for everyone. Plus, we also thought it was about time we updated those buttons at the top!

That's all for now, but you may notice additional design tweaks and updates throughout the next few weeks as we lead into the summer. We look forward to growing FirstShowing further as we head into the 2010's.

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Hey Alex, I know its well after the fact,but what about having a tab entitled "posters" so they are easily accessible, just like the trailers are? thanks

Rinkrat96 on Apr 12, 2011


I concur! (said in a pompous british tone)

Tyler Morgan on Apr 12, 2011


Well, there isn't a button, but you can just click on any of the "category" links and they'll take you to this page: That has all of the posters laid out just like the trailers. Just bookmark that? Otherwise, I'll see if we can add a posters button in there somewhere. Thanks for the suggestion!

Alex Billington on Apr 12, 2011


You're wish is my command... look at the top, there's now a button for Posters. 🙂

Alex Billington on Apr 17, 2011


Agreed!!!! Get a Posters section

Chip_Tha_Ripper on Apr 12, 2011


Thought I'd let you know I decided to concede, so we just added a button for Posters today. Click it! 🙂

Alex Billington on Apr 17, 2011


No sign of these buttons when using Opera. Also, the 'older posts' and 'newer posts' buttons at the bottom of pages don't appear when using Opera. In fact, this has been like this for a few months now. The version of Opera is 11.01 running on Win7. Thought I would post this here to see if there are any other Opera users having similar problems.

AB on Apr 12, 2011


Hmmm, that seems very odd. I just opened Opera for Mac and it loads fine and looks exactly as it should. Have you tried clearing your cache, clearing your cookies, and restarting the browser? Then refresh a couple of times that way it gets the latest code and images it possibly can. I've never heard of those kind of problems before, you're referencing images as well which should load perfectly fine.

Alex Billington on Apr 12, 2011


Hi Alex, I'm using the Opera browser for Windows (on Windows 7) and I have the same exact problems. I did what you said but the problem doesn't disappear...

Drived on Apr 12, 2011


Can you please send me some screenshots to Alex[at] of the issue and what it looks like? Would really like to try and diagnose this further (and I don't have any Windows machines here at all). Thanks!

Alex Billington on Apr 12, 2011


I was in the process of sending you screenshots but have solved the issue. The 'block content' feature of Opera, used to block annoying ad's, is also blocking all of these buttons. Once turned off, the buttons appear as they should. Annoying, but I guess we'll just have to live with it. Let me know if you require a screenshot, for reference, of how this works.

AB on Apr 12, 2011


Well thanks for the update, but that still seems odd. I wonder why the "block content" feature would be messing with the buttons? Send me that screenshot if you can anyway.

Alex Billington on Apr 12, 2011


It looks like this has something to do with blocking content in Opera. We suggest you turn off all content/ad blockers when browsing, as some of them seem to cause conflicts which will break the website.

Alex Billington on Apr 12, 2011


im guessing that means Internet Explorer is an "old browser", since i dont see any difference....

Unclepez on Apr 12, 2011


Are you using Internet Explorer? Have you noticed anything out of the ordinary? If not, then great, glad to hear it works! It can sometimes act weird in certain browsers, IE is one of them known to have some flaky support for custom fonts.

Alex Billington on Apr 12, 2011


Looks fine in Ie9, which is a "modern" browser.

James Hearron on Apr 13, 2011


Email of screenshots sent.

AB on Apr 12, 2011


heres a suggestion dont moderate comments because even normal comments never get posted like 90% of the time as the post gets old within even a week!

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


heres a suggestion dont moderate comments because even normal comments never get posted like 90% of the time as the post gets old within even a week!

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018

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