Will and Jaden Smith to Star in Sci-Fi Film from M. Night Shyamalan

April 4, 2011
Source: Deadline

Will and Jaden Smith

Last October we heard about a secretive project from M. Night Shyamalan called One Thousand A.E. At the time we only knew the project was an "ultra clandestine sci-fi project" that was being developed as a starring vehicle for Jaden Smith. The young actor's father Will Smith was only said to be producing, but now Deadline reports both the father and son acting duo will star in the film. The story takes place far in the future where a young boy has to navigate an abandoned planet to find a crashed space ship that harbors his estranged father. As we suspected, A.E. is in reference to "after earth," a time after our planet is destroyed.

For now the project is untitled, so the aforementioned name was probably just a working title. The elder Smith is still producing through his Overbrook Entertainment banner and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith is also producing alongside Shyamalan (who has been confirmed to direct the film as well). The last time Jaden did sci-fi, it was the poor remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still, but the last time he worked with his father, it resulted in a sappy, though well-acted drama in the form of The Pursuit of Happyness. Of course, Shyamalan's talent behind the camera has dwindled considerably (see The Last Airbender), and it's hard for me to get excited at this point. However, the good news is the script has help from The Book of Eli writer Gary Whitta, so there might be some hope. What do you think?

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How does any studio give this guy still money? I mean his last what like, 5 movies were complete and utter nonsense? sheeesh

Anonymous on Apr 4, 2011


Shyamalan is still directing? Why?

Anonymous on Apr 4, 2011


They give him money bc his last 5 movies made 1.9 billion worldwide.

Part Fanboy Part Cinephile on Apr 4, 2011


good point, sacrifice quality for quantity. Money over plot should be used to it by now.

Anonymous on Apr 4, 2011


Hitch was an entertaining comedy. The Pursuit of Happyness was an excellent drama which garnered Smith a golden globe & academy award nomination. Hancock was a blockbuster & I Am Legend was one of the better sci-fi movies over the last decade... So seven punds was a miss.. How many real misses has this guy had in his career?

Part Fanboy Part Cinephile on Apr 4, 2011


Smith has gotten better, his acting career has only gone up ever since The Pursuit of Happyness. I actually loved Seven Pounds. I'm on M. Night mostly, the guy has dropped the ball 5 times imo.

Anonymous on Apr 4, 2011


Aright Will Smith is an amazing actor but has fallen recently from badass action movies and dramas to helping his kid find projects....I don't mind him doing that but c'mon it's been a few years since his last movie, it doesn't mean he has to drop the ball now that he's concentrating on his son. He has so many projects he could be doing but he's decieding to do PG movies which i personally think is not his forte. I mean aright do 1 or 2 but then get back and do a badass movie again or a drama that really shows his amazing acting abilities. He's not the only actor that has fallen into this trend of having kids and either concentrating on kids movies or their careers....on another note Night that crazy f*ck printed my name on every page! Na he blows, he had 1 or 2 good films and then went off the reservation-The last airbender may be one of the worst movies ive ever seen.

Azslavin on Apr 5, 2011


I count 1.2 on

Demodred on Apr 4, 2011


This could be interesting, Shyamalan is a better director than screenwriter of late... Interesting to see what he could do with a true screenwriters work and a great actor anchoring the cast, which he has not had since signs really...

Part Fanboy Part Cinephile on Apr 4, 2011


One mistake? Try 5. Signs fell apart, Lady in the Water was bland, The Village tried but failed, The Happening was terrible, and The Last Airbender was a slap in the face to the fans. The 6th Sense was excellent, and Unbreakable was fantastic. M. Night had it but lost it. I dislike Night's career, and labeling someone a racist because they don't like his films is ignorant at best. Do I have hope for him? Absolutely, will I hold my breath? no way.

Anonymous on Apr 4, 2011


Totally agree with what you just said (xerxexx). It is completely ignorant to label people racist like that. I have to say tho I do hold out some hope for the film, as I do anytime a filmmaker is making a film whose work I once liked. I mean I know his films have been progressively worse over the last few years when he's good he's really good so let's just hope he comes out of the slump with this one.

Dandoo on Apr 4, 2011


It doesn't matter if you meant 1 film or all of the films, what you said just shows that you have a completely ignorant view, I mean there is a million reasons why people wouldn't like a film (or a director) before just assuming they ate racist. That in my opinion is ignorant, and it's blantent ignorance like that which is behind most forms of racism. I must say that you also doubt very bitter I mean there's a way to talk to people without sounding like a complete tool.

Dandoo on Apr 4, 2011


Lol, because one doesn't like his movies then he is labelled a racist? No wonder you like the filth and trash that M. Night releases. Anyone who has your line of reasoning and thoughts, would find those crappy films appealing. Now we know why M. Night keeps selling.

MrSatan on Apr 4, 2011


Well Shero, if you want to get angry and take a simple debate personally then I won't stop you. I will keep my extension of friendship out there for you, so whenever you want to grab it I'll gladly speak with you again. I want to offer advice, take it or leave it. Don't presume you know more about movies then anyone else, it makes you arrogant, and I know that's not the case, you have always offered a great insight on this website. So now I'll say goodbye and good luck. Later.

Anonymous on Apr 4, 2011


Basically what I got out of you said is that the way you see it is that anyone who doesnt like at least one M night movie is a racist. Now normally I would understand the sarcasm there, but then try to personally attack people while saying you arent: "One thing more : Thanks for being polite but this will not help you to hide your non sense writing about movies .. this was not your first time and I am sure it will not be the last .... however it seems like you have big fans here ... good for you .. but the bad thing is they are in the same level of you .. and that is why you have no were to go .. just walking in a circle !!!!" Like how much more of a douche could you sound like seriously? "I never took anything personally .. but I hate when people..." Contradictory. "Not answering unreal masked people who have nothing to do other than wasting time and making fun of their selves ... enjoy morons .. and it is end with you both . " Implying there and straight out stating in a previous post that anyone who doesnt do social networking is just automatically a troll? Now I take that personally since I havent had a SN account in like 4 years. Of course though you know more about movies than everyone else, and peoples opinions you disagree with is "non sense writing" Just by your tone of voice(writing) and all of this I conclude that you sir are one arrogant generalizing prickbag, good day! PS Honestly xerx dunno how you can be so nice to people who talk this way towards you jus hits that nerve. PPS

Cody W. on Apr 5, 2011


oh come on, when word gets out that Night is behind yet another project that might be yet another failure in his film career and snipe like my first comment is inevitable. I always have hope, but after 5 failures its hard even for me to have faith in Night. But...and make no mistake, I do have faith in M. Night, I'll always be willing to give him another chance, but that hope is minuscule at best. Don't get angry Shero, you're opinion is welcome and I like to hear from you, don't take anything I wrote/write personally.

Anonymous on Apr 4, 2011


Hancock, despite being a blockbuster, was a piece of crap. I Am Legend fell drastically apart after a great first half. Seven Pounds was Oscar bait garbage. Hitch was horrible. Watching Eva Mendes pout her way through the entire film (as gorgeous as she is) was miserable. Not one acting bone in her body. Men In Black 2. Wild Wild West. Legend of Bagger Vance. People always like to ignore all the shit that Will Smith puts out to keep his "great canon of films" intact, but the fact is Will Smith has put out a lot of shit. And lately it's been more bad than good. A combo of Will Smith, Jaden, and M. Night doesn't leave me too optimistic. But I'm willing to hold my disdain until I hear more/see more.

Leeloo Dallas Multipass on Apr 4, 2011


Dude give it a rest u forgot I robot was good and will smith independence day so shut the fuck up he is awesome in sic do movies so please save it!

Badboymike on Apr 6, 2011


M Night, go make me some chicken tikka masala and stop making movies for the love of god.

Guest112 on Apr 4, 2011


I really want to sit here and bash MNS... but i'm willing to be optimistic knowing that he does have the ability to make a good movie (6th sense, unbreakable)... so for one last time I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Jace on Apr 4, 2011


for a film to hit critically acclaimed success.. it mustn't be raw or nuked... so there's a glimmer of hope that M.Night isn't entirely producing this and is sharing the production responsibilities

Boon on Apr 4, 2011


i cant stand Will Smith and his kids... now together with MNS this should be a good one... lol

happy camper on Apr 4, 2011



Anonymous on Apr 4, 2011


Looks to the left sees train coming...looks to the right sees train coming. Grabs some popcorn, I cant wait for this train wreck.

Anonymous on Apr 4, 2011


Shero, xerxexx, Dandoo... It seems to me Shero is die hard fan of MNS... I was reacting in the same way when "the Happening" was released... the fact I loved "Happening" was hard for others to accept.. Some liked.. some hated... but the fact is everybody is entitled to have their opinion... My view towards MNS changed when I saw "The Last Airbender ".. during that time I was able to understand why ppl started hatting the brand MNS.. In general ppl cannot accept when someone let u down... they get irritated and more often it turns into hatred... MNS kick started his career with huge expectation after Sixth sense... which backfired him later.. some mentioned signs was a let down... but I thought it was great... better version of War of the worlds.. thing about MNS is his views and ideas... most ppl rejecting it without even considering it.. when u consider and look into details.. it makes sense and interesting... Again some might argue against it... But I can assure you all.. that you havn't considered his views at all in that case... For ex : ppl argue why on earth aliens landed in a planet which is 71 % covered with water, when they can get killed by water... If you havn;t noticed in that movie.... it was not suppose to be an invation.. It could be as simple as expedition... just like how we landed on the Moon , knowing that we cant live there... He didn't show the purpose of their visit.. The main story was about a family under this backdrop... I have no problem with his story and ideas... but direction... really... at times his scenes looks sloppy... ( lately)... he needs to work on it.. seriously... letting boom mic into the scene... not caring about hook ups.. and he is not the same person who got the best out of child actors... acting in last airbender and happening was bad to say the least... his story ( Devil ) with different director.. came out better as a result in "Devil"... It served the purpose of what it was meant to be.. Will I ever watch his movies again ? Absolutely... Reason : He comes out with unique and original... even though it wasn;t acceptable for many ppl... Original views are always hot topic to discuss as u see why ppl go against it or support it.. - suresh

Suresh on Apr 4, 2011


I'll always be willing to give M. Night a chance.

Anonymous on Apr 5, 2011


I second that motion!

Dandoo on Apr 5, 2011


Ill 3rd that...the guy made Unbreakable Ill never truly dismiss his name.

Cody W. on Apr 5, 2011


Cody W. in regards to the Shero response. I figured he just got overwhelmed by all the responses and he got frustrated, so I decided to go the higher route and attempt to clam him, I failed...but I tried...oh well.

Anonymous on Apr 5, 2011



Blue Silver on Apr 5, 2011


Two great actors , i can't wait to see the film.

Sonoran Bloom Trivita on Apr 5, 2011


im in will smith is my fav actor so yh xD

A5J4DX on Apr 4, 2011


Maybe Will Smith can convert Shyamalan to Scientology, and they can do one of those retarded personality tests with the fake machine to figure out why MNS is such a useless hack. (Spoiler! - the solution is to give them all of your money).

Lebowski on Apr 5, 2011


This web very nice... Thanks

shahrokhi on Apr 5, 2011


MNS fan here. Gotta say I'm excited about anything he makes, and it's gotten me flack from just about all my friends. I think M. Night is a visionary in the sense that he takes a common story and makes it his own. Sixth Sense, for instance: his version of a ghost story. Unbreakable is his hero story. Signs is his version of an alien story. The Village (my favorite) is his version of a love story. Lady in the Water is his version of a bedtime story. The Happening is his version of a Hitchcock movie (think the birds). Avatar (I guess) is his version of an anime (even I admit this movie just sucked). Anyways, I like to leave every preconception open and treat his movies as if there is no comparison. Thus, I'm anticipating this movie.

classics on Apr 5, 2011


Fate - not talent...!

Handyman6566 on Apr 5, 2011


Any time I see shyamalan's name on a movie its a must not see for me, but the Smith family is extremely talented... the movie might have some hope after all, and if this is another bust for shyamalan, then he should never ever think about directing another movie or ever be trusted with money for one again. Lets pray this works out!

Onelove180 on Apr 5, 2011



ArmondWhiteismymasternow on Apr 5, 2011


Love his earlier movies MNight that is. His ego got kinda big I think and he couldn't accept that his scripts were the primary weakness of his later films. He constantly tried to prove that he could still write a great script, just like George Lucas did with the prequels. But MNight, Spielberg has written a couple of his own screenplays and the rest he let others write. You are a better director than writer! You could push out two films a year if you let someone else write for you, work with Aaron Sorkin or something. You wouldn't suck so much if you just did this! You used to be the next Spielberg and you've let J.J. Abrams take this from you! It's your fault but we made you! Sorry thats hollywood buddy you should have chosen another profession! Chris Nolan you better look out too, if The Dark Knight Rises sucks your loyal fanboys will also turn on you like a bunch of hungry dogs! Does anyone remember when Bryan Singer( X-Men 1&2 , The Usual Suspects) was considered a great director??? Then Superman Returns happened! Now he's a Hack according to many people's impression of him! After making 1941 Spielberg made Raiders and ET , after Always he made Jurrasic Park and Schindlers list! Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick , Martin Scorsese. Right after Taxi Driver Martin Scorsese directed New York, New York which was universally panned so badly that it drove him to depression and cocaine addiction, then he returned with Raging Bull! and initial critics reaction to Stanley Kubrick's 2001 was near hostile! MNight my advise to you, stop making movies that suck and redeem yourself! Your name on a poster has become a joke and it's your own fault. Take your humble pie, learn from your mistakes and go make freakin Unbreakable 2! Peace!!!

Antihero on Apr 5, 2011


Does anyone even need to mention unbreakable? One mistake my @55.. He only made 1 good movie... Omg dude did you even watch devil? Shero you should look at a mirror and slap yourself...

Mstar025 on Apr 6, 2011


Methinks that's about time Jaden has his own production company too...I am disappointed it's not out already. Will & Jada are producing whenever their children are involved; the family that produces together stays together. To all the haters of the Smiths beware...I am watching and cursing you loll! Come on; just learn from them...they are called "Smith" for a reason, so that they can appeal to anyone...get it! Longlive the Smiths !

Gh on Apr 6, 2011


I agree the smiths are awesome the karate kid was well done big props for jaden excellent job he really took me back to the original with mackerel as mr miyagi

Badboymike on Apr 6, 2011


A match made in movie hell.

trollface on Apr 6, 2011


Is Will Smith a Scientologist? Ha ha. That's weird. I wonder if he has a spaceship yet. It definitely is the secret for success. I was at a friends house the other day and he's a low level Scientologist and he said that if he works super hard and gets them a lot of money he'll get to see one of the smaller craft they have. I didn't mind Devil, it wasn't as bad as Inception.

Crapola on Apr 6, 2011

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