Worth Watching: First Trailer for Young Magicians Doc 'Make Believe'

May 2, 2011
Source: Apple

Make Believe Trailer

"Makes you want to follow you dreams." How often do you hear that kind of praise for a film? Apple recently debuted a trailer for a documentary called Make Believe that follows a few young (teenage) magicians as they attend the World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas and battle for the title of Teen World Champion… magician. I've been a lifelong lover of all things magic and the magical and this film looks like it has a bit of both. It seems to have received quite a bit of praise and will actually be hitting theaters right away. I always love finding great indies like this and I'm happy to feature it here, hopefully it'll be coming your way soon.

Watch the official trailer for J. Clay Tweel's documentary Make Believe:

You can also watch the Make Believe trailer in High Definition on Apple

A coming of age journey set in the quirky subculture of magic, this film follows six of the world's best young magicians as they battle for the title of Teen World Champion. Also visit

Make Believe is directed by first-time filmmaker J. Clay Tweel, of only some production work on a short called Excuse Me previously. Providing writing for the doc was Cleven S. Loham. This premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival and also played at other festivals, winning the Audience Award at the Austin Film Fest. Firefly Theater & Films is already bringing Make Believe to limited theaters on May 1st this summer.

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Really a good one.. one of a type...

Aniruddha Chowkidar on May 2, 2011


Lets get all these messed up kids together and make them compete. Yay! Serial killers of the future.

Crapola on May 2, 2011


Lets get all these messed up kids together and make them compete. Yay! Serial killers of the future.

Crapola on May 2, 2011


Wow. I had never heard of that before and it looks incredible. My nerves were going just watching those kids! What a cool microcosm world for a Doc to explore. Cannot wait to see it.

CisforCinema on May 2, 2011


got to agree, a great subject for a documentary that looks engaging - a small scene, marginalised individuals, personal journeys. plus some great tricks, by the looks of it.

Anonymous on May 2, 2011


Crapola your such child. Why is it when somebody does something different that you most likely suck at and have to make it negative? I hardly ever post comments but you are a complete idiot and need to be told so.

Scoot23000 on May 2, 2011


Cheers Scoot, What is childish about my comment? Having children, who by the look emotionally disturbed compete is a bit sick in my mind, a bit like a 'cripple fight'. A few years ago I was asked to help out on a documentary about an artist I like and company pitching it said there needed to be the 'jeopardy' moment in it to get the people watching it hooked, in the case of this film, 'who will win?'. Why is this? Well it was explained to me that because of reality television and the horrible system of tv competitions it's now a format that the public accept and have become used to. A simple documentary about children who are introverts that find comfort and acceptance through practising witchcraft wouldn't be a big sell. Also I don't believe that you have to be good at something to slate it. I do know a magician, like those kids he was slightly intoverted, but with magic he has now bedded lots of women and became an alcoholic who sleeps throughout most of the day, possibly he is a vampire I'm not sure.

Crapola on May 2, 2011


Crapola, you often make me laugh in the comments, but 'serial killers of the future'? it's a good joke, but it *is* a bit childish! more importantly, why did you figure these particular awkward teens are 'emotionally disturbed'? because they keep to themselves? totally agree with you on the new public acceptances of 'reality' television, though. i really don't think we've seen enough to say anyone's been exploited, here - i'd agree with you if i thought i had. *hopefully* it's not the kind of doc that focuses on that too much in unnecessary close-up, we'll see. a simple documentary about children who are introverts that find comfort and acceptance through practising tricks might not be a big sell, but it might be a good documentary. it *is* only a trailer, and they're not exactly always representative of a film as a whole. keep you garlic and wooden stake handy around your magician friend. peace.

Anonymous on May 2, 2011


Yep Son_et_lumiere, Maybe I am a giant baby, but seriously in 10 years time when the kid who didn't win has a bunch of bodies in the freezer, I told ya. Introverted kids are 'emos', everyone knows that. As with all my comments they aren't meant to be taken too seriously. But the 'competition' element for some reason got me, as they kept going on about how outcast the children were. Ack, I'm just a grumpy. He he.

Crapola on May 3, 2011


Whoa, no need to get into any fights here guys, just relax, we can all be friends, come on now! Should I hire one of these kid magicians to come in and perform magic tricks for us and make us all happy again? ­čÖé

Alex Billington on May 3, 2011


Yep indeed. We need a giant group hug, but it's funtimes all the times on FS.

Crapola on May 3, 2011


fights? i thought we were having an interesting discussion! big hugs and magic tricks all around. i still think this looks good and agree with Alex / C is for Cinema, but i also concur that the competition element is the one most ripe for misrepresentation / in a trailer. personally, i'm much more concerned about pure evil like this: peace, out.

Anonymous on May 3, 2011


To clarify the competition aspect: The competition was not made FOR the documentary, the documentary is focused around an EXISTING and WELL-RESPECTED competition for teenage magicians. There are plenty of magic competitions world-wide. For teenagers at Tannen's Magic Camp and WMS, and for adults at every magic convention- SAM, IBM, FISM, etc... There's been no exploitation. The film-maker just thought it would be a good idea to follow a group of teen magicians through the process of getting ready for and competing at a huge competition. Hope that helps! P.S. Magicians, especially teenage ones, are some of the nicest and most mature people you will meet. They are not "serial killers" and won't be ten years from now. The ones that didn't win the competition will do one of two things, work their ass off and win the next/become insanely successful for a non-magician audience, or have a fun time with magic as a hobby and grow up to be very successful entrepreneurs. The serial killer comment is unquantifiably stupid and childish. These are the kids who instead of doing drugs, joining gangs, and resorting to violence, practice doing something they have a true and immense passion for.

ATeenWhoWasThere on Aug 26, 2011


(insert Harry Potter joke here)

Anonymous on May 2, 2011



Anonymous on May 3, 2011


Come on, it may be a documentary, but it looks good! You can't yawn at everything... or can you?!

Alex Billington on May 3, 2011


not worth watching...

A5J4DX on May 2, 2011


Ill watch it

William W on May 3, 2011


Shouldn't it have been a tv series?

Brian on May 4, 2011



snitch robinson on May 6, 2011


This is already showing for free on Showtime, saw it today..actually wasnt that great..but def one of those "look at these wierd obsessed people" type documentaries.

CoggWhil on May 6, 2011


 Having a dream and wanting to succeed at something at life makes someone weird and obsessed? In that case the Bill Gates, Martin Luther King, the Founding Fathers, and ANYONE else who worked their ass off for something is "weird and obsessed." Have fun getting with your minimalism attitude that will lead you down a road to a minimal retirement plan and life attitude.

Sigh on Aug 26, 2011

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