Worth Watching: New Trailer for Errol Morris Documentary 'Tabloid'

June 9, 2011
Source: Apple

Tabloid Trailer

"That's like putting a marshmallow in a parking meter!" A new trailer has debuted on Apple, this time for a new documentary from Academy Award winning filmmaker Errol Morris. The doc is called Tabloid and it explores the story from the late 70s about a Joyce McKinney, a former Miss Wyoming who got caught up in the tabloid world when she was accused with kidnapping and imprisoning a young Mormon Missionary. It got some rave reviews at film fests last year, with Kris Tapley calling it a "masterful work with Morris's trademark sense of humor splattered all over it." This looks like a lot of fun, I suggest watching the trailer.

Watch the official trailer for Errol Morris' new documentary Tabloid:

You can also watch the Tabloid trailer in High Definition on Apple

This tells the story of Joyce McKinney, a former Miss Wyoming whose quest for one true love in the 1970s led her across the globe and onto the pages of tabloid newspapers in the "Case of the Manacled Mormon".

Tabloid is directed by legendary Academy Award winning documentarian Errol Morris, of films like Gates of Heaven, The Thin Blue Line, A Brief History of Time, The Fog of War and Standard Operating Procedure. This premiered at the Telluride and Toronto Film Festivals last year and is being released by Sundance Selects this summer. Tabloid arrives in limited theaters on July 15th. For more info:

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oh now this looks good. the great thing about morris is that no matter what your feelings are towards the documentary scene, he always keeps you hooked whether it be musically or through his wonderful edits and use of evidence

peter on Jun 10, 2011


NOTICE OF INTENT TO SUE:  Please remove the above picture of Joyce  McKinney in a pioneer dress,  as you do not have permission to use it in collaboration with your article defaming her as a "kidnapper".  The picture was STOLEN from her luggage by a man named Mark Lipson and some women cronies who  told Ms. McKinney they were doing a TV stories on "How Paprazzi Destroys People's Privacy" to trick her into giving them a studio interview!... While the cunning Errol Morris  "intervewed" her for the NON EXISTENT television  series,  Lispon and others ransacked her luggage and STOLE her photos,  which they then illegally used to make, what Ms. McKinney considers,  a pornographic Mockumentary defaming her!  She is suing them for millions of dollars and your address will be traced and YOU will be sued as well if you do not remove the photo you have used without authorization--  as well as the perverted libelous movie "trailer"  which is slandering her so maliciously  (as does Errol Morris' Porno doc).  First of all,  you did NO investigation on Joyce McKinney's TRUE  story whatsover.  In a libel action,  this is known as "Reckless Disregard for Truth!  ...Had you contacted England and got a transcript of the actual court case  (and she wasn't charged with kidnapping and rape at any time!  Due to lie Mormons told corrupt British police (who were thought to be PAID OFF by British tabloids eager for a story),   the terrified young woman was charged with "carrying away" her 300 pound Mormon fiance, on the Mormon sourced indictment.  (Which is somewhat funny since he was so big the petite little blonde  couldn't even lift his leg much less "carry him away"...)  The silly "piffling" case was never pursued because of TABLOID SUBJUDICE by a London tabloid who bribed her  dog walker and his cronie (a drug addict who wanted money for dope)  to break into her apartment in 1978 to steal photos to use to in collaboration with Mormon PR teams--to SUBJUDICE the case by printing false libelous stories in a British tabloid which painted her as a "whore"!  SUBJUDICE is highly illegal in England and can often cause cases to be dismissed.  (But if you,  like Morris  had done even MINOR investigation,  and  had only got the court records for the preliminary injunction,  you would have heard Kirk ANDERSON'S OWN WORDS THAT NO "CHLOROFORM WAS EVER USED ON HIM".  Yet we see the word "chlorofrom" used in the libelous trailer,  falsely making it appear that Ms. McKinney "kidnapped and chloroformed" him  and "forced him to have sex",  which is pure garbage.  He was 300 pounds and 6'5 and she was 112 pounds.     Ms. McKinney has been victimized for 34 years by a press hoax by MORMON PR TEAMS that she kidnapped and raped this huge man,  to save their multi milion dollar Mormon Image and to discredit Ms. McKinney because she spoke out against Mormonism and its human rights abuses of minority groups and False Prophets and UN-Biblical doctrine.  This trashy UN-RESEARCHED Errol Morris film is NOT the TRUE Joyce McKinney story as her TRUE story was,--  in real life-- a love story about a courageous woman--a whistleblower-- who fought the Mormon Cult and their human rights abuses and UN-Biblical doctrines and spoke out against their brainwashing tactics which they use on thousands of people including her beloved fiance Kirk Anderson who vanished in 1977 just before they were to be married.  She went to England to do a CULT RESCUE and THAT is what her story is about--Dense Errol Morris not only misses this KEY element of her story,  but he DELIBERATELY OMITS the tape recorded transcript of a TELEPHONE CONVERSATION which PROVES her innocence--a transcript of a court document of a 1977 tape recorded conversation between JOYCE and  KIRK  WHICH PROVES THAT HE WAS NOT "KIDNAPPED"  and he CERTAINLY was NOT "raped" like the Mormons said.  KIRK  WEIGHED 300 POUNDS,  STOOD 6'4" TALL,   AND WAS THE SIZE OF A GREEN BAY PACKER! Joyce was a petite 112 pound model who ran for MISS USA, with gorgeous long natural blonde hair and a PhD--a lovely sweet girl with beauty and intelligence who could get any guy she wanted--she didn't have to fly to England and "kidnap and rape"  a 300 pound Mormon, and anyone with the IQ of room temperature would know that.  By showing the libelous trailer above,  and using malicious wording calling her a  "kidnapper" or "rapist",  you cause her severe emotional distress.  Also, anyone who has the pioneer photo above is in possession of stolen property,  as again,  it was stolen by Lipson and his cronies out of her luggage and used without her consent by them and now YOU.  Another stolen photo of her was of her with an apple from a musical she was in playing Eve,  as well as many other pictures were stolen and ilegally used,  which she had planned to use for an autobiographical book,  which were in her luggage.  Also stolen from two film treatments registered with Writer's Guild, her family home movies, her baby pictures belonging to her Mormon and Dad,  family photograph albums,  and a memorabilia collection of pictrues documenting  her famous 1977 love story which she had saved and kept close to her heart for 34 years--even wading through flood waters to rescue them, because her love for this man was so special and so sacred to her,  and she planned to write her memoirs in her old age and say just that--like Old Rose looking back on her special lost love in The Titanic.    Lipson also assaulted and harrased her to sign a paper under duress to absolve him of the theft,  and was directly involved in arranging  the brutal murder of her service dog, to pressure her to sign this paper.  He also gave her a FAKE Showtime contract saying their interview was for Showtime,  when all along they were trying to steal the rights to her life story, or atleast to make a trashy pornographic versio of it.  Errol Morriss and his sleazy dishonest producers worked with tabloid reporters which they sneakily  PAID  (One whose tabloid was involved in the 1978 burglary of her apartment)  and with distributors out of Utah to slander her and portray a false degrading image of her as a "whore",  which was the futherest thing from the Truth, as in real life she and her fiance were actually virgins when they met and fell in love.   Morris and his editors, to make light of  and to ridicule Ms.  McKinney,  then doctored the stolen photos by compositing her head on another model's naked body to make it appear that Ms. McKinney was a "nude model"  which she was not.  They also used computers to alter photos of her former fiance Kirk Anderson as well.   All this photos in the trailer, and the trashy Porno Doc, both real and altered, was used entirely without Ms. McKinneys' permission,  and against her will. Just as YOU have done,  Alex Billington!  Articles such as yours maliciously degrading her, cause her severe emotional pain.  How would YOU like someone to do that to YOU?  How would you like someone to make a film of Alex Billington "kidnapping and raping" someone,  when you hadn't done it?  And then to actually advertise it and publicize that lie all over the world,  to devastate your life Alex Billington?  Put yourself in HER shoes.    This film has caused her severe emotional trauma,  and when Morris and Lipson resurrected the 1977 Press Hoax,  a false Kidnap rape tale to achieve publicity for themselves at the expense of Ms McKinney's name.  It had a devastating affect on her and her family,  who are severely traumatized. Ms. McKinney suffers from severe insomnia and agoraphoba and psychological scarring from this film--and her tramatized mother tried to commmit suicide and is now left in a coma under life support due to the terror the media onslaught has caused to their innocent family, so Errol Morris and his Hollywood Hoodlums can make MONEY--none of which Ms.  McKinney is getting!  The film festivals LOW enough to preview this filthy film are also making a fortune with packed houses and Morris has three PR teams plus his Mormon connected UTAH cronies' PR teams to trash this innocent woman's life out once again. They make money while all she gets is a broken heart and a slandered reputation while  the Truth  about her story still lies buried!  Plus she still has nightmares and can't sleep because her service dog was savagely murdered and her mother is now in a coma and they gave their lives and what for--a trashy perverted film full of lies and slander which doesn't even tell the TRUE Joyce McKinney story!  Moreover,   Ms. McKinney is getting no money out of the showing of this filthy perverted Porno-Doc. She has only got intense psychologial pain because of  this horrible film.  The producer villian Mark Lipson paid a man $2,000 to help arrange the brutal murder of her guide/mobility  dog in March of 2010, to pressure her to sign his paper to absolve him of The Theft of her book materials and photos!  As for the actual Theft of the photos,  which Police may press Criminal Charges for that,   as well as Crimnal Fraud.  Ms. McKinney and her father are filing a fifty million plus Slander and Invasion of Privacy Action against Morris the producers and distributors of this Porno Doc.  The pain they have caused her is immeasureable.  Why are you adding to her heartache Alex Billington?  Please remove the libelous material above,  or within five days,  or your service provider will be traced and a libel action for malicous slander  will be instituted  against you,  Alex Billington!

truthteller on Jun 18, 2011

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