Zack Snyder's Superman Distances Itself from 'Justice League' Movie

March 30, 2011
Source: HeyUGuys

Superman Hitting Wonder Woman

Though at first it was thought to be a mistake in reporting, we later learned that Jeff Robinov's top priority as the new president of Warner Bros. was to have a Justice League movie hit theaters by 2013. While we found some problems logistically with getting an ensemble project like that off the ground in the next two years without introducing several of the key team members, Robinov detailed plans that included a Batman reboot to follow The Dark Knight Rises and spin-off films featuring The Flash and Wonder Woman after the Justice League is introduced. But with Zack Snyder already working on The Man of Steel, how will Superman fit?

Well, the short answer is that Snyder's Superman won't be part of Justice League. HeyUGuys spoke to the director at the UK premiere of Sucker Punch and asked how Superman would fit into the DC Comics mash-up:

It doesn’t. Like what Chris Nolan is doing and what I’m  doing with Superman, what they’ll do with Justice League will be it’s own thing with it’s own Batman and own Superman. We’ll be over here with our movie and they kinda get to do it twice which is kinda cool.

So we'll have two different Superman iterations existing in two different universes. If that's the case, then I'm not sure why we need a rebooted Batman franchise at all, to be honest. Personally, I like the concept of having multiple actors playing different variations on the same superhero. That would essentially be the ultimate way to make the cinematic universes similar to the comic book universes.

There are plenty of different iterations of the same hero with completely different storylines and maybe you like the Justice League Superman more than Zack Snyder's Superman. Who knows? Of course, with these films, audiences might be easily confused as to why a different actor is playing the same hero in two different movies at the same time, but I'd like to think that the Internet would help them figure that out. Anyway, the prospect is certainly interesting to say the least. What do you think of all this?

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perfect picture, Ethan. thumbs up.

Nick S. on Mar 30, 2011



Zen on Mar 30, 2011


I think that Warner Bros would rather be lazy and repeatedly "reboot" these superhero franchises (whichever actor plays Superman in Justice League with now be the FOURTH to do so) than seriously think them through and do it right. Also, while first Batman reboot made sense since the original series was run into the ground, I am not willing to pay money for A THIRD depiction of the story. I sort of wish Warner Bros at least considered The Avengers formula, since I think it's actually quite unprecedented for the film to be set up with FIVE previous films over a four year period. I don't think many studios have the patience to do such a thing.

Sean Kelly on Mar 30, 2011


I think it shows an unorganized film company, Marvel planned their movies a long time ago while warner sat on their asses for a couple of years... The Man Of Steel alone is very rushed up, It will be very difficult for this movies not to suck

Abelardo Gutierrez Chavez on Mar 30, 2011


I'm okay with this.

Anonymous on Mar 30, 2011


It is true that Marvel's planning the greatest A-List super hero ensemble flick ever, they did have a massive money backing for it too. Warner/DC could and should get lower-profile actors and make a pure ensemble film disconnected from ANY previous Batman and Superman films. It would save dozens of millions, allow much more creative freedom, and distance itself from Marvel's "Universe". I think audiences are smarter than Hollywood and the (US) government gives them credit. They can handle multiple Batmans and Supermans existing at the same time. After all, every year there a 2-3 "versions" of the same story in theaters (Snow White, for example). Just because we like mindless fun from time to time doesn't make us stupid.

Anonymous on Mar 30, 2011


If that's the case, how come they didn't do the JLA movie George Miller's was doing?that would have saved tons and probably made a billion dollars world wide! They should use the same cast they got for that movie and use them for this upcoming one in 2013.

jah p on Mar 31, 2011


I don't give a shit unless it is Tom Welling or Henry Cavill. They are mighty fine. Can't bring myself to care about another Superman, sorry. I'm just being honest. I can accept moving on from Bale, but not 2 new Batmen to replace him. A new introduced Batman in JLA, even with Cavill is hard enough to accept. But new Superman AND new Batman? Then a new, new Batman in the reboot? Fk That Shit!

Alice on Mar 31, 2011


I agree. It's as if they took the idea of the Batman impersonators from The Dark Knight and said "Hmmm, you know, that's not a bad idea ... "

Hattori Hanzo on Mar 31, 2011


I hate the word "reboot", it makes it sound like they are disregarding all the previous films. Let's call it "re-imagining" instead...

Joshua on Mar 30, 2011


that's exactly what it means. call it what you will, either way it means "pretend it never happened".

Nick S. on Mar 31, 2011


We are all getting too carried away. These guys are just throwing people off. Take all these quotes, rumors and interviews with a grain of salt. I still remember people saying that Nolan would only do his own Batman. Now he's involved Superman and this dude already confirmed that Nolan and his wife will over look the project of JLA. People just chill till the moment comes.

Anonymous on Mar 31, 2011


Are you on crack? Nolan doesn't have anything to do with JLA. He is producing the Batman reboot.

Sigh on Mar 31, 2011


My bad, I misread it, so many people putting up articles about this I read it wrong. Anyway at the end like I said, everyone is getting too carried away. At the end I won't be surprised he be the one involved with JLA.

Anonymous on Mar 31, 2011


Perhaps the internet would help people delineate their Batmans and Supermans, but that's not going to stop a troll from crying about anything. We can handle these changes if we want to.

Preston Goff on Mar 31, 2011


Better yet we can skip JLA and the reboots until the studio gets its head out of its ass.

Popular option on Mar 31, 2011


suddenly Wolverine is turning into an academy award film.....

Jericho on Mar 31, 2011


Wait, why are they doing a Batman Reboot!? We is have Batman Begins and Dark Knight. 2005 wasn't that long ago..

Abe on Mar 31, 2011


They should probably get it over with and distance themselves from Sucker Punch as well

Lebowski on Mar 31, 2011



Gojira on Mar 31, 2011


Avengers vs Justice League... coming 2020!

snitch robinson on Mar 31, 2011


I like all of Zack Snyder's movies, but after watching Sucker Punch (which I enjoyed) it will be interesting to see how he pulls off The Man of Steel. On another note, whoever plays Batman next will forever be in the shadow of Bale. But who knows maybe we'll see a better Batman, maybe not. If Justice League does happen, its gonna be a rush project and I am FRIGHTENED.

Lamar on Mar 31, 2011


money money "YEAH LETS HAVE A JUSTICE LEAGUE MOVIE IN 2013" Because im the new boss and i want all the aforementioned currency, screw this.. how about setting it for 2015, planning it out, making sure the SCRIPT and STORY and LONGEVITY is planned out, establishing some of the characters on the big screen and thinking for a second, you'd make more money if you make such a good film people will want more, more, more... longevity is key, stop being bitches.. i want a burger

dave on Mar 31, 2011


A Justice League movie will be like a cosplay tv episode, XMen is bad enough. Batman worked because it focussed on one character for the most part and had a lot of good actors in.

Crapola on Mar 31, 2011


This sucks a$$! Nolan's Batman is perfect so far and the final film is probably the most anticipated film of next year. I'm not going to see another Batman, another Hulk, or another Superman. Th only reason I'm going to see the next Spiderman film is because the last one stunk.

Tirrell01 on Mar 31, 2011


Maybe the JL will be a spin off from Smallville. Who knows. I'm so tired of this story I don't care anymore. They've overdone the discussion. (Not other "rumor mill" organizations--which probably work for Warner Bros. to see if there's interest to drum up).

Modern American Man on Mar 31, 2011


At least DC have a let-out in that they have already established the multiverse concept so have carte blanche to make movies set in different universes. As I said on the thread yesterday, why not base the movie on episode one of JLA animated? It covers the origin of the JLA and the origin of Martian Manhunter...two jobs in one! The JLA series didnt bother with origins of the other major characters!

FOOM on Mar 31, 2011


If they just don't call it a "reboot" when they redo Batman, I'd be fine with that. I just imagine it as comic book series - two (or more) different Batman stories CAN co-exist. A new Batman series doesn't have to mean the old ones are inferior or outdated. Just stop calling everything "reboot" and a lot of people will be happier.

thisdude on Mar 31, 2011


yes, stop calling everything a reboot. "we just made two of the best action movies of the past 20 years and redefined a character for a generation...let's reboot it." WTF!!!!????

Michael on Apr 4, 2011


Why is Superman keplunking Wonder Woman? Is Superman advocating domestic violence? lol

Craig on Mar 31, 2011


My first thought was that the are contemplating a gay Superman and he's bitch slapping her LOL

Hattori Hanzo on Mar 31, 2011


Awesome. DC is going to become the new Marvel. Enjoy Nolan while you can, after "Superman" the comic movie industry is looking bleak...unless a privately funded graphic novel pops up.

Quazzimotto on Mar 31, 2011



FrusteratedFlashFan on Mar 31, 2011


It would be a shame if these films were ruined (or never made) due to studios thinking the public are too stupid to grasp the concept of two differently styled, separate takes on the Superman/Batman characters. A JLA film without the characters would be a bigger disappointment though. Like a band 'regrouping' but with only the original bassist.

Chris on Apr 1, 2011



A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018



A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


This is really lame. Any JLA movie needs the "good" batman and (potentially) good superman figures from Nolan, Snyder, etc. I don't see how anyone could this quickly duplicate the excellence of Nolan's Batman (and the world he inhabits) so I am nearly certain any batman in this JLA movie would be bathetic and 'forced'. If only someone had the creative genius to make a movie with the 'good' versions of these superheroes - who could stand on their own...but alas, we cannot wait until that person comes along. In the name of the God-F***ing-Almighty-Dollar, we must rush to produce this movie with lesser characters. This is going to be as bad as the live action Dragon Ball-Z movie. Whatever happened to patience? Why can't we wait until a truly good, artistically wonderful and authentic, yet accessible movie is developed? No letst just rush through and make some SHIT because we have to. Damn. _Michael

Michael on Apr 4, 2011

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