Action-Packed Super Bowl TV Spot for Peter Berg's 'Battleship' in HD

February 5, 2012
Source: YouTube

Battleship Super Bowl Spot

"Boom!" "Fire everything!" Universal has officially revealed the new Super Bowl TV spot for Peter Berg's Battleship movie online after its debut during the big game. If you were confused about this being another Transformers movie or not, you can watch the trailer in HD here and take a closer look at the weird, oddly-similar alien tech that seems to be attacking our Navy. There's tons of action in this, tons of weird alien tech and if I didn't know any better, I would've thought it was directed by Michael Bay. Taylor Kitsch stars with Liam Neeson, as well as Alexander Skarsgård, Brooklyn Decker and Rihanna. Fire this up below!

Watch the new Super Bowl TV spot for Peter Berg's Battleship, in HD via YouTube:

You can also watch the new Battleship spot in High Definition on YouTube

A fleet of ships is forced to do battle with an advanced armada of unknown origins in order to defeat them.

Battleship is directed by American filmmaker Peter Berg, of Very Bad Things, The Rundown, Friday Night Lights (the movie), The Kingdom and Hancock previously. The screenplay was co-written by brothers Erich Hoeber & Jon Hoeber, of Whiteout, RED and Man on a Ledge. Universal produced this with a budget of over $200 million. Battleship is currently set to sail on May 18th this summer. Visit their official website.

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Hggfd on Feb 5, 2012


Why not!?

Jedibilly on Feb 5, 2012


wow. just wow. this just looks amazing!

Para on Feb 5, 2012



Big Boss on Feb 5, 2012


Transformers come to Battle: in L.A. and have quite possibly Taken Liam Neeson's kid.

Matt on Feb 5, 2012


Rihanna, red box....

Dr.No on Feb 5, 2012


"You sunk my... highway!"

LW on Feb 5, 2012


That was Rihanna wasn't it?!? Oh god... I'm rooting for Liam but for ..... sake...

Ricardo J C Marques on Feb 5, 2012


"Fire everything!" Haven't I heard that line from somewhere else?

Xerxexx on Feb 5, 2012


Yes you did. In J.J. Abrams' Start Trek. Spoken by Captain Nero (Eric Bana).

Some guy on Feb 5, 2012


sarcasm for $100 please

Tester on Feb 6, 2012



CookieMonster on Feb 6, 2012


 Also In the trailer for S.T.-> Just before "Emergency Evasive". Well edited trailer, yes..

CookieMonster on Feb 6, 2012


This might be a decent comedy. 

Anonymous on Feb 5, 2012


Pete Berg is the fucking beige of film making. Everything he does is so safe and boring looking. 10 dollars says this may have started out as an interesting project, but then got focus tested into oblivion, which is apparently the way Pete likes it. It will probably make like 300 million bucks though.  Does anyone know if Ri-Ri gets naked in it? Because I'll go see it if that's the case. 

Lebowski on Feb 5, 2012


You mean Ri-Ri or a body double?

DXS on Feb 6, 2012


The Kingdom was a solid film.

Hlynurkrist on Feb 9, 2012


Does Liam Neeson ever have a day off?

dweeet on Feb 5, 2012


does it bother anyone else that this is supposed to be the united states navy but none of them are american? Kitsch-Canada, Skarsgaard-Sweden, Rihanna-Barbados and of course Neeson-Irish 

bcopes11 on Feb 5, 2012


Does it really matter......

Steven on Feb 6, 2012


bruce willis is that you?

Bcopes11 on Feb 9, 2012


are you serial?

Guest on Feb 6, 2012


 like a serial killer?

CookieMonster on Feb 6, 2012


This looks like its going to be a great mindless, fun movie

Jalts4 on Feb 5, 2012


Lame, lame lame...seriously a sad time for Hollywood. Mindless fun, maybe for you. I want true cinema back...

Buzzfunk on Feb 5, 2012


Wow, this thing doesnt even know what to become, its like getting Transformers, Top Gun, Halo, Independence Day, Pearl Harbor, Battlefield, & Call of Duty, putting them all in a blender just to see what comes out...

Wylles on Feb 5, 2012


still sucks

Davidbryan949 on Feb 5, 2012


Still looks like Crysis The movie.

D6 on Feb 5, 2012


Kid at the beginning looks like Dewey from Malcolm (not the actor but the character).. And that pretty much sums up my (lack of) interest in the movie...

Heci on Feb 6, 2012


So Hasbro thought they can rip us off again with a wannabe Michael Bay film, eh. I passed on all 3 Transformers and I'll be passing on this one. Exercise self control people. 

Chris Batty on Feb 6, 2012


Turns out its not so hard to be a Bay wannabe:D

CookieMonster on Feb 6, 2012


I wish I did, but if you haven't watched a Shilo Beyowolfencub slide through a collapsing building and save the world then you have never live young man! Some of the blowing up bits are so blowy-uppy that my eyes were on fire and I was dancing in the cinema with everyone else who knew it was just a popcorn flick, not some highbrow French film. Infact everytime a person with a beret came in we spat at them and told them to go so a Nolan film, if they liked Pinko communist garbage with subtitles and a plot. Blowy up stuff is just too twinkly for me, it's like a tractorbeam.

Crapola on Feb 7, 2012


Why don't they just blow that tiny navy ship outta the water. Roll credits.

Guest on Feb 6, 2012


"From the company that brought you the toys that brought you the cartoon that brought you more cartoons that brought you the movies you dont like...."

2na Lordhavemercy on Feb 6, 2012



Aksakbenlik on Feb 6, 2012


After the selection of trailers I just watched in the last 20 minutes I just got cancer in my eyes. Thanks.

Crapola on Feb 7, 2012

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